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Under Xuan Mo’s intense stare, the lady took a step back on instinct as she covered her stomach with her hand as she watched Xuan Mo cautiously.

“Who is she.” A low voice sounded. Lu Yu Chen walked over, his glare locked on the lady.

“Cough, let’s talk about this at home…”

“Who is she!” Lu Yu Chen fisted his hands.

Lu Jian Hua sighed: “She is your Jin Ping… cough, aunt.”

Jin Ping paused, minced her lips not speaking as she tried to look at Lu Yu Chen warmly.

“Aunt? This who.re is barely older than me and you want me to call her aunt?!” Lu Yu Chen growled.

“Chen Chen! Who taught you how to speak like that?!” Lu Jian Hua raged.

“I won’t be talking like that if it weren’t for this fvcked up situation — it’s your fvcking fault!”

“…Mo Mo, you’re a good kid, what about this, you guys head back first, I’ll catch up immediately after.”

“Enh.” Xuan Mo agreed crisply. Lu Jian Hua and Jin Ping sighed at her response. However, Xuan Mo added, “there’s actually a really easy way to resolve this.”


Xuan Mo pointed at Jin Ping’s stomach, “get rid of it.”

“What?” Jin Ping widened her eyes.

“Get rid of the child.” Xuan Mo squinted. “Need me to elaborate?”

In that flash of a moment, Lu Jian Hua didn’t know what to feel other than the fact that he was in a strange dilemma. After which, he said: “Mo Mo, don’t add to the trouble, this is a matter among adults.”

“You have fifteen minutes.”

“Mo Mo, bring your brother back.”

“After fifteen minutes, my mom will see all this.” Xuan Mo didn’t give Lu Jian Hua the chance to continue. “Now, go to the hospital, abort the child, and this matter is closed. Or, drag it out with me for fifteen more minutes, and you’ll get the chance to see this blown up.”

Lu Jian Hua’s first instinct was to grab Xuan Mo and pull Lu Yu Chen towards the parking lot. As he did so, he said: “Jin Ping, you head back first, I need to go back and settle this.”

Jin Ping walked forward. When she met the strange gaze she received from Xuan Mo, her protest died down. She really couldn’t find it in her to handle this girl’s gaze. And so, Jin Ping mumbled slowly: “I’ll wait for your news then.”

“News my ass!” Lu Yu Chen turned to bellow after being pushed by his dad. “You fvcking bit.ch, you watch it! Wait for your news? Wait for your death you mean!” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 64 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“Shut it!” Lu Jian Hua sent him a slap at the back of his head. He pushed Xuan Mo and Lu Yu Chen towards the side of the road. He had a season parking slot nearby. After reaching shortly, he stuffed the both of them into his car before he dialled for Xuan Mo’s mom: “Ah Juan, where are you? Oh, mmh, I saw Xuan Mo and Yu Chen, wanna visit East Lake and dinner together tonight?”

“Fvck dinner!” Lu Yu Chen’s veins on his forehead throbbed. He leapt up from the backseat before he was slammed back down onto his seat by the ceiling.

Lu Jian Hua closed the car door and continued speaking to Xuan Mo’s mom as though nothing happened, before he hung up.

All throughout the while as he started the car, Xuan Mo stared at him.

Having a sexual partner outside wasn’t something rare on Scorpion. Lu Jian Hua was similar to Scorpions with mates and external partners. If their relationship with their external partners was objected to, they would leave them and return to their mates… this seemed to be the case right now, he was together with his biological offspring and called his mate out for dinner… but, why did it seem a little more off than what she’d thought it’d be?

Lu Yu Chen’s breath was ragged from rage. He shook his leg as he clenched and unclenched his fists. Just as the car drove onto the main road, he leant forward and asked anxiously: “Dad! What were you thinking? You… fvcking hell… that Jin Ping, how old is she even? She’s still a uni student isn’t she, aunt, aunt Xuan… fvck, mom, is mom not good enough? You, you, how could you make such a mistake! That kind of girl, she’s nowhere as pretty as mom, and we’re a family, you… fvck this shit, I don’t even know how to express how messed up this is!”

Lu Jian Hua drove silently. After a long while, he said: “Don’t tell your mom about this.”

Lu Yu Chen’s first reaction was to look at Xuan Mo. When he saw that she was expressionless, he took offence for her at his words and raged: “The fvck, you serious? Bury your head in the sand? Dad, how old are you, you think you can wrap fire with paper!?”

“I’ll break if off cleanly with Jin Ping. Just take as though none of this happened, ok?”


“Really.” Lu Jian Hua paused, “trust me.” He looked at Xuan Mo through the rearview mirror, his gaze was once that was supposedly known as sincere.

Expressionless, Xuan Mo turned to look out the window.

She received a text. It was from Lu Yu Chen: “Mo Mo, even if you don’t believe dad, believe your brother, I definitely won’t betray you.”

Xuan Mo glanced at the text. She brought her phone up and waved it in front of Lu Yu Chen’s face as she said slowly: “I, don’t, believe, that.”

Under Lu Jian Hua’s confused and deep gaze, Lu Yu Chen lowered his head, his expression dark.

That night, though Lu Yu Chen evidently wasn’t in the mood and Xuan Mo was cold and silent as usual, Xuan Mo’s mom had a great time.

After washing up, their parents headed back to their rooms first. Lu Yu Chen and Xuan Mo however weren’t in a rush to head back to their room as they would usually otherwise, rather, they remained in the living room to watch the TV.

Lu Yu Chen switched the channels in annoyance, flipping through even sports and movies channels. Xuan Mo on the other hand remained her studious sitting position in watching TV, but her eyes didn’t move with the channel switch.

“Mo Mo.”


“Mo Mo?” Lu Yu Chen leant over, and with his close proximity, he brought the scent of soap and the sunny fragrance of his pajamas. He slid over to Xuan Mo’s side with incredible hesitance, “you, don’t hold it in. I know, it’s not possible for you not to be angry. You seem calm but you have a terrible temper, if you didn’t you wouldn’t be so violent…”

“…” Xuan Mo glanced at him, her expression untelling.

“What about later… ah no, it’s too late tonight, tomorrow… no, there’s class tomorrow… aye! Later then, let’s go out, and you come at me, ok? Beat me up all you want, don’t worry, I’ll pay my dad’s debts!”

“I can beat you up all I want?”

“Yes yes yes!”

Xuan Mo took the remote control from his hands. She gently wrapped her hands around the remote and released it; there were four dents where her fingers had been, and its eerie glint was enough to make one shudder.

Lu Yu Chen swallowed. He clenched his fists: “You can go at me all you want, even if I die, I’m dying on your hands!”

Xuan Mo threw the remote down and took a sip of water as she spoke softly: “You’re not worth it.”

He wanted to sob internally.

Lu Yu Chen collapsed on the sofa in defeat and rolled around: “My head hurts! It hurts it hurts!”

A call from Tan Lu En came in. Xuan Mo picked up her phone: “Hello.”

“Xuan Mo, still remember about seeing the human body system?”

“…it’s urgent, why?”

“Tomorrow’s Monday.”


“Take an MC! Hehe!”


“Knew you had it in you. School and whatnot are just passing clouds! Oh right, why’d you need it anyway?”

“Aborting a fetus for someone.”

“Ahahaha you’re funny.”

“It’s not easy to get the correct position for a two-months fetus so I need to get the calculations right, or it might endanger the person’s life.”

“You’re really weaving the fiction huh…”

“If there isn’t a gentle method then I’ll have to open her stomach and infiltrate from the top. If that is the case, I’ll need some technical knowledge with regards to sewing it back, so it’s better to go to a med school library.”

“…” While Tan Lu En was quiet, Lu Yu Chen who’d heard the entire conversation became serious.

“You’re not for real are you.” The two of them asked simultaneously.

“Tomorrow eight at the entrance of this area. That’s all.” Xuan Mo hung up.

Lu Yu Chen stared at Xuan Mo, his eyes large as saucers: “Mo Mo, you, are you for real…”

Xuan Mo couldn’t bother to reply him. She stood and stretched before heading upstairs.

The next morning when their parents were still asleep, Xuan Mo left the house for the entrance of their area. Tan Lu En hadn’t reached but Lu Yu Chen was already there. He sat at the steps with his head lowered. The black down coat he had wrapped around him made him out to look more like a ball than a person. When he felt someone nearing, he raised his head to see Xuan Mo. Above the dark circles under his eyes was a pair of eyes expressing his loss: “I don’t even know if I should help you or stop you, this is killing me…”




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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

T/N: moral of the story (even though the story’s not over yet lol), cheating is NOT cool, don’t do it, not even once, you have brains for a reason and you have hands for a reason… once trust is broken, it’s never the same again; when someone does it once, what’s stopping him/her from doing it again? Btw if you’re not a fan of this filler arc (like me), there’s a lil bit more to it left (i think) so bear with Xuan Mo’s asshole of a stepdad for a lil bit more and we’ll be back to seeing Xuan Mo kicking some ass real soon :’)



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