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The mother daughter pair went out to shop. They weren’t tight on money so they headed over to a higher-end mall. The two of them had their hands hooks (or more accurately, her mother was the one who forced her to hook their hands together to appear as though they were very close = =). Whenever they saw a store they had to enter, and whatever they liked they had to buy. They’ve tried on and swiped their cards countless times. Xuan Mo roleplayed as a mini-husband as she held on to the shopping bags increasing in stacks. It’s barely noon and they’ve already filled half the trunk.

“It’s alright, we still have the backseat!” Xuan Mo’s mother sliced her beef delicately while speaking spurring words.

Xuan Mo followed the texture of the steak, cut apart the dead cells, severed the dead veins, then slowly chewed on the dead cow corpse…

As her mom ate, she suddenly gave a secretive smile: “Mo Mo, let’s give your dad a surprise shall we?”

Xuan Mo ignored her and continued eating her steak.

“Aye, kids nowadays are so dead, how boring… look at me.” Her mom produced her phone and dialled: “Hello? Jian Hua, are you in the office? I’ve just bought tickets with Mo Mo, and we’re planning to go to Qinghe ancient city to play, join us?”

“It’s such a rare opportunity for all of us to go out together, your son’s going too.”

“You won’t die if you take leave for a day will you, I’ve taken leave too… we are both heading our company, but why do you have such a busy schedule?”

“Alright alright, we’ll go on our own.” Xuan Mo’s mom said in a disappointed tone, “and then, let’s find your dad and give him a scare, ahahah!”

She’ll probably the one that’ll get the scare… Xuan Mo placed her fork and knife down. She figured that it would be the best to rid the source of all this— the offspring that carries the subpar genetic makeup— before any unforeseen circumstances arose.

“You’re not going to continue shopping in the afternoon?” She still felt that it’d be better if her mother didn’t go and look for her stepdad now. She had a feeling that something would go wrong.

“Aye, I’m already old. I used to be able to stride down the entire shopping area in heels, I’ve only walked one morning today but I’m already half dead. At least it was cooling in the day. Are you done eating? If you’re done then let’s watch a movie, then find your dad… let your brother know, we’ll have a family dinner tonight!” Her mom had already planned out the ideal dream for the night.

And so, Xuan Mo suddenly realised that after she’s discovered her stepdad’s affair, she’s felt a lot of thought and emotions running through her mind. Yet, she’s never spared any thought to the biological relative of her stepdad… Lu Yu Chen.

Hence, as the sister of the son of the man who had committed the crime of going against genetic makeup, what should she do? ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 63 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Just this complicated relationship itself was enough to split her head.

Lu Yu Chen returned really late the previous night, and headed out to exercise with his friends bright and early this morning. He’d originally been planning to head back to catch up on his sleep. However when he received the summon from his sister the queen, he immediately rushed out without a second thought. And when she requested that they were going to watch a movie together, he bought the tickets eagerly and waited for her at the entrance.

Xuan Mo’s mom dropped her off first and drove the car away. It was a weekend and they were in the city centre, so parking spaces were extremely difficult to find. Xuan Mo’s mother evidently didn’t want her daughter to walk the long distance back so she made it to the theatres an hour earlier before driving off leisurely toward the car park in the distance.

Lu Yu Chen bought Xuan Mona lemongrass ice cream and opened a bottle of coke for himself while they chatted.

It was cold out. The more Xuan Mo looked at her ice cream, the more glum she became. And so, she stretched her hand and passed her ice cream over: “Give me the coke.”

Lu Yu Chen brought the bottle to her lips, but paused at her words. “Hah?” He didn’t want to hand it over, “you girls don’t like this kind of drink.”

Xuan Mo remained: “Coke.”

“Alright alright.” He took the ice cream and handed out the coke.

And so, at the entrance of the movie theatre, a petite girl downed a bottle of coke like a boss whereas a tall and built youth held an ice cream licking away mournfully.

Xuan Mo had already parked her car and was heading over. Afraid that her daughter would be concerned, she gave her a call: “Mo Mo, you guys find somewhere to sit, I’ll probably be reaching in about twenty minutes. Remember to follow your brother, and watch out for your safety.”

“Enh.” Xuan Mo hummed lightly. Suddenly, her gaze solidified and asked, “will you be passing by pizza hut?”

“Let me see, yeah, I am, why?”

“Hold on.” Xuan Mo covered the phone as she spoke to Lu Yu Chen, “Pizza hut sells food right?” It should be a restaurant if her memories served her right, but as for exactly what kind of food they sold, she couldn’t recall.

“Yeah.” Lu Yu Chen didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, “you’re asking me that?”

“What do you like to eat?”

“Pizza hut?” Lu Yu Chen thought for a moment, “seafood deluxe and baked cheesy mashed potato.”

“That’s all? What else.”



“Uh, baked curry rice with chicken.”

Xuan Mo held the phone away: “We want seafood deluxe, baked cheesy mashed potato, tiramisu and baked curry rice with chicken, and… two sets of everything!”

“So much? Mo Mo you’re hungry again?”

“…brother is hungry.”

When Xuan Mo doubled the portions Lu Yu Chen almost started bleeding: “What the, are you trying to eat me to death?”

“Chen Chen eats so much?”

“No I…” Before he could finish, the gaze Xuan Mo shot him made him swallow he rest of his words.

“That’s all.” Xuan Mo hung up before she raised an eyebrow at his mournful expression. “Mo Mo, what exactly are you planning to do, you’ll really eat yourself to death.”

“You can choose not to eat.”

“It’ll be a waste not to finish it.”

“I bet you won’t be able to finish it.” Xuan Mo pointed at the front, “the appetite-spoiling scene’s here.”

Lu Yu Chen looked in the direction of her hand. Amidst the crowd of people streaming past, a pair of intimate couple walked over. They seemed to have absorbed all of his attention; it was as though moses parting the sea, the other people in the crowd didn’t seem to matter anymore, save for the pair of them.

“Who is she?” Lu Yu Chen muttered, his tone masked.

“That’s something I wanted to ask you.”

The two of them had already walked over to the ticketing area, smiling as they chatted. Lu Yu Chen was frozen. His grip on the tickets was so tight it crumpled them. Xuan Mo sighed, here’s another dazed kid with chaotic thoughts flying through his head. After which, she promptly decided to depend on herself instead.

She walked over and patted the man’s shoulders: “Dad.”

Lu Jian Hua’s eyes had never popped so badly before. He looked at the expressionless daughter before him, then noticed his son who looked like he’d just been struck by lightning. He paused for a long time before his eyes started flickering around, searching for the other person that may potentially be together with them.

“Mom’s not here” Xuan Mo said. “Looks like you’re pretty busy.”

Lu Jian Hua extracted his arm from the lady’s embrace, awkward and ill at ease. He asked on reflex: “Where, where’s your mom? Did you go to…” Xuan Mo’s gaze made him swallow the rest of his words. He frowned, his previous interest to watch the movie fading. At that, he said: “Let’s go first, we’ll settle this at home, ok?”

The lady beside him sized the two siblings up and down before asking: “Jian Hua, this is Chen Chen and Mo Mo?”

Before Lu Jian Hua could reply and Lu Yu Chen could explode, Xuan Mo asked: “So this is the bastard?”

The rest of them had thought that Xuan Mo targeting the lady. However when they followed her gaze, they realised that she had her eyes locked on her still-flat stomach. Her gaze seemed to be able to see through everything, penetrating…

Skin, epithelium, endothelium, blood vessels, nerves, fats, organs, the sustenance of the life form, and… the fatal weakness to that point.

The heater on high warmed everyone at the entrance of the movie theatre.

Xuan Mo’s gaze however sent shivers down the backs of everyone present.



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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN



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  1. “Aye, kids nowadays are so dead, how boring… look at me.” – she doesn’t know how close to the truth she is XD
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