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“It’s Uncle Lu yes but… I can’t tell what their relationship is.”

Xuan Mo didn’t reply. From her mental-net, she could see that her stepdad pulled the lady into his embrace. After he said something to her, her expression suddenly changed. Then, she turned and shouted something

They seemed to be discussing whether they should have the kid or not, at least that was what she got from the mouth shapes they were forming.

Her stepdad wanted her to abort the child (?) but the lady didn’t want to do that even if she died. She’d even said: “Your wife isn’t even your first partner, it’s not like they’ll die if they left you, but my child and I can’t part with you! How can you abandon me and your biological child for that woman and a nuisance, how can you?!”

Upon hearing that, her stepdad didn’t react. Xuan Mo however raged.

She could tell that their genes wouldn’t match just by looking at their age. Yet this woman still seemed to want to give birth to her child with defect genes, and break apart the originally matched couple! Did this woman not want to live anymore! This was absolutely ludicrous!

Tan Lu En once again witnessed in fear Xuan Mo’s anger that scorched. He was very puzzled though: “Mo Mo, what’s wrong.”

Xuan Mo exhaled and collected her thoughts. After which, she asked: “Where is somewhere you can find the clearest view of a human body makeup?”


“Especially pregnant women.”

Tan Lu En started dripping cold sweat as he stuttered: “Hah, ah?”

“Forget it.” Xuan Mo turned to leave. She left the area, hailed a taxi and asked the driver: “Where’s the nearest med school?”

Tan Lu En zipped into the taxi: “My god, Mo Mo, why are you going to med school in the middle of the night? Let’s head back, I’ll help you ask around and bring you over tomorrow, ok?”

“…full term pregnancy needs ten months?” Xuan Mo carefully confirmed the information in her memory garage.


“Then… you’re usually only one to two months pregnant when you discover the symptoms?”

“Em, that’s usually how it’s portrayed in most of the dramas at least.”

“So is it one to two months or?!”

“Yes yes yes!”

“Alright, then let’s head back.” Xuan Mo recited her address and leant back on the seat. She calculated mentally, she still had eight months; she had time.

Tan Lu En suddenly felt a strange sense of discomfort. Just as he wanted to speak his mind as usual, he noticed that Xuan Mo evidently did not intend to humour him, so he figured he should just sit quietly. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 62 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

After sending Xuan Mo back, Tan Lu En took the taxi back. After he paid and was turning to leave, the driver’s mutters as he started the engine made him stumble.

“Kids nowadays are really…” And he had a tone of frustration when he said that.

When Xuan Mo was back, her mom was having supper. When she saw Xuan Mo, she waved at her, asking: “Done playing? C’mere, I have something to tell you.”

Xuan Mo looked at her for a moment, and suddenly recalled that she seemed to have forgotten something important. When she saw her stepdad and that lady, her head was filled with thoughts, but she seemed to have forgotten to consider her mom’s perspective.

According to Blue Planet being’s logic, the person that would be the most hurt was most probably, likely, perhaps, mayhaps… her mother.

In that case, as a Blue Planet being’s daughter, what should she do in such a situation?

If something like this happened back in Scorpio, it wasn’t the daughter’s business to take care of things — the daughter would be too lazy to take care of it too — because it was impossible for her parents to separate or have a poor relationship. In fact, the majority of the children don’t see their parents much after becoming an adult. Some parents don’t even see each other after producing their child, due to different planet environment, so this wasn’t even something they would consider. Upon seeing her mother gesturing at her, Xuan Mo suddenly felt a heavy sense of helplessness.

After struggling for a while, she decided not to say anything and settle this herself, and privately.

Xuan Mo sat down beside her mother. Her mom handed her a clean set of chopsticks and bowl, and gave half of the hand-shredded chicken noodles she had in her bowl to Xuan Mo: “Help me finish this, I’m so full.”

Xuan Mo stirred the noodles in her bowl as she looked at the chicken meat, and then its skin texture, and then its dead cells and nerves… and then she ate it calmly.

“Your dad’s never at home, he’s always out overnight these few days. Chen Chen’s out playing all the time too, aye, I’m so lonely at home…”

Xuan Mo ate her noodles: “What d’you wanna do.”

Her mother was still talking: “The weather’s getting cold, I only have last years clothes, and I’m so tired of looking at the clothes in my store I want to puke. I can’t take it anymore.”

“I’m not free tomorrow.”

“Mo Mo! Will you die if you shop with me for a day?!” Her mother slammed her chopsticks on the table.

“…alright.” Xuan Mo chewed on the chicken corpse, feeling particularly glum and speechless.

And so, bright and early on Sunday, she rejected Tan Lu En’s offer to meet outside the science museum. She walked down the stairs in black from head-to-toe. Her mother however was in a western rose-red woollen coat, skinny leather pants and a pair of black heeled boots as she sat prettily waiting for her. When she saw Xuan Mo, her delicately made-up face crumpled like a chrysanthemum… “People will think you’re my mom instead if you head out like this.”

Xuan Mo shrugged, unbothered and didn’t give much of a damn.

It wasn’t early. Xuan Mo’s mom trailed after her as she nagged: “Didn’t your brother get you new clothes? I think they’re very nice, but why are you wearing black… Mo Mo, young girls like you need to dress more colourfully. If I were a little older, I wouldn’t dare to wear like what I’m wearing, you need to appreciate your youth…”

“You should wear what you’re wearing more while you still dare.” Xuan Mo stated her conclusive opinion as they boarded the car.

Xuan Mo’s mom had nothing to reply, and so she could only grip the steering wheel as she sobbed internally.



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