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Xuan Mo had her head lowered, as though spacing out.

“As long as you internalise the concepts and the steps, you can score full marks. There is one more student I want to give recognition to,” Fang Zhi surveyed the class before pulling out another exercise book, “Xuan Mo.”

When Xuan Mo heard her name, she raised her head to look at him before looking back down to continue thinking about life.

Fang Zhi was long accustomed to her indifferent attitude and didn’t mind. He flipped Xuan Mo’s exercise book that was almost empty: “This topic was short and she’d pretty much missed out on all the content, but I’m very happy that she didn’t fall behind. Not only so, you guys are more familiar with the concept and its usage. Everyone saw what time she came in, she only took out her exercise book to complete the question at the end of the class, and took a while to finish before handing in. Despite so, she only lost two marks and scored thirteen marks, and is one of the five students in this class to have attained thirteen and above!”

There wasn’t any exclamation even though everyone was a little shocked. They knew that Xuan Mo was the goddess of math. No matter how eccentric she may be at times, she would always garner envious gazes. But, when a person is so capable that it passes a certain point, jealousy was useless— all that’s left was admiration.

“Looks like she’s been working hard at home. I hope everyone can learn from her attitude.” Fang Zhi himself was also accustomed to praising Xuan Mo to the point he doesn’t even feel it anymore sometimes. After that, he had the class rep to distribute the exercise books without saying much.

Yi Hai Lan borrowed Xuan Mo’s notebook to take a look, before returning it to her weakly: “It’s too simplified… you’re literally a mark calculator, there isn’t a single line that’s extra.”

Xuan Mo took her notebook back and ignored him.

Yi Hai Lan was sitting near Han Tao so he grabbed over his notebook before others could make the move. As he looked through, he remarked: “Xuan Mo, tell me, you’re actually a god right.”

If Yi Hai Lan was to raise his head, he definitely would have noticed how solid Xuan Mo was at that point in time.

The many times he’s seeked death with Xuan Mo had allowed him to be particularly experienced with Xuan Mo’s killer aura, and hence was unaffected: “Don’t think I don’t know, you didn’t bring a single textbooks of your back, how would you be able to study? Don’t tell me you bought another set of textbooks… I won’t believe that even if you killed me!”

He didn’t suspect that she was a visitor from outer space? Xuan Mo was still suspicious. She locked her mental power on him for a long time. When she had temporarily confirmed that he had no intention of seeking such death, she sighed in relief.

Saturday, Xuan Mo woke up bright and early in the morning the next day to head out of walk. En route however, she felt a shocking cavity from the elderly that’s playing with their birds or walking their dogs. When she returned, Lu Yu Chen was brushing his teeth. Biting a toothbrush, he stuck his head out: “Mu Mu, yur phuune!”

Xuan Mo picked up her phone and saw three miss calls and twelve messages.

The information the messages transmitted was largely about the gathering at Gezhongdi KTV at ten thirty to sing.


Xuan Mo had heard a lot about this trendy activity that youngsters really liked. She felt that this activity was incredibly strange and mysterious. I mean having a bunch of foolish people singing foolish lyrics in a foolish manner and expression not only did not increase their mental capacity, it also didn’t eliminate their negative state, nor repair their mental damage, and it definitely was not able to be used as an attack. Weren’t the bunch of them squeezed together just wasting their time…

“I’m not going.” That was the only thing that Xuan Mo replied Tian Jin Jin. She knew that telling Yi Hai Lan that previously on Tuesday had been useless.

Tian Jin Jin replied incredibly quickly: “No can do! Mo Mo you must come!”

She was already being extremely nice not giving Tian Jin Jin a taste of what she could do! Yet that girl was still trying to order her around? Xuan Mo ignored her and didn’t reply.

After a while, another message from Tian Jin Jin flashed past in her mental net: “Don’t pretend you didn’t see my message! If you don’t come… I’ll cry!”

It’s useless even if you suicide… if you find a desolate place to die, you’ll even grant me an additional identity to borrow… or at least these were the genuine thoughts of a certain malicious alien.

Suddenly, a car stopped in front of her house. And then, through her mental net, Xuan Mo saw Tian Jin Jin and Qi Shan tumbling out of the car before walking up to knock the door: “Xuan Mo Xuan Mo!”

Lu Yu Chen scratched his hair as he ran out from the toilet. He’s only halfway through his shaving so half his face was still smothered in foam: “Mo Mo, they’ll calling you!”

Xuan Mo stood in front of the window in her room on the second level, her expression dark as she looked down.

“Why aren’t you opening the door, it’s your classmates right.”

Xuan Mo glanced at him expressionlessly.

Lu Yu Chen paused, before shrinking silently back into the toilet, sobbing internally as he continued shaving: in the past, he had been the all-powerful boss that had quaked even mountains and oceans, yet just look at what kind of state he was in now…

Xuan Mo opened the door. When Tian Jin Jin and Qi Shan gathered their nerves and glanced at Xuan Mo properly in the eye, they froze, as though they had their mouths covered. After a moment of silence, their hands at the door dropped.

Tian Jin Jin, oblivious and unheeding as ever, instantly started shrieking again after a switch in mindset: “Mo Mo, don’t coop up all day at home, you gotta head out to play too! Look at us, and we came all the way here!”

“Yea yea. And look at yourself, you’ve become even paler.” Though Qi Shan said it that way, her expression appeared one to be one of envy no matter how Xuan Mo deciphered.

Lu Yu Chen came out to join the commotion. He was in his pajamas when he spoke majestically: “You guys are Xuan Mo’s friends?”

It’s barely been a month since Lu Yu Chen transferred, yet he was already well-known, well, not to the level where everyone would tremble just at the sound of his footsteps of course. After having conquered the entire Class Thirteen, he was now considered someone akin to the Godfather among the obedient students.

Now that he’s standing behind Xuan Mo, the pair of siblings, one dainty and the other tall, one dark while the other unbridled, was really wild and intractable.

The two good girls were no doubt in fear of and in reverence of this pair of siblings. At that, they reined in their previous enthusiasm and persuaded in a much more maidenly tone: “Mo Mo, you should come join us.”

Upon hearing that, Lu Yu Chen was elated. He patted Xuan Mo: “Haha Mo Mo! Finally, someone came to call you out to play! You don’t keep in contact with your junior high friends so I thought you’d become anti-social. This is good, very good, very good. What are you waiting for, hurry change out!”

Xuan Mo raised her brow as she looked at him. This puffy blue planet being that’d rather died than lose face, where did his sullen face go when he’d been shaving in front of the mirror just now…

Lu Yu Chen managed to hold out his smile even under Xuan Mo’s intense pressure. Finally, she sighed: “I’ll go change.”

“Oh yeah!” Tian Jin Jin and Qi Shan high-fived in cheers. As they did so, they made a sign of victory to the person in the shotgun seat. Inside, Yi Hai Lan sat with a slight smile while drenched in cold sweat. The glance Xuan Mo shot him when she turned… he didn’t see wrongly did he, why did that look from her seem so dangerous just now.



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