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The situation that went out of control shocked the rest of the people present. They weren’t the ones affected by Xuan Mo’s murderous intent, so they had no idea why all eight of them started shuddering in fright. In contrast, Luo Ke, having received special treatment from Xuan Mo, appeared to be the calmest of all the shivering ones.

Seeing that the suspects were now completely opposite, the remaining seven were thoroughly observed and scrutinised by the others. A certain innocent being among the seven was particularly unlucky, and as a result appeared especially abnormal. This was attributed to the fact that he was not only affected by Xuan Mo’s aura, the latter had even shot him her glares.

And then, he was dragged out! He got pointed at by a gun! He was questioned! And then, he, started howling!

“Don’t, don’t kill me! I don’t know her, don’t know her don’t know her…” He repeated countless times.

Xuan Mo merely spectated, before another idea hatched in her head. Following that, she squinted her eyes, trained her gaze on that innocent kid and made an expression of concern… not that she knew how her concerned expression would look like, of course. Unbeknownst to her, the expression that appeared as a consequence was a “gentle” look as peculiar as Doraemon in that dinosaur movie… her eyes was very, very widened.

Merciless, all the people present would rather kill wrongly than let one of them live. The only reason they allowed these eight to live was merely to investigate them and dig out the instigator. They had nothing better to do other after wrapping up their discussion anyway. In fact, they were leisurely enjoying the real life interrogation, not realising any need to be vigilant about any impending danger.

After a few of the heads brought their subordinates to dish out all sorts of interrogation methods, the innocent person was tortured to the point he was barely breathing. Dotted with wounds, he laid on the floor, unmoving, robbed of any strength to pick himself up from the floor.

“Boss, he’s not confessing, what should we do?”

One of the subordinates asked in an effort to curry favour. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 54 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

A few of the people, particularly the Japanese ones, conversed in Japanese. Afterwhich, the translator said: “Little girl, do you have anything to say?”

While he spoke, the burly guys that had finished tossing around that innocent person stood up, rubbing their hands in anticipation. Those expressions and smiles on their faces, and that look in their eyes… Xuan Mo was very calm. It wouldn’t hurt much if you attack the chest so what were the bunch of them looking at…

Xuan Mo was very calm, but the rest of them weren’t. Xiao Gui had been sitting as still as a mountain where he was safely. She didn’t know what identity he’d taken on; his words seemed to command enough power for people to listen but not necessarily abide. Upon seeing the situation however, his eyelids couldn’t help but twitch as he tightened his grip on the cup in his hands.

Luo Ke after being tossed around by the surge of events, on the other hand, was on the verge of going crazy. Of course he wasn’t a total gone case yet— at least he still knew that if he were to reveal himself, the number of corpse would instantly increase to two.

Xuan Mo took a step back, not even bothering to ask them what they were doing. Rather, she trained her gaze on them.

“Little girl, who employed you? As long as you tell us, we’ll let you go. You’re still young, you shouldn’t sell your life for something like this.”

“…” Xuan Mo surveyed the surroundings. After contemplating, she said, “I…”

Xiao Gui’s grip on his cup was tight. Xuan Mo didn’t seem like the kind that would cravenly cling on to life rather than brave death, but she was only fifteen. Perhaps she may not be a coward, but not wanting to die was an instinct. If she did give them out, then he was in no position to blame her, forgive her, forgive her then…

“My dad is Lu Qing.”

Someone choked.

A bystander raged. It was one of the people sitting beside Xiao Gui. Topping everyone’s gazes, he stood in anger: “Nonsense! Boss Lu doesn’t have a daughter like you!”

Xuan Mo said faintly: “Looks like he’s still angry with me…”

“Get lost! You… aye! Let me go! President, Yamano President, it’s really not us! Chang Qing has worked with you for so many years, why would we do that!”

The plump Japanese guy replied in Chinese: “We’d rather rid ten thousand than to leave one alive!” Yes, wrongly ridding ten times more that what had happened at the massacre at central plains.

“What would we get out of this then! We’ve participated in this plan from the beginning till the end, what are we afraid of!?”

Before President Yamano could reply, Xuan Mo cut in: “Father’s doing something illegal, he’s selling ‘em.”

Everyone paused, turning to look at her in their frozen positions.

Xiao Gui face-palmed.

Xuan Mo suddenly smiled, raising both her hands: “So I called the police, and they’re here to apprehend you guys.”

Her thin, slender wrists were empty. It took the lot of them a moment of staring before they realised what was off— where did her handcuffs go!

By the time they’d reacted, Xuan Mo had already disappeared. As fast as a shadow, she turned and knocked out a guy in black beside her. Grabbing his gun, she shot the wrist of the person raising a gun in front of her. When the person raised his gun once again in agony, she punctured his hand with a bullet once again.




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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

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