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Everything happened too fast. Even the trained bodyguards could barely keep up with what was happening. Even if they did however, Xuan Mo had finished off one-third of the manpower with ease.

The remaining two-thirds of people were those trained martially.

Though the meeting room wasn’t small, it was a size that didn’t allow them to sweep their bullets. A few of the Japanese people started howling and yowling as they were escorted out by whatever’s left of their bodyguards.

Xuan Mo dodged the bullets easily before finishing off the bodyguards flanking two Japanese people. After which, she leapt backwards and a gun landed precisely in Luo Ke’s hands.

Though he was cuffed, it didn’t stop him from opening fire. With a gun in hand, even if he lacked in real-life experience training, the situation at hand and his bloodlust was enough to spur his combat. He bellowed before jumping into the fight. While he was at it, he didn’t forget to make use of his geographical advantage to block off the exit.

The guards outside had long received news and were swarming out from the lift and emergency exits. The had wanted to open the door, but realised it was locked from the inside. At that, they turned to shoot at the glass.

Pity the architect— whatever intentions it was he had in his mind when he designed the building— placed the only piece of high-pressure bullet-proof glass the building had at this spot. Not only was it solid and firm, it did not at all give in to the bullet rain.

The pitter-patter of bullet continued ceaselessly. Other than scratching some cracks on the glass and bouncing back some reflected bullets which in turn decreased their own firepower, they did not make any progress.

There were only six bodyguards inside the room, three of which were put down by Xuan Mo in a blink of an eye, and another one was finished by Xiao Gui who pulled a dirty trick while he was smoking his way through pretending to be a businessman. Tightly after, Luo Ke, adrenaline-pumped, got rid of two. The remaining people left were seven businessmen and seven cuffed captives.

Xuan Mo could tell that out of the seven business people, a good half of them had trained before. The beer belly each of them spotted however was evident of how mercilessly the passage of time had taken effect on them, and that their training was perhaps something that had only happened once upon a time. They were all old — to the point their fingers could only lift cigars and money.

“Who are you exactly!” President Yamano, the person of the highest status among everyone, imploded as his veins on his forehead throbbed in anger. He was particularly furious at Xiao Gui who had a gun pointed at his head. “You’re not the person they sent over!”

Xiao Gui shrugged his shoulders helplessly: “Evidently not.”

“Despicable!” Yamano glared ruthlessly at Xuan Mo, the look in his eyes as though that of a snake’s. “Youngster, good for you, I will remember you!”

Xuan Mo didn’t case: “Oh, thanks.” There were many people who remembered her, and it was to the point she didn’t bother anymore. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 55 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Luo Ke looked at the chaotic wave of guards outside the glass that were as though cats on hot bricks. He suddenly figured that if the appearance of these people was labelled as an emergency to them, then they themselves would too be an unexpected event that sprung up on these people. And from the looks of it, the damage Zone Seven people dealt to these people was way worse.

Meanwhile, the instigator of this chaos stood with calmly with an innocent expression, as though she hadn’t done anything.

“What’s the plan now?” Luo Ke and Xiao Gui didn’t bring their intercom in as they needed to be searched before entering, hence they didn’t get the memo that reinforcement would be arriving.

Xuan Mo smiled: “Countdown from ten seconds.”

Ten, nine, eight… four, three.



The lift suddenly opened with a ding. Before they could see the people within the lift, attacks rained out in waves. Items that looked like grenades were thrown out. It rolled over to where everyone stood before it cracked with a split. An intensely acute light spilled out, followed by a piercing sound. The light blinded the people outside. After which, a wave of yowls immediately sounded. After a few more gunshot sounds, smoke quickly billowed, coupled with sizzling sounds. And then, the bunch of people outside having just endured through the dazzling torture to their sense of sight was once again rendered snivelling and tearing…

The damage dealt by the flashbang and tear gas halved their damage output. Seizing the moment while the place was still clouded in smoke, a few people dressed in black with gas masks on spilled out of the lift. Armed with a lightweight gun in their hand, they shot continuously as they moved about silently. Those that were shot fell to the ground without exception.

“Tranquiliser guns!” Luo Ke seemed glum, “they’re too nice!”

The danger was put out within a minute. A tall guy in black knocked the door to signal that they were done, but Xuan Mo continued staring at them, unmoving.

Helpless, the person produced a card. It was his Zone Seven identification card.

At that, Xuan Mo slowly lowered her gun and went forward to open the door.

The remnants of gas that floated in elicited some coughs from the people inside. Xuan Mo however didn’t feel anything. Rather, she sat down on a chair and waited for the people in black to get their hands on every single person in the meeting room. After which, she said: “It’s five-thirty. I need to head back.”

“Cough!” Someone coughed. The leader in black took off his gas mask, revealing a well-defined face. His smile wasn’t particularly warm but it was sincere. “Hello, I’m Zone Seven S City’s action team team lead, you can call me Wu Da…”

“Lang*!” Someone behind added, inciting a round of laughter.

郎 = lang, is an ancient official title. It also means “youth”, often referring to males in general unless the word 女 (nv = girl) is added in front. It may sound a little romantically ambiguous if used as suffix to address males depending on the context

Wu Da Lang’s lips twitched, saying helplessly: “Whatever… are any of you hurt? We brought our medic team.”

The few of them exchanged looks. Luo Ke raised his hand weakly: “If anyone’s hurt then I’m the only one that needs first aid for people from our side. As for them… it’s hard to say.”

The bunch of bodyguards with their hands punctured by bullets then kicked a few more times on top of that by a certain super-strength girl laid on the floor, either knocked out or moaning and turning in agony.

Xuan Mo repeated: “I need to return. It will create unnecessary trouble if I’m discovered I’ve been out the entire night.”

“That’s true, but you might need to hold on a bit. We need to ensure that the entire building is safe first. People are escaping in all directions, we need to ensure that we don’t miss out a single person.”

Psh, he still had the nerve to say that, the people on the first two floors had pretty much all escaped. Xuan Mo thought in disdain.

After waiting for a while more, Wu Da Lang received instructions that they could make their leave.

He exhaled and directed his comrades to bring the captives out. He then gestured at Xuan Mo to head out first, smiling: “Ladies first, Gu family’s obedient kid*.”

* he’s addressing Xuan Mo.

Xuan Mo shook her head and walked out without any hesitation.

“Oh right, Wu Qi,” Wu Da Lang suddenly asked, “which uni are you planning to go?”

Xuan Mo shook her head, replying: “I don’t want to study.”

And so, the previously obedient kid from Gu family instantly transformed into a school-hating bad kid.




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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

T/N: am I the only one who’s confused about where the Gu family surname suddenly popped out from? Or do I have short term memory (?.?)


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