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Xuan Mo was very vexed and annoyed. But she was arrogant, so she ain’t gonna crawl some sewer to retreat.

“Reinforcement still needs half an hour before they can arrive. Those who can retreat move out now! Wu Qi! What are you stoning for! Hurry move it, a crossfire will breakout soon!”

A crossfire breaking out was good. She looked innocent: “There’s guards at the sewers.” They couldn’t see it anyway.

“Eh.” Ah Gui choked, before slamming the table, “Eff this! Did they block off all the exits!” His guilt deepened. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 53 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

The wandering guards that were in the basement suddenly started making proper rounds, walking through the complicated path. If they were to reach the corner, they would be able to spot Xuan Mo.

Of course, Xuan Mo was only hiding for the sake of hiding rather than actually properly trying to avoid people. At that, she suddenly hatched an idea. People normally wouldn’t know that there would be someone rounding a corner ahead of them, so it won’t be strange if she were to be captured like that, right?

And so, she stood, relaxed. When the group of people turned into the corner, she suddenly gasped, and turned to run!

Bellows and gunshot sounded behind her, while Ah Gui shrieked in Xuan Mo’s ear: “What happened what happened! What in the world happened!”

Xuan Mo said as she “jogged”: “I was discovered.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Don’t you dare get captured!”

A bullet exploded beside Xuan Mo’s leg. Xuan Mo stopped in her tracks: “I’ve been captured.”

When her gaze turned, a few burly guards rushed up and grabbed her arms.

“Who are you! What’s your name!”

Xuan Mo turned to look at them, her eyes glassy, tingeing with innocence.

Her innocent gaze evidently wasn’t enough to strike the heartless guards down. The guards’ faces scrunched into an expression of shock and suspicion. He produced his intercom: “Team lead, we caught someone suspicious in the basement in our uniform!”

“How’s the person suspicious?”

“The person… is a little girl, and she seems to be… cough… around fourteen or fifteen.”

“…bring her up!”

And so, Xuan Mo classmate enjoyed VIP service as she was escorted to the twelfth floor.

Her earpiece and other things in her ear had not been discovered. After all, security guards were trained to combat, hence they wouldn’t be meticulous about such things. Meanwhile, Xuan Mo could only listen to Ah Gui spilling all his knowledge noisily about how to ward against interrogation, torture and the likes… all these were things that would be covered in her next course. However, he was too anxious to make sense, so even if he’d been regurgitating the actual text, he wasn’t talking straight.

Wu Yi offered to sacrifice himself and requested that he be captured too, but his request was profusely rejected by everyone. Xuan Mo was particularly agitated about this, but she couldn’t speak given her situation. Hence, she could only mutter lowly when she saw an opportunity to do so: “Burden.”

That instantly had the load of guys on the other end of the earpiece combusting.

“You are not allowed to talk!” The guard shoved her roughly, but Xuan Mo remained unmoving as though a mountain as she glanced coldly at him.

The security guard had a strange feeling shivering up his spine.

On the twelfth floor, other than the group of people who came out from the secret chamber sitting on one side, the other group of people who went in after sat on the other side. The stench of blood now stunk thickly in the bright, spacious and luxurious meeting room. The sacrificial lambs from before laid on their backs beside the elevator. They had been dragged out from the meeting room. The trail of dried blood in their wake had now clumped on the mat, making the place out to be particularly murderous.

When the elevator door opened, everyone’s gazes fell on them. The guards that sent Xuan Mo over explained what happened. After Xuan Mo was handed over to the men donned in black, the security guards left.

The three valiant-looking men in shades cuffed her and searched her, locating all her arms, including the signal transmitter in her ear, before they brought her into the meeting room. The people inside were talking away in Japanese. When a middle-aged man heard what happened, he said: “Why bother bringing her up even? Just finish her off.”

The person who replied turned out to be Xiao Gui. He smiled: “Aren’t you curious who the mole in? The little girl undoubtedly will be useful.”

After his words have been translated for the Japanese person, the latter nodded his head and gestured at Xuan Mo with his chin. “Little girl, I don’t care what you’re here for. I just need you to tell me who’s on your side, and I’ll guarantee your life.”

What’s the use of his guarantee! There was no creature on this planet that would have the right to guarantee the safety of her life!

Xuan Mo was incredibly annoyed. She turned to look at the eight people that were squatting. They were all cuffed, appearing listless and spotting many wounds.

After Xiao Gui’s reminder, Xuan Mo knew that her expression should not change when she sees Luo Ke. But that was something she knew even without him reminding her. She still did not have full control of her facial expression system, so she would need to make an effort to adjust her facial skin texture to reveal any expression… why would she make such an effort just to recognise Luo Ke?

She had no problems, but that didn’t mean Luo Ke was fine.

After their main task force had been largely compromised, she could pretty much confirm that all those sent on this mission this time, excluding Wu Yi, were rookies. Xuan Mo had been wondering previously why all the people in her local secret violence organisation were so young. Now, it seemed like they hadn’t been out on the field for long either. And then they bumped into such a situation when they were sent out…

Luo Ke classmate, you’re trembling right she didn’t get it wrong right, that’s trembling man, trembling…

Even though the tremble is extremely slight, but there were many people looking over dyou know that?

Xuan Mo’s ability to be expressionless had reached a point where even her eyeballs wouldn’t flicker anywhere else. After slowly sweeping a gaze past the few of them, something suddenly dawned on her as she looked at someone innocent who was trying to tremble himself even just a little bit.

After that, someone instantly looked over at that innocent person, but there were still many who remained suspicious of the shaking Luo Ke.

Luo Ke too could notice something was off… he was trying very hard to restrain his popping cells as he shrieked mentally: I’m not trembling on purpose I’m not trembling on purpose don’t look at me don’t look at me ahhhh!

The more agitated someone was, the more abnormal that person would be. Even his gaze was starting to flicker.

Before Xiao Gui was annoyed, even Xuan Mo was rolling her eyes.

Xuan Mo didn’t say anything. She swept looks at them repeatedly, wondering how she could change the situation and make Luo Ke less noticeable by the rest.

He was her comrade, so she must protect him.

Xuan Mo squinted, a murderous intent stirring in her chest as it permeated the air, going straight at the row of them.

And so… eight of them, all of them, trembled…



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