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The solution to the emergency situation was to minimise losses. A round of discussion at the headquarters concluded that Xuan Mo would be barred from continuing this mission, while Wu Yi was to pause his mission to enter the twelfth level alone and wait till reinforcements arrived.

All that was required of her was to provide support. After entering the first floor, they were to drag it out for as long as possible, such that the reinforcement could follow up.

Xuan Mo appeared extremely obedient, and it was to the point it made Ah Gui shiver. He warned her once again: “Wu Qi, if you act rashly, you can forget about coming back to Zone Seven in the future!”

Xuan Mo didn’t understand why Ah Gui was so anxious. A mission was a mission, she would never act impulsively out of concern for others. She wasn’t going to continue since they didn’t let her; she’s bound to obey anyway. She would be committing a crime if she were to do anything that was beyond the given instructions.

And so, Wu Yi got himself into the first level dressed as a security guard. After which, he got ready to ride the lift to the eleventh floor before sneaking in through the fire escape staircase. There were a few key parts to this process: firstly, they would need to obtain overall control of the lift as well as the surrounding surveillance so as to avoid being discovered and the risk of the mission for Wu Yi to sneak in.

No matter how tall and lean Xuan Mo was, she still looked her age. Though she had ten heightening insoles while donned in the security guard uniform, she still didn’t look like an adult, so she could only guard the basement.

Before long, they had a new mission coming in.  ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 52 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

The security upstairs was extremely tight so Wu Yi was unable to find a single chance to seize their surveillance and electricity control room.

After the two of them noticed that discussing shortly in low voices didn’t raise the awareness of the four guards at the other staircase, they realised that the security on the first floor, on the other hand, became their security loophole.

Before Wu Yi left, he handed Xuan Mo a bag of metal signal transmitter in the shape of small clips. After cutting wire covers apart and clipping them onto a wire within, the pocket-sized signal transmitter would be able to immediately transmit the information that wire was carrying to the recipient. This invention had not been released, and were not used among civilians. However, various secret military organisations had begun to use these with prevalence. In fact, the one Xuan Mo was holding on to was only an imported product that wasn’t even the best of its type.

Apparently, pocket-sized signal transmitter invented locally was state-of-the-art, and was only used by those from the HQ or those from the HQ that have been sent out for missions. Even the branches in the vicinity had only gotten their hands on used or sub-par products that they have discarded, much less Xuan Mo’s branch in City H, which was only a municipality under the government.

To cut through the wire cover and send a signal wasn’t at all difficult for Xuan Mo. She pretended to listen to the orders and opened a socket power board behind the fire extinguisher box, then pulled out a handful of red, white, blue and green wires. After which, she used a small pincer that came along with a tiny knife to cut apart the wire cover of some of the wires before clipping the clips onto them.

She could sense the information that instantly streamed slowly out of the clip, amassing. In the beginning, it was merely a pool of dispersed information. Soon though, it slowly accumulated in volume, the stream of flowing information becoming denser.

The voice from her earpiece was quiet for a moment before someone on that side sighed: “The signal has been received, we’re done.”

This means that the infocom team could observe all corners of the building through their surveillance cameras, as well as temporarily control some of their surveillance images.

However, this was not at all sufficient.

Elevators had light and sound signals. If they were to switch the ding sound and jumping numbers display off, it would be even safer to move between the levels within a closed off elevator space as compared to the narrow staircase that had safety exits on every two floors.

Now that Wu Yi had confirmed that the elevator on the first floor would not guarded at certain periods of time, what he had to figure out was how to get past the rest of the guards on the other levels unnoticed if he were to take the lift.

There was no one taking the lift, so if the lift were to suddenly start moving, they might as well seek death.

“I think this won’t work, these functions are automatic, it’s impossible to cancel it externally.” Someone voiced their opinions.

Wu Yi sent another message: “Spotted M5 and T3379 high-risk firearms. Three more have entered. One of them seems to be Shan Kang Cheng, a commercial fraud criminal that has been on the run.”

“Shang Kang Cheng? It was discovered yesterday that the amount he had frauded totaled to three hundred million US dollars, and he has been added to the list of most wanted fugitives. Didn’t think he’d find his way here.” Ah Gui became even more nervous. “This won’t do, the difficulty of this mission is too much. How did it evolve into something like this. We lack the experience in handling this, so do not act rashly. Wu Qi, don’t be nervous!”

After connecting the signal transmitter, Xuan Mo returned to her previous location, waiting in boredom. It was 3am in the morning. She had no idea how long they were going to be stuck here for. If she wasn’t back by 7:30am, which was the time where her mother would come in to give her darling daughter a morning kiss… she was really at loss about how she should smoke her way through and evade a potential catastrophe that may possibly erupt while not lying.

When she heard what Ah Gui said, she rolled her eyes: “You’re the nervous one, all the guys on your end are nervous!”

“It’s good that you’re not nervous. Don’t make any sudden movements, and don’t get discovered!”

If things went her way she’d have long scaled the building from the outside like a Bygrean. Would Wu Yi be the only one still scratching his hair out on the first floor after so many hours?

“Something’s off upstairs, everyone be careful!”

A dispute started among the people upstairs. Someone who jumped up in agitation after being threatened was immediately killed, whereas the remaining people continued engaging in a stand-off, disregarding the corpse on the ground, as though no one just died in front of their eyes.

“None of our comrades have been sacrificed yet as of now.” Ah Gui didn’t know who he was comforting. “I have received orders from above, everyone return to your places and prepare for withdrawal. Reinforcement from the higher ups are coming to follow up very quickly!”

There were some who mumbled in discontent into their transmitter. Who would have thought that a simple mission would suddenly result in the exposure of so many of their colleagues. The few of those who have not been exposed were caught within the mission location. The security guards around here were also armed to their teeth, and the guests who have arrived all had people and money backing them. What’s even scarier was that a dispute broke out at their meeting location, and there had already been a casualty, while two of their outstanding comrades were in danger.

After all the tension and being snowed for so many consecutive days, all they got at the end of it all was: everyone return to your locations and prepare for withdrawal, reinforcement would be arriving very soon.

What about them?

Ah Gui was helpless as well. If everyone was mentally stricken by the mission this time, then the damage he’d taken would top the charts. On top of having separated from his girlfriend whom he had dated for two years, this mission had him completely at loss, shattering his self-esteem as well as his pride of his versatility.

Someone comforted him: “We aren’t a large branch to begin with, and our branch only started out recently. We lack manpower as well as tech support, so it’s expected that we can’t handle something like this. Didn’t the higher ups mention that you’re not to blame for this?”

“But still!” Ah Gui howled lowly. He recalled someone from his past, that person had been a kid, and was still on probation. When they were surrounded by enemies in a foreign country, that kid brought his superiors and colleagues out of danger completely.

He’d never sought to be that powerful, but he wanted to, at the very least, not be too crap.

Upon receiving the order to retreat, Wu Yi was stuck in a dilemma about using the lift or stairs. He could only grab onto his dagger as he smiled bitterly. What’s the big deal about something like this. So what, he should wait it out like this for aid to arrive then?


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