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“I still think we should let Wu Qi head back.”

The low voice reverberated along in the empty hallway. Coupled with the sound of surging water in the pipes from above the ceiling, the cool-tinged lights along the corridor flickering occasionally made the place out to be extremely eerie.

Wu Yi, donned in an unfitting security guard uniform, shrank into the shadows as he spoke into the phone. Surveying the surroundings, his expression was grave, and his body was taut: “Don’t avoid the topic, I’ll be an idiot if I can’t tell that the grade evaluation of this mission is off! It’s definitely wrong!”

Someone suddenly appeared on the other end of the corridor. Wu Yi scrutinised the figure before releasing the gun he’d instantly gripped. It was Xuan Mo in a similar uniform walking over. The helmet seemed to cover her entire head. An electric truncheon in hand, the oversized security guard uniform looked as though she was wearing a potato sack over her body. As she walked, she tugged at her too-long pants occasionally, hence the rate at which she was walking was staggering.

“Knife.” Xuan Mo walked over.

Wu Yi handed her a swiss military knife. She pulled out the knife and started cutting her pants, then her sleeves, before stuffing the extra material she’d cut off into her pockets. Shrugging the finally fitting clothes that had her more nimble, she exhaled: “There are four guards at the corner ahead. They have standard underground firearms, made in japan…” She really wanted to report the situation and the firearms of all the twenty-five levels while she was at it, but she figured that there was no way she could explain things if she did, so she decided to shut her mouth.

Wu Yi looked at Xuan Mo in earnest, speaking only after a while: “Wu Yi, you’re doing good. There’s a new mission for you, head over to wait at Zone D5, there will be someone from outside following up.”

Xuan Mo paused for a moment before saying: “You are technically considered a deserter if you retreat in advance.” She raised her eyes to look at Wu Yi, “you are instigating me to be a deserter.”

“Wu Qi, take a closer look at the situation right now, we can’t even get to the first level, but our mission requires us to enter the twelfth level to rescue our comrade, and it’s a level that we can’t even try to sling down from the top. At this rate we’re going, this mission might be a failure. It was a mistake to include you. You’re still a trainee; you need not take responsibility.”

Xuan Mo appeared as though she was listening carefully, but her mental power was already roaming through the entire building.

She was very impatient.

Three hours ago, ever since they’d changed into the uniform and snuck into the building basement, the two of them had been wandering round and round here.

The entrances on the first level were all tightly guarded and had heavy surveillance. Originally, they only needed to follow up outside the building as it was mainly Xiao Gui and Luo Ke’s responsibility to handle the technical side of things. However, they suddenly received information that something unexpected happened and those two were now trapped in a secret office chamber.

The three hours was literally enough to climb all the way up to the twenty-fifth floor and back down. However, be it enemy or ally that went up, none of them came back down.

Without the aid of external assistance, they were the only two that were still able to roam about, so they needed to sneak inside to rescue Xiao Gui and Luo Ke. What was even more tragic was that the unknown emergency that had occurred previously affected the security system of the entire building. Hence, the two of them were too stuck in the basement while donning security guard uniforms, at loss.

“Let’s enter by another way.” Xuan Mo said with certain.

“That’s for sure.” Wu Yi was extremely distressed before it dawned on him, “no, that’s not right, you don’t need to think about entering, you mission now is to figure out how to get out!”

If she couldn’t barge in with pure strength, then… “The door isn’t completely sealed, you can only enter but not exit.” Xuan Mo bumped her fists as she contemplated.

“Wu Qi… that is the case but…” Before Qu Yi could continue urging her otherwise, Xuan Mo suddenly said, “no, you can’t enter either now.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 51 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Wu Yi raised his brow. Just as he’s about to ask, he suddenly heard the information coming through from his headpiece: “Wu Yi, all exits have been sealed; there is no entrance.”

Wu Yi looked at Xuan Mo with widened eyes. For some reason, he felt that something was off, but he didn’t know how to voice his concern.

Xuan Mo listened for a moment before saying: “Send a helicopter, let’s enter from the top.”

“That’s impossible, you need to mobilise special ops for that. Also, application for helicopter is very complicated, by the time we get one, this mission would’ve long been over.” Wu Yi objected. “You think the higher ups didn’t consider this? In the middle of the night when silence reigns, before even nearing this building, the entire city would have woken up to the thunderous engine of a heli. Child, this isn’t a movie; you don’t know how impractical the many scenes in those absurd action movies are. I only watch those to pass time.”

Xuan Mo became quiet. She did recall that such a transportation vehicle existed, but she’d never seen a real one before so she didn’t know it would emit such a loud noise. Since it did, things would be troublesome.

She clenched her teeth: “I’ll climb up.”

Wu Yi was spooked: “Wu Qi, are you Spiderman? Did you read too many novels on Dragon Groups* or anything? Girl you need to wake up! You don’t know how many lunatics those kind of books created!”

* a fictional organisation that appears often in novels

Xuan Mo clenched her teeth: “Twelve levels aren’t that high.”

“I know, you go higher if you do rock climbing, but the exterior of this building is completely glass. Even if there were ladders around, we aren’t going to let a girl like you scale it.”

She became silent: “Then let’s just let the mission fail then.”

“…” Though Wu Yi knew she was joking, he couldn’t help but think about its possibility.

The mission this time was too strange. All they needed to do in the beginning was to obtain Yamano zaibatsu’s* quote and as much other relevant information as possible. For some reason though, the mission later evolved into the secret contact between multiple Japanese zaibatsu and their city’s, and in fact their province’s now, central businesses and organisations such as Changqing Organisation. Zone Seven was also on the verge of pulling their hair out puzzling over how things got so complicated.

* Japanese term referring to industrial and financial business conglomerates

Meanwhile on the other end, Ah Gui wasn’t having it any easier either.

He was sitting together with the intel team, stressing together. Their external assistance requested for this mission to be cancelled, so that they could at least rescue the two members from the action team that were still on the move. Evidently however, Wu Yi and Wu Qi wouldn’t agree to that.

The deadlock persisted. Then, something new happened.

Xuan Mo was still surveying the situation on level twelve as much as she could. There were too many wires within the walls and it was disrupting her mental net, but that did not affect her understanding of the situation itself.

The secret office chamber suddenly opened, and about twenty people walked out. The eight in front had guns pointed at them as they walked ahead slowly. The remaining dozen on the other hand eyed from behind in hostility.

What was strange was that Luo Ke was among those who were being held hostage, while Xiao Gui was among the dozen of people behind.

The person standing at the corridor guarding the secret office chamber waited for the group of people to head over before he spoke softly.

The information passed was instantly relayed to the intel team, and hence into Wu Yi’s receiver.

Wu Yi’s expression tightened. Taking out an earring, he passed it to Xuan Mo. “Sorry, it seems like your ear will need to bear with it for a bit. Didn’t hand you one earlier because we didn’t have your size, but now… we’re gonna go all out.”


TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

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