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Xuan Mo took leave from school, but Lu Yu Chen and Tan Lu En didn’t. So feeling tragic, they left for school early the next morning.

Nine in the morning, City H, Zone Seven quarters, at the back entrance of Shenghua Organisation, there were a few people who came early squatting in rows outside Ah Gui’s office. Ah Gui’s office was very majestic; he had a  Deputy Manager name plate hanging outside his door edged with shimmering gold.

“Aye, look at that deputy manager rank.” Luo Ke squatted outside the door with a cigarette dangling from his lips. Though his features were refined, the way he put himself across made him appear extremely boorish. “When can I get myself a title like his.”

“In your current state? Close to impossible!” The action team team lead Wu Yi patted his shoulders. After which, he stretched his arms and clenched his fists. “Aye, it’s been a while since I’ve been mobilised, even my bones have rusted.”

Xiao Gui continued sitting with his legs crossed, typing away on his computer. When he saw that Xuan Mo arrived, he nodded his head and pointed to his side: “Sit.”

Xuan Mo stood straight: “There aren’t any chairs?”

“Aye don’t bother with the trivialities, don’t you see the guys all squatting there.”


Ah Gui was still inside the office knocking out the remaining procedures to their mission so he didn’t have the time to look after then. Hence, the four of them remained silent.

A fashionably-dressed young lady walked into the hallway. Her heels clicking away, she stopped before Ah Gui’s office, glanced at them before knocking the door.

Of course, no one opened the door.

“Eh, is your manager in?”

Other than Xuan Mo, the remaining three guys with a foolish smile hanging shook their heads. Their eyes were glinting as though they were about to hear some gossip.

“Where did he go?”

They shook their heads.

The lady dialled his number, but his phone was switched off. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 50 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Grasping her phone in annoyance, she asked: “Any of you know where he went?”

Wu Yi was the only one who shook his head. Xiao Gui and Luo Ke on the other hand however pointed to Xuan Mo at the same time.

Xuan Mo’s brow raised. She looked at them, then looked at the lady who was glancing at her with animosity: “Who are you?”

“I don’t know where he is.”

“Aye Ah Qi, why wouldn’t you know where brother Gui is?” Luo Ke said in a strange voice.

She did know, but they knew too!

Completely confused as to what the group of them were trying to get at, Xuan Mo was speechless, hence she chose to remain silent.

“Oi, so do you….” Before the lady could finish her sentence, Ah Gui’s voice sounded from behind. “Fang Fang, why are you here?”

A document file in hand, Ah Gui, donned in suit and tie, had a stern expression: “Go home!” As he said, he slanted them a harsh look too.

The four by-standers immediately turned around and switched on whistling mode, stoning mode, contemplating-about-life mode and minding-own-business mode… appearing as though this gossip was as uneventful and unentertaining as the passing clouds.

“Why am I here? You have the nerve to ask me why am I here?! Chen Yi Tong! You bastard!” Fang Fang screamed in a shrill voice, “why are you so egoistic? Huh?! All I did was to get you to help me buy something, but you turned and left instead, you did real good, really, how proud you must be! Do you know how many people had been laughing at me when you walked off just like that?!”

“Something urgent came up yesterday…” Ah Gui brisk-walked over to the entrance of his office. Opening the door, he gestured for the spectators outside to head in before he stood outside the office to block the entrance. “Let’s talk later when we’re back. I have work now, it’s urgent!”

“No! Don’t think of running if we can’t settle this today! Something urgent something urgent, you always have something urgent coming up, and it comes up any time and every time! Aren’t you just a manager, who do you think you are?! 007? Superman? Hah! Tell me the truth, do you have someone else outside? For Shenghua deputy manager to not even be able to afford an LV… what bullshit!”

The three guys now inside the office listened with their ears wide open as they breathed. Luo Ke exclaimed softly: “Good lord… we’re talking LV bro…”

Wu Yi shook his head straight away: “Looks like this one’s a no go too.”

Xiao Gui was even harsher. Lowering his head, he sent a text, and Xuan Mo instantly caught onto the stream of information he’d just sent: “Prep the psych team, Ah Gui’s breaking up due to work-related issues.”

Xuan Mo looked down. LV. She had a faint impression of what it was. It didn’t seem to be something the previous Xuan Mo had liked, but it was something she yearned and could not afford. And that something was a… handbag?

All this over a handbag… really?

Outside, Ah Gui stopped talking for a while before saying softly: “Fang Fang, can you head back first, I’ll explain at night.”

He didn’t want their relationship to end just like that and tried to save the situation, but his hand gripping the file he’d been holding was clenched dead tight.

“Enough with that! You’re busy, am I not busy? I want to get the bag later, just tell me if you’re gonna pay or not. I’ll get it on my own if you’re not, and we’ll be over.”

“Fang Fang, you really…” Ah Gui didn’t continue. Instead, he clenched his teeth before saying, “Let’s stop this.You should go.”

Fang Fang’s eyes widened: “What?!”

Ah Gui produced his leather wallet and handed her a card: “There’s some money in this; the pin is the date we both know. Even if it isn’t enough, at least it’s something, here.”

Fang Fang didn’t take the card. With a pale face, she continued asking: “What are you getting at?”

“You heard me. Let’s break up, we aren’t suitable for each other.” Ah Gui took a step back and pulled the door. “I’m used to being thrifty. I can’t adapt to your lifestyle. There’s nothing much to say about this. Hold it. Goodbye.”

After saying that, he placed the card into Fang Fang’s bag and closed the door.

It was silent for a moment outside before earth-shattering knocking sounded: “Chen Yi Tong you bastard! We’re breaking up just cuz you said you want to break up?! No freaking way! Give me a reason! Don’t you dare think of flinging me aside for some other bish! Do you know how much time and youth I’ve wasted on you, you think you can repay me with just a card? Come out! Get your friggin’ ass out!”

Ah Gui leant against the door with his head lowered. The other four, not daring to even move, were quiet out of fear.

Luo Ke paused for a moment before taking a step forward. Ah Gui’s head shot up and glared at him. He seemed to say that he didn’t need any comfort, but anyone with eyes could tell that he was more fragile than anyone.

Xuan Mo watched emotionlessly from the sidelines. Amidst the knocking, the air around Ah Gui seemed to change.

Wu Yi sighed before mustering his courage and walking over. He pulled Ah Gui aside, opened the door and said: “Fang Fang, you should head back. Ah Gui really has work, he’d just acted on impulse. You head back first and sit over this a little, okay?”

Fang Fang’s tears were streaming; with her eyeliner and makeup that ran because of her tears, she looked beyond miserable. She pointed at Ah Gui who had his head lowered inside the office and blamed: “Am I that easy to fling aside? Everyone says I’ve caught myself a golden bachelor, but ask him yourself, I’ve been with him for a year now but how much has he given me?! Him always away aside, we haven’t even went on a proper date together! D’you think this is easy for me? And I still need to fake a smile and tell others that he’s busy… busy! Fvck his busy, I’m busy too! But why is it that I can squeeze time for him but he can’t make time for me!”

Luo Ke came over to urge her: “We get it we get it, but it’s office hour for him now, and take a look, there are cameras around, the entire surveillance team must be spectating this right now, so can we take it back to discuss later? We’ll sign jointly to get the manager to give our deputy manager an off-day and you guys take some time to sort things out, is that okay?”

“Even if we sort things out till next year, that bastard’s gonna leave me on my own as though I’ve been widowed!” Fang Fang screamed. She threw her bag at Ah Gui, turning to leave. As she left, she shrieked, “Cheng Yi Tong why don’t you marry Shenghua then! I’m not doing this anymore!”

As Fang Fang stomped off, Luo Ke and Wu Yi entered the office and closed the door behind.

Ah Gui stood for a very long while before he suddenly walked over to the office desk, picked up the phone and dialled a string of number. Before the recipient picking up the call could even reply, he growled: “Who the fvck let her in! Y’all want a taste of death! Look for Uncle Wu for your punishment! Fvck!”

After howling into the phone, he hung up fiercely. Palms flat against the office desk, he inhaled deeply before he said with a calm facade: “Now, I will delegate your jobs.”

The eerie feel Ah Gui was emitting felt as though there was a pitch dark, resentful spirit floating around him. The four of them, inclusive of Xuan Mo, shivered at his words, and didn’t want to remain in the same room as him.

“Cough cough, actually Xiao Gui should have received the actual details to the mission.” Wu Yi hooked Xiao Gui’s shoulders as he forced a smile.

Though Xiao Gui had been happily spectating the commotion previously, he didn’t forget the work he had at hand and was fervently typing away on his computer. Wu Yi had noticed that he’d received several sets of documents which were evidently mission-related within the last few minutes just now.

“Oh, really?” Ah Gui’s smile was pure. “Xiao Gui, you’ve already received the information? So you don’t need me? Really? I’m the extra here?”

Xiao Gui shivered. Though topping the SOS expressions from the remaining three people, Xiao Gui ignored them and closed his laptop, saying in all seriousness: “No, please give the instructions.”

“Cough cough…” Ah Gui smiled and opened his file.


TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

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