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Xiao Gui became quiet for a moment as he tried hard to ignore the snickers from his surroundings. He exhaled before saying: “Though there are only ten exchangers, there is an increasing number of our old neighbours entering the country after them. We’re not sure if this is purely coincidental or something more. After running checks on them, we found out that they are backed by many transnational companies, and they don’t have the best reputation. Tenders are happening in the west here, so it’s really rather suspicious seeing so many companies entering the picture.”

“The exchangers aren’t very old, what can they do?” Xuan Mo still felt that Yamano and his bunch of friends weren’t the smartest bunch of kids around, so they were completely outside her field of concern.

“Out of the ten of them, only four actually satisfy their exchanger requirements. The remaining six, especially Yamano, are sons and daughters of transnational companies, you get my drift?”

Xuan Mo, someone who wasn’t familiar with cliche fiction plots, shook her head honestly.

“…who knows, they might even just take the land in the west here to have a go at things, boost their family prestige and take advantage of us while they were at it!”

“Oh… don’t give them the chance to take advantage then.”

“If only it was that simple! Remember! We are in the darkness! So we can only intercept them where the light doesn’t shine, and while we are at it, we must hide our tracks!”

“But aren’t all your routes already blocked off, so  aren’t you, technically, already exposed.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 49 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Xiao Gui was this close to erupting from anger, in fact, everyone else was too…

“They have their own competition. Though we’ve been discovered, that doesn’t mean that they know who we are.”

“Change the people on the team to continue then.”

“It’s easier said than done! Manpower!? Where do I get some, from you?”

Xuan Mo contemplated: “People is what we have the most in this country…”

“Wu Qi, in our city, we can headhunt and test continuously for an entire year, but we’ve only managed to recruit twelve new people, and it’s not a guarantee that they will last till they enter the core.”

Xuan Mo shrugged in understanding.

Xiao Gui inhaled loudly before continuing. “We’re already prepared for an overall increase in land prices due to the involvement of these transnational companies. There’s too much potential in that piece of land, so they have no reason to give it up. Out of the several companies who have shown their interest, only a handful have the financial capability…”

“But they’re willing to pay a high price for it.” Xuan Mo still didn’t understand why there was a need for them to intercept this tender that is supposedly open, and make things difficult for those who had money to burn.

“Sigh! Let me put it this way! If the government is the parents, the parents had prepared a very fragrant piece of bread of their own child. As long as their child behaved and worked hard in school, they would be able to eat that bread. In the end however, another family’s parents brought their kids over and they stand outside your door looking through the window to glare at your bread on the table with evidently poor intentions. Not only so, some of these parents have already started urging their kids to enter your house and try to purchase your bread at a price much lower than what it’s worth as an excuse to steal the bread you left for your kids… will you be happy about something like this?”

Xuan Mo was still struggling to digest what he’d just said.

“And we are the frying pan that your parents will use to swat away those petty thieves, you get me?”

“Enh. We are frying pans.” Before understanding the entire chunk of words he’d said previously, Xuan Mo registered the latter verse first.

“…that’s right…” Xiao Gui clenched his teeth in agreement.

“Enough, you guys are complicating things.” Ah Gui came forward and patted Xiao Gui, gestured for him to move aside. “Though we do have a quite some people, I can count with five fingers those that are free, still uncompromised and applicable to our situation.” After which, he surveyed the surroundings, “you guys are the five…”

“The logs have been completely mobilised. We only have about a dozen of people in the action team. After lending out six people, one away on holiday, one resident abroad, we’re down to the two of you, the lead and a new recruit, and then there’s Luo Ke from infocomm and the five from there that just returned from holiday. Then there’s Xiao Gui… it’s rare for you to be out… the last person is already in the midst of carrying out this mission. He will be the one you guys are following up on.”

After speaking, Ah Gui already had his phone out: “Luo Ke, you have any important exams this week?”

The youth in the corner-most position clipping a cigarette as he typed away on a computer shook his head: “No, it’s just the tutor taking attendance.”

“Enh. I’ll get you one week’s leave for a one week internship at Shenghua.”

“Only one week?”

Ah Gui seemed to smile: “You seem to have been taking leaves almost every other week, is that still insufficient?”

“Alright alright.” Luo Ke muttered, “I’m gonna get more leaves if the mission isn’t done by then anyway.”

Ah Gui sent him a kick and dialled for someone to get him his leave. After which was Xuan Mo’s turn: “Wu Qi, you, continue your sick leave.”

Xuan Mo’s lips twitched. It would really be earth-shattering for someone so kickin alive like her, as seen from her previous display in the classroom, to take leave… regardless, it’s just an excuse.

After his call, Ah Gui laughed: “Wu Qi, your bro’s ferocious. Your dorm-mate told the dorm aunt that you’re sick but she didn’t believe so she called your house. Your brother was the one who picked up the phone, and while he was at it, he got you excused from school for half a month straight… hah!”

“…” Xuan Mo wondered how long more was she going to have to go around with this little sister label.

After their meeting, Xuan Mo returned home. Lu Yu Chen seemed to have thought that Xuan Mo was asleep so he didn’t check in on her, so he didn’t notice that she’d disappeared halfway into the night.

It was only until she changed into her pajamas did she hear waves of eerie laughter coming from the room opposite her.

Hold on, what kind of creature would be able to produce that sort of sound…

Or perhaps, what was it that her brother saw that elicited such a creepy laugh from him?

As she was slowly familiarising herself with the surroundings, Xuan Mo had stopped using her mental net to enter into an area-control. When she slipped her mental powers in this time, she didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, except for the fact that the two guys were no longer gaming, and were instead watching a movie.

…well that, that was probably a movie…

Though the actions in which the Blue Planet males and females engaged in for their reproductive activities seemed complicated, they seemed to be enjoying it. It didn’t seem to be in any way perverted, so why did the two guys seem so excited. They were completely concentrated; their blood was pumping very fast, and it was gushing towards a certain spot on their bottom half… which in turn elicited a certain reaction.

Oh, was this a biology education film?

Xuan Mo figured that it didn’t seem to be out of the ordinary for those who have matured to watch it, so why was there a need for them to watch it in the middle of the night with their doors locked. Just as she was about to turn into her own room, she suddenly decided to troll this brother of hers who managed to get her half a month worth of leave, and strengthen their relationship. And so, she wrote something on a piece of paper and stuck it through from under their door. To end it off, she even knocked the door afterwards.

The laughter immediately ceased. The sound of the paper being picked up sounded. After a long while, a short burst of laughter sounded. The sound of Lu Yu Chen slamming open his door in rage and embarrassment sounded, then he clenched his teeth at Xuan Mo’s closed door for a while before he closed his door and inhaled away deeply and furiously.

Tan Lu En on the other hand after watching Lu Yu Chen slamming shut his computer fell on the bed, but he couldn’t stop his laughter from spilling.

Lu Yu Chen slapped the piece of paper on the table. The words read: Bro, you’re more handsome than the fire extinguisher* boi, really.

Fire extinguisher* boi was the male lead in the harmonious film the two guys had been enjoying previously.

*fire extinguisher boi cuz the male lead in the “biology education film” is putting out a certain fire (pun intended)



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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

T/N: am i the only one who can’t stop laughing hahaha, also friends, double releases for THMYO will be starting next week, on Mondays and Fridays, 10PM GMT+8 :> Will be keeping up the increased frequency for as long as I can!

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