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Midnight; lights still dot the night like stars. To the person now, midnight wasn’t that late.

Lu Yu Chen and Tan Lu En were in their rooms gaming away, howling out loud occasionally for assistance or telling the other to hang on after he died.

Xuan Mo’s mother was long asleep, while he step-father wasn’t back from his business trip yet.

Xuan Mo sneaked out the house without anyone noticing, walked out the neighbourhood and turned right to their usual place they met. There was an inconspicuous Jinbei minivan parked in the dark. She could smell smoke coming from the inside the car from many metres away.

She neared the van and the back door raised. The person inside gestured at her. Frowning, she switched her sense of smell off before boarding the vehicle.

After closing the door, Ah Gui continued squatting on one side as he fiddle the butt of the cigarette. He appeared much more frail that before. There were quite a number of people squeezed inside the van, all of which were youths Xuan Mo found familiar.

“Wu Qi, you were too impulsive!” Ah Gui sighed slowly after a long pause.

Xuan Mo was quiet. She wasn’t particularly guilty or whatever but puzzled as to how such a seemingly trivial matter could render him into such a condition. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 48 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Ah Gui figured out what Xuan Mo was thinking just by looking at her. He switched the dim lights in the van on and handed he a stack of documents, speaking as she flipped through: “They’ve come prepared, and they are coming at us very fiercely… cough, stop smoking, it freaking stinks! You know too that I’ve been tailed. The fact that they even caught onto me means that the others would very likely have been compromised as well…”

A very creepy and eerie guy called Xiao Gui on the other side suddenly said: “Not very likely, it’s definitely.”

Ah Gui paused in shock: “Isn’t there still Wu San and Zhaung Ting?”

“Zhaung Ting never managed to penetrate them at all. Wu San…” Ah Gui turned to tap away on his keyboard, “just received news that he took a heavy blow and is hospitalised now.”

“Wu San! How was that possible!?”

“That’s why this isn’t simple. He’s compromised too.”

Ah Gui started smoking vigorously himself: “Exactly what the hell do they want to do, what do they want to do!”

“You guys are in such a terrible state but you don’t even know your enemies motive?” Xuan Mo suddenly said. She found this extremely amusing. They were making moves with no objectives in mind, it was no wonder they’ve landed themselves in such a crappy situation.

“Aren’t we doing all this to figure out what their motive is?! Look here! You’re in the most convenient and unsuspecting position! But you gave it up on your own!” Ah Gui was very mad, “who’s going to take responsibility if something happens to your home country because of this!?”

Xuan Mo shrugged. She had zero sense of belonging here, in fact, she hadn’t even properly approved of this place yet… though there were many planets in the Coalition that had disputes, such had long sunk into the ashes of history back on Scorpio Planet; even the segregation of clans among the Scorpions were blurred. They only recognised one thing, and that was their race as a Scorpion, and the glory of being one…

Another guy clipping a cigarette patted Ah Gui’s shoulder to calm him down, then turned to speak to Xuan Mo: “Wu Qi, though we didn’t explicitly say that there was anything you needed to get out of this, you were too rash and reckless this time.”

Xuan Mo tilted her head. Lips raising slightly, she seemed to have pulled into a chilly smile: “So you’re saying that I should put up with it?”

“That’s not what I mean… but things needn’t be blown up so much.”

“Enh.” Xuan Mo nodded. She sat down with a legs crossed too, “if you guys call me here to go over what I did or whatever of that sort, you have five minutes before I’m leaving.”


“Let’s discuss what’s our next course of action then.” Xiao Gui pushed away the speechless bunch of others and dived into the key topic. He placed his laptop in the centre. Beneath the faint overhead lights, the blue light from the screen made everyone in the vehicle out to appear particularly eerie.

“Wu Qi, this is your action team team lead, Wu Yi.” Xiao Gui pointed at the guy that had been comforting Ah Gui. The mentioned person nodded and went over to one side to squat. The small space within the vehicle made his silhouette out to appear particularly sturdy.

“My code name’s Rule.”

“Nickname, Xiao Gui.” Ah Gui chirped in before high-fiving Wu Yi.

Xiao Gui fisted his hand and clenched his teeth: “Now, I’ll go through what the current situation is like.”

“As our city isn’t very large, and is only one of the locations affiliated to City S, we don’t have a lot of manpower here, but the situation has become especially urgent… of course one of the reasons can be contributed to the government leaders. The congress this time consists of younger individuals who consequently are more ambitious and many of the measures implemented are pushing us to the forefront of the many fields. They have created many new jobs, boosted the potential of property development. The foreign investment attracted are also increasing…”

“Alright Xiao Gui, we know that.” Someone was annoyed.

“But Wu Qi doesn’t.” Xiao Gui’s expression didn’t even change.

“Alright alright, continue then…”

“Remember the dinner you attended the other time; that had been one of the segments to the various investment projects happening. There are many more commercial activities occurring that you don’t know. We don’t intend to control the city’s development, and we hope that investment came continue pooling increasingly, but we have the responsibility to protect the assets of our country as far as possible.”

“Private companies have their own growth direction and we do not intervene. However for our company–we supply earth resources–we will not allow foreign capital to intervene.”

“You’ve mentioned this previously. Just go straight to the point, what do you want me to do.” Xuan Mo couldn’t be bothered to know about all these.


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