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“Enh?” Lu Yu Chen glanced at Tan Lu En.

Tan Lu En waved his hands: “Goodness, I give in to both of you, okay!” As he spoke, he retreated, “I can’t win any of you.”

“Youth, don’t be so insecure.” Lu Yu Chen fisted his hands as he walked forward with a sinister smile, “there’s one thing you’re stronger than me at…  your durability!” After which, Lu Yu Chen pounced over to circle his head and started pummeling him.

Tan Lu En yowled.

“There’s twelve more minutes before the third self-study period is over. Everyone will need to return to the dorms after that.” Xuan Mo didn’t even need to look at a watch. “Have you decided what you are doing after this.”

Tan Lu En finally escaped Lu Yu Chen’s claws. He patted his stomach. “I’m starving, I haven’t had dinner. Xuan Mo, what about you?”

Xuan Mo shook her head, then nodded her head.

She hadn’t eaten even though it was late, but regardless of whether she was hungry or not, Lu Yu Chen would not allow his darling little sister miss a meal. At that, he said with a wave of his hand: “Let’s head out for dinner!”

Even the students who went out of school for dinner were making their way back now. The school gates closed at nine-thirty. Students were not allowed to leave after, and attendance would be taken. There would be a student as well as two strictly impartial teachers on duty at the school gates.

But to the three of them, well two of them were trouble students to begin with, then packaged together with another alien… aye. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 47 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

They got out without much effort. After walking for a bit, they entered an eatery near the school. There were a few students in uniform leaving the place after dinner. When they saw the three of them, they looked over discreetly.

After ordering their food, Xuan Mo’s phone rang before they started eating; it was a call from Tian Jin Jin.

“Mo Mo! You’re no longer an assistant?! I heard you guys in Class One beat the exchanger kid up? Exactly what happened?” Tian Jin Jin screamed from the other end. The voice from the phone suddenly switched, and Qi Shan’s shrieks sounded, “Mo Mo, no matter the situation, I only have one thing to say— you did good!”

“Aye you stupid woman, stop screaming! Return me the phone!”

“Mo Mo, that exchanger was so asking for it, they totally deserved it!”

“I didn’t hit her…”

“The female exchanger from Class Two just came out from the academic building crying, haha! Did you hit her?”

“I didn’t…”

“Mo Mo, you’re way too badass, you’re a freaking queen, queen!”

“I…” Xuan Mo sighed and decided to just shut up.

Finally after Qi Shan was done shrieking, the phone was rotated back to Tian Jin Jin who had cultivated an even more piercing shrieking ability than Qi Shan. However her voice suddenly became stern: “Xuan Mo, do you know what happened?”


“Yi Hai Lan became the one in charge of that student president.”

“Enh.” That made sense.

“And then, a new assistant was borne!” Tian Jin Jin suddenly lowered her voice, “guess who it is?”


“Li Fang!”


“…our incredible dorm-mate mugger who ended up dropping in ranks the harder she studied!”

Other than Tian Jin Jin and Qi Shan, they had another dorm-mate called Li Fang, the super woman who wakes up every morning at four-thirty to study, then head back to sleep at six-thirty for half an hour, before waking up at seven with everyone else. After which, she doesn’t return to the dorm until nine at night before she washes up, then studies till eleven at night before turning in.

She’s a person of words less than Xuan Mo even. She got into Class Two with her thirty-sixth rank from the term-beginning examinations. She looked pretty timid and weak, but Xuan Mo could tell that Li Fang was someone who had an extremely strong will.

Tian Jin Jin and Qi Shan were not particularly fond of her, in fact they seemed a little begrudged, after all, they didn’t work as hard as Li Fang, so they went about ignoring that fact as much as possible. Xuan Mo on the other hand did not need to feel anything for her, so after a few months, her memory of this person was naturally wiped clean.

Li Fang’s performance had been poor recently. Many students improved during midterms, so the ranks had changed completely, to the extent that even Class One would see many new bloods coming in. Previously ranked thirty-six, Li Fang immediately dropped to seventy-eight because of this. Xuan Mo on the other hand rocketed forward from her previous rank and got herself a solid spot in Class One as she sat among the top ten.

If it weren’t for the fact that the streaming would occur after finals at the end of the term, Li Fang would have long been went to squat in a corner in gloom.

Her fall in ranks had also negatively impacted her mood, which consequently affected the atmosphere in their dorm.

The majority of the students in school applied to be the principal’s assistant, so there evidently were more impressive candidates than Li Fang. Who would have expected that Li Fang would get a position after Xuan Mo and Tan Lu En were removed. No wonder Tian Jin Jin was sour about it.

“You don’t know how freaking proud she was getting herself this spot! She’d been taking selfies in her ancient looking formal attire for the longest time, really…”

As Xuan Mo listened, she looked at the black suit she still had on. Thinking how things had ended itself on the very first day, she wondered when she’d even need to wear the other jacket she had in her closet. “If you think her clothes are ugly, just have her take mine in the closet, I have a new one anyway.”

“Mo Mo!” Tian Jin Jin shrieked, “you dumbass, she took your spot and you still wanna lend her your clothes?”

Xuan Mo raised her brow, dumbass? Another new noun? She said speechlessly: “Think whatever you want. It’s just that I won’t get the chance to wear the one I have in my closet; I’m just recycling waste.”

“Recycling waste, I like how you put it.” Tian Jin Jin said, “what about this, you authorise us to decide who borrows your suit, then we’ll decide if we want to lend it to her.”

Why did she have to make it seem as though they were an underground society? Bullying a girl, it’s getting a little childish… Watching the food before her decreasing in quantity at light speed, Xuan Mo took a piece of tomato and placed it in her mouth to chew. It was only then did Lu Yu Chen realised that his lil sister barely moved her chopsticks. At that, he quickly pushed Tan Lu En’s chopsticks away and placed some food in her bowl for her.

Optionless, Tan Lu En sucked it up and went to scoop himself some soup.

“Do whatever you want, I’m eating.”

“Oh right Mo Mo, why aren’t you back yet! The dorm auntie is coming to check the rooms soon!”

“Oh, I’m not heading back.”

“Then we’ll just say that you suddenly fell sick and went home to rest?”

“Sure, whatever.” Was there really a need for that…

By the time Xuan Mo hung up, her bowl was piled into a small mountain. Before she took a few mouthfuls, another call came in. It was Ah Gui this time.

Completely not cognizant of the fact that she should take the call elsewhere, she picked it up: “Hello?”

Ah Gui held in his anger: “Come out after you’re back home. Midnight, same place.”

“I’m not doing this anymore, it’s too troublesome.”

“Whatever it is, let’s discuss this when we meet up.”

“…” Xuan Mo hung up and instead sent a text message.

Not long after she sent the message, the black car pulled over opposite the eatery slowly drove off.

Holding the phone he contacted Xuan Mo with in one hand, Ah Gui held another one in the other as he made a call. “I’ve been tailed. The road opposite the original Zone C, in your eight o’clock direction. Look into it properly.”

After hanging up, he looked at the text Xuan Mo sent him and clenched his teeth. His screen read: “Dumbass, you’re being tailed.”

As seen, classmate Xuan Mo was really very capable.


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