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He refused to apologise.

After which, Xuan Mo and Tan Lu En were rid of their school assistant positions, and they had to submit a reflection essay in the end.

The two of them walked around the campus aimlessly, kicking stones as they strolled. It was night-study now; the quiet surrounding was lit with lights.

“You didn’t need to get involved.” Tan Lu En suddenly said.

Xuan Mo glanced at him: “Then?”

“Then…” Tan Lu En was loss for words. That’s right, what’s after then? Continue waiting on the bunch of ill-intentioned exchangers?

And so, this brother naively latched on to her train of thought as he threw an arm around her shoulder, exclaiming in self-pride: “So I’m the one who helped you escape their clutches.”

Xuan Mo’s head lowered as she walked: “Why did I sign up then.”

“Uh.” He choked on his words, then scratched his head, “true that. If you weren’t willing, you wouldn’t have signed up…. Aye, sorry it’s my fault for being impulsive.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 46 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Heh, wasn’t his mouth shut dead tight when he’d been up against the principal, Director Yang and various other teachers’ angry glares. Look at how quickly he’s apologising now.

Tan Lu En of course didn’t understand what Xuan Mo was chuckling about. He said, helpless: “I mean just look at this over hundred years-long national feud, there’s essentially no ground for resolution–we hate them, they hate us. Since that’s the case, what’s the use of faking a smile? Why did I suddenly return from Japan? It’s because of the fear of offending, hence the lack of breathing space to do as I wished. If it weren’t for the call my dad got from the principal, I definitely wouldn’t have bothered participating. But, it’s good too, now, since I’m no longer involved.”

Over hundred years-long national feud… Xuan Mo was shocked. Exactly how intertwined and complicated was this feud. If this had been back in Scorpio Galaxy, they’d have killed off the enemy within a hundred years, and leaving behind not even a trace of ash at that.

“Mo Mo, I can tell you’re impressive; we can shine even without the cert from this job, so don’t be sad. Ah! If you want to take the chance to go to Japan to play that’s fine too, my grandma is Japanese and we’re relatively well-off and connected. Though she has many grandkids, I’m the only boy, so when we’re in Japan, you don’t have to worry about holding back.” Upon seeing that Xuan Mo was silent, Tan Lu En placated her with positive words, thinking that she was still crestfallen.

Suddenly, a howl sounded from above: “Tan Lu En! Whatta heck you doin’!”

The two of them raised their heads and saw Lu Yu Chen sticking his head out from the fifth storey hallway as he glared in their direction. Shortly after, Lu Yu Chen blinked out of sight.

“Shit, your bro’s coming.” Tan Lu En immediately retracted his hand, aggreived, “knew it, shouldn’t have been seen so close with a sis-con’s little sister. I’m dead this time, so dead.”

Xuan Mo blinked, suddenly puzzled: “Why do you have such a poor reputation?”

Tan Lu En paused before smiling bitterly: “Aren’t you a little too blunt.”

Xuan Mo shrugged: “See it as I didn’t ask then.”

“Honestly, I don’t know either. It’s just that I got into a mess with some guys, then some girls, and then it became like this…” Not far from them at the stairwell, Lu Yu Chen dashed over in a flurry of rage. Tan Lu En nodded in Lu Yu Chen’s direction: “Look at him, this is a real life example, getting involved with the little sister will elicit her older brother and countless other close friends and pursuers chasing after me, then trouble comes crashing in one after another.”

“What are you talking about?” Lu Yu Chen ran over, sending two false fists at Tan Lu En’s chest before he folded his arms and stood by the side, cheerful.

Before Tan Lu En could speak, Xuan Mo spoke gravely: “He said you’re a trouble.”


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