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After saying that, silence ensued. The student previously seated at Yamano’s table paused in hesitation. Though everyone here were still teenagers, they were clear about the situation. It was easy for things like this to escalate, so blowing things up the way they’d done wasn’t necessary.

After Tan Lu En was done wiping the table, he left Xuan Mo, who was still rubbing away at a corner of her table, on her own and turned to smile at Yamano: “Why? You can wipe but we can’t?”

Yamano’s face was a little flushed, as though in anger. He minced his lip before finally managing: “You, Chinese! Nitpicky and grudge-holding!”

The insult that came in too fast shocked the masses.

At that, Tan Lu En immediately boiled. With a savage smile: “You, Japanese!  Piece of shit, you’re asking to be throttled!”


Someone laughed. Yamano only understood the first six words, but none of them were anything nice either so he didn’t at all felt that the rest would be amiable. His expression immediately darkened, raging: “You are insulting my nation!”

“Little brother, you’re the one who started things, and twice at that, you’re going again for the third time?” Rather than being anger, Tan Lu En was amused. Severely lacking in life experiences, they two started hurling insults after little provocation; their brains were fried in situations like these. That Japanese student president was in the end still young, like him, and was well-protected. The intellectual feels to the icy-faced student president was probably only the external vibe he was born with.

“Baka*!! @#!@%¥%¥” A string of Japanese spilt from him.

* idiot

Tan Lu En immediately hurled back at him in Japanese before translating: “He said we need to apologise else we need to duel with him. Say, if this guy’s chrysanthemum is really that tight, I don’t mind helping out*.”

* in kicking his ass

“Ahaha!” The masses laughed.

Xuan Mo vaguely remembered that there was a similar word and explanation when she had been collecting information previously, but it was too lame so she didn’t bother taking note. Who knew that such a word would be so trendy.

Yamano didn’t back down. His back pin straight, he stood against the ridicule and surveyed the masses sternly and fearlessly, as though he was the lone hero up against the dark forces of evil. After a while, he clenched his teeth: “You will be punished!”

Tan Lu En shook his head and sighed, “didn’t realise that even your demeanor is false.”

Xuan Mo on the other hand had already discovered with her mental power that the principal and the director had already started dashing in this direction from the other end.

When Lin Fei saw the situation escalating, she made a call. After which though, she stood at the entrance watching the commotion. Xuan Mo didn’t know what to say about this human being.

“They’re here.” Xuan Mo tugged Tan Lu En as she said softly. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 45 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Before Tan Lu En could react, Xuan Mo realised that the Japanese exchange student assigned to Class Two, Tachibana Nako, or also known as Ling Ling*, had already walked into their classroom quietly.

* 翎翎 Ling Ling is the Chinese pronunciation

Before she could tell Tan Lu En, a loud scream suddenly shouted. Tachibana Nako quickly fished out a broom in the cleaner’s closet, raised it with both hands by its handle and rushed over with it raised up high. As the students were only spectating from their seats, she was able to make her way over without obstruction.

The sports rep Kang Jian Cheng was the first to react. He quickly stretched out both hands to block her, but was knocked away in his face by her elbow thrust to the other side.

The students who had originally wanted to block her were frightened away by her violence. In turn, they rushed over to Xuan Mo and Tan Lu En instead to stand in front of them.

“Ahhhh!” Her howl was soul-stirring, and the broom handle quickly and accurately slammed down in Tan Lu En’s direction.

Tan Lu En stretched out his both hands. He’d stayed in Japan before so he knew with a glance that her move was professional. It was possible to end up with a broken bone if you were to catch it with your bare hands, but everything happened too fast so he had no choice.

A muffled bang sounded.

Following that was silence.

The principal and Director Yang ran over to the entrance, panting at the scene before them.

Xuan Mo’s thin and smooth arm still stretched, she grasped the broom by its handle with ease. Tachibana Nako on the other hand still had both her hands raised at a 45-degrees angle. Eyes wide, she stared at Xuan Mo. Even her mouth still opened from her howl just now had yet to close.

The Japanese school staff and assistant arrived as well, and this was the scene they saw when they squeezed themselves into the classroom. Familiar with Tachibana Nako’s abilities, they were even more surprised than the rest.

The emotion that followed tightly after was shaken amazement.



With a bland expression, Xuan Mo lightly broke the rod apart, and half the handle fell on the floor, rolled and stopped by a table leg.

She retracted her hand, pressed it against the clothe and wiped before saying to Tan Lu En: “It’s about time for dinner.”

After which, she picked up the broken broom handle and handed it to the frozen Tachibana Nako: “Do you still want to duel? If not you should head back to wash up and turn in for the night.”

“I, I want to duel with you.” Tachibana Nako finally found her voice, completely disregarding the remaining people around. The principal wanted to stop her but when he saw the Japanese principal’s look of agreement, he clenched his teeth and held it back.

Xuan Mo didn’t reply. She held the broken handle and stood. With nonchalance and leisure, she raised her hand and slammed it down on the table beside…


The table immediately bent inwards where she’d hit, till the table top broke and contorted the large pile of books under. The deep cylindrical rod-shaped mark left the people around them with their eyes twitching.

Xuan Mo retracted her hand. The hollow, commonly-used and two dollar broom handle that did not at all break was tossed into the bin at the back of the classroom.

She asked innocently: “What did you say? Duel?” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 45 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Her flat tone had people from both sides speechless and dumbfounded… and then weak at the knees.

The principal facepalmed: oh great, now they can’t clear things up even if they wanted to!

Director Yang at the side on the other hand was smug: didn’t I tell the you that that Tan Lu En’s a prick? Look at how things are now!



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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

T/N: for the sake of my potentially impressionable and/or young audience, this is just another friendly reminder to keep in mind that this is fiction, please don’t learn from this and definitely don’t harass your permanent/temporary classmate(s) with a broom no matter how OP and badass it looks…

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