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The activities for this exchange was very simple. Every group would have to bring the Japanese student assigned to them around to sit in during lessons for two days to experience school life and staying in school.

Following that, they would be brought around the city for three days on an excursion arranged by the school.

The last activity would be the dormitory-stay in school to experience living in school. During which, they were allowed to go around town as they wished.

The amount of time spent actually interacting with them was only two days. The remaining amount of time was dedicated to play, wondering around, having fun, enjoying and the likes… ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 44 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

And so, Xuan Mo walked in front, leading Yamano towards Year One First Class. Tan Lu En on the other hand suddenly wondered if such a schedule would be a disaster even to the ever-valiant Xuan Mo.

As someone who had yet to properly experience what “playing” while travelling around meant, Xuan Mo had no idea what was about to come. That aside, Xuan Mo currently was rather distressed. She’d thought that she would be instructed to tail Ling Ling when she saw her among the exchange students. Who knew that the instructions she received in the end was to keep an eye on Yamano instead.

Yamano? What’s there to watch out for for this expressionless boy. He’s even more tactless than her—it’s almost been half a day and he hadn’t even spoken.

Of course Xuan Mo would never know exactly what kind of creature the most tactless Blue Planet being would be like.

Frankly, Tan Lu En joining Class One for lesson was more of a cause for uproar than Yamano. The goodie-two-shoes creme of the top students upon seeing a delinquent student on the other end of the spectrum—geographically and classroom-politics-wise—was as though they’d seen an alien. And so, Tan Lu En became the centre of attention. The emotional gazes on him included those of disdain as well as admiration. Not only so, Tan Lu En was attractive and the girls’ type. Hence, Yamano, who wasn’t particularly outstanding appearance-wise, topped off with his iceberg expression, became a friendly discard in a corner of the classroom.

Xuan Mo had yet to personally witness Tan Lu En’s infamous conduct. Many other students in Class One hadn’t either, but they were very abreast with current affairs, and there were only these few well-known people in the circulating gossip to talk about. They weren’t as strong-willed as Xuan Mo who could completely block herself off from to such gossip, and hence Tan Lu En’s impression had been deeply etched into their hearts. So no one noticed which seat the teacher allocated Yamano, but were instead extremely concerned about Tan Lu En’s seat.

Xuan Mo was made to switch seats and now was sitting on Yi Hai Lan’s seat, while Yi Hai Lan was moved to Class Two. All three of them sat in the last row, with Yamano sitting in between Xuan Mo and Tan Lu En.

The students that were moved to the front as a result had no complaints whatsoever; they quietly tidied their desk materials and shifted.

Nothing eventful occurred after Yamano sat down. After a while was Language class. While the teacher wrote something on the board, the students had to take down notes. Yamano produced an exquisitely-bound black leather notebook, but hesitated for a long time about placing it on the table. After which, he took out a handkerchief and instead started wiping the table with his eyes squinted and a an expression of detest.

The school already had the entire campus cleaned. Though not a lot of classes actually did it properly, Class One, as the exemplary class of the level, did properly carry out the cleaning. The table was speckless, so he was evidently picking bones out of eggs by wiping the table.

The male student previously sitting at the desk was eyeing his own table. Upon seeing that, his expression fell.

Xuan Mo, while she definitely did notice his actions, didn’t bother herself with him. Strangely, Tan Lu En too only swept him a glance before returning his attention to the teacher.

That had the students spectating this scene extremely disappointed. They’d thought that they’d be able to witness a Sino-Jap war imploding immediately after.

Yamano didn’t speak throughout, other than asking Tan Lu En a few questions occasionally. Tan Lu En was fluent in Japanese; apparently he’d returned from Japan not long ago. Yamano seemed to be able to understand Chinese too, but Xuan Mo noticed that only some parts of the things written on his notebook was in Chinese. The rest were all in Japanese, coupled with many question marks.

They weren’t here to study anyway. How else would they be able to accomplish what they came to do? ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 44 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Time passed just like that. In the evening, other than having his lunch, Yamano remained in the classroom, not speaking to the other students. Though there were students who wanted to interact with him, they lost their interest when they saw his chilly exterior, and could only bubble in envy at Yi Hai Lan and the class next door who was having fun with their female exchange student during their lessons.

When school ended, everyone packed their things. Yamano took his items and stood, wanting to ask Tan Lu En on reflex what the following activity was going to be. However, Tan Lu En walked towards the closet at the front of the classroom without a word. He opened the closet; inside was a broom, a clothe, a pail and various other cleaning materials.

He took a clean clothe, a bottle of detergent and walked over. He threw one to Xuan Mo coldly as he said: “Wipe the table.”

“Uh.” Xuan Mo was puzzled at the strange request. The student previously seated at Yamano’s seat came over too as though it wasn’t strange enough: “Get me one too.”

Tan Lu En threw him one, then poured detergent on the table and chairs. After which, the three of them started wiping the tables.

At that, Yamano’s expression fell. After holding in for a long while, he said: “You guys, what are you doing?”

Tan Lu En leisurely replied in Chinese: “We’re creating a cleaner and more conducive study environment for you (polite).”

“You, this is provocation.”



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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

T/N: just a friendly reminder that this is just fiction, please don’t learn from their nitpicking C:

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