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Those were all the clothes that Lu Yu Chen and Tan Lu En felt were good, so they’d picked them out and placed it on an empty rack so it’s easier to try it on in the fitting room.

Spending money at malls was a given, and that would even more so be the case for this male apparel specialty store opened to fluff guys’ feathers. When there weren’t discounts or sales, you’d be a spendthrift fool to buy things from there. Though Lu Yu Chen and Tan Lu En had money on their hand, they weren’t planning on purchasing he clothes unless they liked it very much. And even if they did, only one or two would be enough to get them off of it. Seeing how it’s an entire rack of clothes she’d pointed at, they shivered at the thought of amount of money that would be needed to purchase that rack of clothes that they themselves wasn’t even that fond of.

Cheng Ming Xuan was very accommodating: “Alright, if the size fits, wrap them up. Anything else?”

“No no, that’s it.” He’d already taken such a large step back, what else could they possibly want more from him.

Xuan Mo grabbed two large hiking bags since she was already at it, and a few more novel and peculiar miscellaneous items, placed them on the chair and looked at Cheng Ming Xuan.

Cheng Ming Xuan couldn’t help but laugh: “Continue, continue.”

Xuan Mo turned. Before she could see how many more bamboo poles* she could knock on, Lu Yu Chen held her: “Aye, what else do you want, brother can get it for you.”

* in the past, movers would place their hard-earned income into the bamboo poles they would always hold on to hence their daily revenue could be gauged by knocking on the bamboo poles

And so, Xuan Mo obediently stopped and walked over to where Lu Yu Chen was. She stood behind him, occasionally looking over to gaze at Cheng Ming Xuan.

Cheng Ming Xuan shook his head, optionless. He waved his hand. Following which, a young man in casual wear produced a credit card and walked over to make the payment.

The cashier wrapped up all the clothes and items. In the end, the large pile of things on the counter amounted to a little mountain.

Cheng Ming Xuan knew that there was no point staying any longer. He also knew that he wouldn’t be able to figure out who this girl was. At that, he nodded his head crisply: “Must be fate since we’ve met here. I’m make my leave then, good bye.”

Xuan Mo completely ignored him. Though he’s already made his payment, she was still picking items, padlocks, night vision devices, high heat resistant lighter, multi-functional swiss army knife and other items that would usually be on display…

Disregarding the people around her, she picked out a large pile, left them on the counter and said: “Leaving it here.” After which, she turned to leave.

Tan Lu En and Lu Yu Chen didn’t pay much heed to Xuan Mo’s strange behaviour; they were too occupied worrying about how they were going to bring the many items back.

Xuan Mo walked out the store on her own. When she walked past Ah Gui, she discreetly pointed at the unpaid items on the counter, saying softly: “You’re not done.”

When Tan Lu En and Lu Yu Chen left, Ah Gui instructed a subordinate to follow them. As he smiled bitterly, he walked in to produce his wallet and pointed at the pile Xuan Mo had picked out. “How much?”

“Thirty-two thousand seven hundred* sir, will you be paying by card or cash?” The smile on the cashier was very professional.

* approximately USD$4800

Ah Gui’s hand paused. He slowly retracted the two thousand he’d pulled out and scratched his hair. After contemplating for a long while, he dialed as he smiled bitterly: “Hello, where are you? ….doesn’t matter, come over for a bit… bring more money with you too, borrowing! Not confiscating!”

When the following week dawned, the group of representatives arrived.

The school had just distributed the name list for the grouping, which would be made up of a student from each year. The Year Threes selected understood Japanese. However, there was a group where there were two Year Three. After which, Xuan Mo and Tan Lu En were grouped into the same team, and they were in charge of receiving the young student leader Yamano Akiya from the group of representatives from Akino Satoshi.

The bell rang, and the students resumed their lessons. Meanwhile, the exchange team arrived.

Xuan Mo held a bouquet of flowers as she stood by Tan Lu En’s side. There were a total of ten secretary flanking the representatives; the secretaries were of opposite gender such that every representative had an accompanying male or female. The females held flowers whereas the males were in black suits.

While waiting, Tan Lu En glanced at Xuan Mo in formal attire. His gaze floated to examine the surrounding, and couldn’t help but smile. For some reason, he felt proud and satisfied. The young and green girls in formal attire around them seemed as though they’d stolen their parent’s formal attire. Only Xuan Mo could hold the mature attire down even though she didn’t seem to pay much heed to how she stood.

Though the sales assistant recommended this one, it was still Xuan Mo who decided to make the purchase.

Seemed like she didn’t have too poor of a taste.

Suddenly, Yue Ling Lang standing on Xuan Mo’s other side elbowed her: “Xuan Mo, smile, the director’s looking at you.”

Xuan Mo continued looking straight ahead, not moving.

After Director Yang picked up a call, he said anxiously: “Everyone get ready, they’re already turned into the road. They’ll be reaching in 2 minutes at max.”

A small commotion flirted through the students before it quickly died down. A large bus drove into the entrance. They could vaguely see a middle aged man speaking inside the bus. Following that was a line of students alighting the bus.

The ones walking at the head of the line was the middle-aged man that had been speaking on the bus previously, and a young man in student attire. Their Japanese school uniform was already formal, so there wasn’t a need for them to especially attire themselves as the students from First High had. There were four teachers and male and female students numbering to nine in total behind them, either smiling or wearing a grave expression.

The Year Three assistant secretary walked forward first to shake hands with him. After exchanging introductions, the secretary brought them over to Xuan Mo and Tan Lu En, speaking in Chinese: “This is student council president Yamano Akiya from Akino Satoshi. He’s your age, do get along well.” Following that, he used fluent Japanese to introduce Xuan Mo and Tan Lu En. After which, the secretary gestured at Xuan Mo with his gaze.

Xuan Mo’s lips twitched. She stretched her hands and handed the bouquet of flowers over, nodding politely as she did so.

After Tan Lu En greeted the student in Chinese, he stood and watched Xuan Mo in amusement.

Yamano took the flowers with a cold expression and thanked them in Chinese. After that, he stood beside Xuan Mo and turned to look at his principal Hirashigo who was speaking with a few teachers.

After exchanging greetings, the lot of them entered the meeting room. Yamano didn’t speak on the way, so Xuan Mo and Tan Lu En kept their silence as well. The other groups on the other hand were chattering ardently. The Year Threes who could speak Japanese seized the opportunity to practice their pronunciation in a flurry a enthusiastic questions.

As the student they are receiving was the student president, they naturally had to be next to the principal. And so when the principal felt the sudden lack of noise from the group behind him in contrast to the bustle around the area, he turned to look at them in surprise. What greeted his sight was a sea of black hair from the three… the three of them walked with their heads lowered, not speaking nor smiling. The principal turned back to chat with the principal from the other school.

Upon reaching in the meeting room, everyone sat. Yamano sat down majestically between Xuan Mo and Tan Lu En then swept the remaining students a look. At his gaze, the Japanese students reined in their smiles and sat bolt straight.

On the other hand, students from Xuan Mo’s school was still chattering and asking questions, not catching the principal’s coughs both times.

Xuan Mo glanced at Yamano. When she saw the smile he couldn’t seem to suppress, she exhaled with a “hng” lightly.

Her breath of air, as though tinged with murder, seemed to sweep across the place, crashing into each and every student’s ears. The earth-shattering sound ceased the noise. Together with the silence was the slight chill that crept down their bodies.

Xuan Mo had a hand supporting her head with her eyes were half-lidded. Though she didn’t seem to be looking at anyone, everyone felt as though she’d swept them a look. At that, they shut their mouths and sat up straight, holding in the peculiar sense of fear that came with it. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 43 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

The meeting room was silent.

The principal looked at Xuan Mo in shock. When he saw her unmoving figure, he coughed before smiling: “Ladies and gentlemen, the welcome ceremony for the Japanese exchange with Akino Satoshi Academy will now commence.”


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