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Xuan Mo slowly raised her head. Cheng Ming Xuan was bent forward. With both his hands propped against his knees, he looked at her and smiled.

She turned to look at Ling Ling, then back at the rack, before she stood, walked out the aisle without a word and turned into another aisle.

Cheng Ming Xuan remained in the same position, floored as he watched Xuan Mo walking quietly out of his sight.

“Hey, Brother Ming Xuan…” Ling Ling pouted, wanting to pull him up. Cheng Ming Xuan however evaded her hand discreetly as he stood and walked out, turning into the other aisle. Xuan Mo was standing there with her head raised as she looked at the various timer equipment for deep-water diving on the highest row expressionlessly.

Ling Ling harrumphed in anger, and finally gave in to her impatient temper as she ran out the store.

Cheng Ming Xuan played around with a torchlight he had picked up: “Where did you dump the autograph?”

Xuan Mo glanced at him.

“And my wine?”

Her gaze still on the timer, Xuan Mo squinted on reflex when she heard that. She could feel Cheng Ming Xuan’s increasing hostility in his gaze on her, but the curve on his lips deepened.

At that, she suddenly made an unusual decision.

She glanced at him again and walked out the aisle once more. She followed the sound and walked over to the fitting room entrance. Her brother Lu Yu Chen was holding a few winter sweatshirts walking into the fitting room to try it out. Lu Tan En on the other hand was standing outside picking clothes from the rack.

Xuan Mo stopped, walked over and grabbed Tan Lu En’s arm. She pointed expressionlessly at the Cheng Ming Xuan that had followed her over: “This person keeps following me.”

After saying that, she walked over happily to sit down outside the fitting room. She wanted to see how these kids would going to handle such a situation.

Tan Lu En’s smile didn’t falter, but his eyes did immediately squint. He looked at Cheng Ming Xuan before he paused, and pulled Xuan Mo: “He’s following you?”


“…for real?” Tan Lu En couldn’t help but laugh, “if it’s my younger cousin, she’d have long went off with him.”

“Oh.” Xuan Mo raised her head, “so?”

“Cough, nothing.” Tan Lu En seemed very happy. “It’s good that you’re vigilant.” He walked over to block Cheng Ming Xuan, “hello, cough, uncle, sorry but may I ask what you’re looking for my friend for?”

“Your friend.” Cheng Ming Xuan laughed. “You may think that I’m trying to strike a conversation with her, but I’m not.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 42 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

After which, he pointed at Xuan Mo: “Little girl, can you tell me why you threw my autograph into the bin after trying so hard to get it? And then transforming into a part-timer waitress but didn’t serve me wine? And then bumping into me here and spending over tens of thousands in a single day?”

His words had even Tan Lu En looking back at Xuan Mo in surprise.

Xuan Mo felt helpless. She knew something like this would happen one day. She really wanted to drag Ah Gui who was currently loitering around suspicious over here to come up with an excuse. She really really wanted to do that…

“Regardless, as an adult and a well-known public figure, it’s not appropriate to follow a minor around.” Tan Lu En didn’t at all back down. “You don’t want me to call the reporters or your fan club now, do you?”

Cheng Ming Xuan’s smile did not waver. “Actually, I’ve already announced that I am quitting the entertainment industry last night.”

“And so you are tailing a powerless minor as the young master of your organisation?”

“Let me emphasise that I’m not following her.” Cheng Ming Xuan’s smile faded slightly. “Rather, the question should be, who is the one that’s doing the tailing.”

Tan Lu En’s smile widened: “Our apologies than, our Mo Mo has been shopping with me here since eight in the morning, so tailing you is impossible. And, with me here, why would she tail you?”

“Tan Lu En, who’s your Mo Mo?” Lu Yu Chen walked out the fitting room. He didn’t pay much attention when he heard the people outside talking just now vaguely. It was till he heard Mo Mo’s name before he realised that it was something that concerned his darling little sister, and so he walked out, “what’s wrong?”

“Basically this celeb tailed your sis, then said that it’s your sis that’s tailing him.”

Under Lu Yu Chen’s squinted glare, Cheng Ming Xuan finally sighed. He’d only just wanted to ask, but he didn’t think that things would get so complicated. Never mind, there’ll be more opportunities in the future.

He nodded: “My apologies, I must have gotten the wrong person. Very sorry if I’ve caused any inconvenience. If possible, do allow me to compensate you for any emotional damage caused.”

Just as Lu Yu Chen was about to reject, Xuan Mo stood and pointed at a rack of clothes nearby, saying: “Just these then.”


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