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Even though Tian Jin Jin had exaggerated about Tan Lu Qi, what Xuan Mo gathered in summary was that he was but a playboy with a strange temper, participated in fights outside the school gates, argued and have even threatened teachers. It was rumoured that he also had a leg in the underground societies, et cetera.

Xuan Mo hadn’t read much romance novels, or rather, she’d dumped all the relevant recollections from the past into the recycling centre in her head, so she found it amusing as she listened to Tian Jin Jin.

Tian Jin Jin and Qi Shan were having the time of their lives chatting about him. However when they saw Xuan Mo’s tilted lips, they exclaimed in discontent: “What are you laughing about?”

“Nothing, continue.”

“…anyway, anyway I heard that there were lots of people that’s confessed to him before, and he’s either accepted and had a fling with them for a few days before dumping them, or rejected them straight up and even replied in sarcasm… I heard that XXX from Class X cried because of him. Even her parents came, but he wasn’t scared. It’s really sucks for that girl…”

Xuan Mo shrugged her shoulders. She suddenly found the two of them incredibly adorable; they’re literally treating her as an information receiver. They’d tell her whatever gossip they’ve caught wind of as though it’s a race between each other, as though they’d appear shallow and unlearned if they didn’t.

“Aye let’s not talk about him anymore then, I’m heading in, there’s a match happening!” Qi Shan turned to head back into the sports hall. Tian Jin Jin watched her retreating figure and stomped her foot. She pouted, complaining in anger: “You traitor!” After which, she dragged Xuan Mo, “Come! We’re going in too!”

“I,” Xuan Mo very much wanted to say that she didn’t want to watch, but she had nowhere to go even if she skipped the match. And so, she could only trail after Tian Jin Jin into the sports hall.

The moment she entered she was engulfed in the amalgam of sweat and all sorts of other stinky, strange smell. The sports hall really was a chamber of poisonous gas! Who knows, maybe Blue Planet beings from previously would think that such smell was good, and after being tortured by that many times, they deteriorated…

There were lots of people inside— rows of students from Seventh Class and Eighth Class, and a handful of other people. After receiving confirmation on her searches, the remaining group of people were Year One to Year Three Thirteenth Class students that had skipped their classes to play basketball.

A dispute boiled due to the sports hall usage. Tightly after was hence a so-called fair match between the two.

Xuan Mo squinted. What a lovely coincidence, even her brother was in the match. As the big brother among the Year Three, he was spearheading this assault, and by his side was Tan Lu En, who was in perfect coordination with him.

Lu Yu Chen was a guy with short attention span. After that event, he became particularly concerned about her wellbeing, but he hadn’t changed a single bit. With regards to his academics… after her failed attempt at tutoring him, he’s not brought up anything academics related before. Now that she’d seen it herself, it seemed like he still hadn’t turned over a new leaf. Instead, he’s doing swimmingly in Year Three in First High, taking things as chill as he’d had back in Jing Teng. And who knew if he’s tainted a few more others while he was at it.

The girls from Thirteenth Class was extremely prepared. They held sign boards, their class banner, and tassels as they danced and cheered on by the side. The girls from Seventh and Eighth Class too skipped their lessons to come, pumping the guys from their class on from the sidelines.

The sports hall was bustling, and way to noisy. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 38 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Thirteenth Class was leading by a large score difference. The team formed between the Seventh and Eighth Class alliance were already exhausted from sprinting around. Lu Yu Chen on the other hand was on the roll the more he played. Tan Lu En was also getting smoother and quicker the more he played. The half hour game was ending soon; the outcome was already set as stone.

“Ahhhhh Tan Lu En you’re so handsome!” After another three-pointer from Tan Lu En, Qi Shan couldn’t help but shout and scream as she grabbed Xuan Mo’s hand and jumped. She was so excited her face was red, “I want to confess to him! Confess!”

“Go then.” Xuan Mo frowned. What’s the gurl doing grabbing her if the person she liked was someone else?

“…isn’t he attending training with you?” Qi Shan’s eyes suddenly lit, “can you help me send my confession letter?”


“Qi Shan you’re beyond saving!” Tian Jin Jin exploded once more, “do you know how disgusting this is?!”

A girl suddenly ran past them and over to Tan Lu En.

“Aye! Isn’t that a Year Two girl from Thirteenth Class!” Tian Jin Jin was really a godly know-all; she even knew that person.

After having experienced multiple real-life examples, Xuan Mo could largely understand the Blue Planet being’s sense of beauty. This girl was probably considered beautiful, or at least her figure was up to standard.

The two of them spoke for a bit. Tan Lu En was smiling. That girl was smiling initially too. However she took a few steps back and walked out past the crowd. In the end, she couldn’t help but cover her face and run off.

“Goodness! He didn’t even entertain a senior!” Tian Jin Jin slanted a gaze at Qi Shan, “go ahead and confess then, go on, go on!”

Qi Shan minced her lips, not speaking.

The match ended; Class Thirteen won.

All the members from Class Thirteen were incredibly arrogant, and ignored the girls who went up to surround them. The guys from Seventh and Eighth Class on the other hand were ignored. Only a handful of people went over to comfort them.

After letting Xuan Mo know, Tian Jin Jin and Qi Shan ran over in the direction of their class. Xuan Mo hesitated for a moment before walking over to Lu Yu Chen. He was wiping his sweat. There was a girl beside him handing him a bottle of water, but he ignored her.

“Lu Yu Chen.” Xuan Mo called him.


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