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Lu Yu Chen raised his head. When he saw Xuan Mo, he smiled foolishly: “Aye Mo Mo, you came to watch my match?” After which, his expression became stern, “you skipped lesson?”

“The guy who skipped classes himself shouldn’t be telling me off about this.” Xuan Mo’s expression was cold. After which, she paused.

Lu Yu Chen was incredibly curious and basked in the novelty about her awkward display before him currently. Ignoring the tearing girl by his side, he walked over: “Hoh! What is it that’s confusing our little superwoman?!”

Xuan Mo hesitated before asking: “What is, formal attire?”

“Formal attire?” Lu Yu Chen paused, “just suits, blouses, uniforms and all those… why?”

“Then, do I have formal attire?” Xuan Mo dug through her memory for a long time but was unable to recall if such clothes existed in her wardrobe.

“How old are you, why would you have those? Why, what is it?”

“The Sino-Japanese exchange, I’m the assistant, I’m receiving them, so I need formal attire.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 39 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Lu Yu Chen scratched his head: “What a succinct explanation…”

“Where can I get my hands on some formal attire?”

“Why’re phrasing things as though you’re a gangster… of course you gotta buy it! When do you need it?”

“They’re arriving next Monday.”

“Em…” Lu Yu Chen puzzled over this in a bitter expression, “I don’t know how to shop for female clothes though.”

Xuan Mo turned to go. The reason she didn’t ask Tian Jin Jin about this, even though they’ve been friends for a very long time, was because she figured her it’d be better to trust her family members… what didn’t cross her mind was the fact that Lu Yu Chn would turn out to be so unreliable.

When he’d evidently felt her disdain, Lu Yu Chen immediately followed after her: “Aye! Don’t be cross! Surely you can just find a friend to shop with you!”

Xuan Mo pushed his hand aside. She’s always felt that there was a large disparity between her and Tian Jin Jin’s views, and they’d find the fact that she could be like the girls walking on the streets in the cold in clothes so little they might as well not wear any envious.

She on the other hand preferred to accessorize on how she placed herself, or in Blue Planet being’s words, her vibes. Her sense was perhaps something girls of her age had not grown into yet.

Lu Yu Chen’s face fell: “What about this! I’ll go with you! But let’s get someone else to see if it’s good or not?”

Xuan Mo was speechless. Internally, she was sobbing too. If it weren’t for the fact that she’d not once went out to shop on her own and was worried that she might do something out of the ordinary, why would she hit this pig-head up!

Saturday, Xuan Mo and Lu Yu Chen stood at the entrance of a pavement in City H waiting.

“Who did you invite?”

“Someone who’s family runs a retail shop… that’s not a problem right, who knows maybe we can even get a discount if we shop at his shop heh!”

Freeloader! Xuan Mo turned away.

After a while, someone who Xuan Mo found familiar walked over, and he was walking straight towards them.

Xuan Mo only confirmed that the person was Tan Lu En after he said hello to Lu Chen Yu.

“Xuan Mo! You guys are training together aren’t you, and y’all needa get some formal attire right? Ah Tan said his family runs a retail store, so he can help you!”

The two of them were close, and had an arm across another’s shoulder; they gave off similar vibes too.

There were a few girls that walked by, and they became excited after seeing the two of them; even their eyes seemed to gleam a strange light.

Xuan Mo couldn’t take it anymore. She sighed and quietly walked towards a shop by the road.

“Hold on!” Tan Lu En exclaimed, “are we buying formal attire or window shopping?”

Before Xuan Mo could reply, he poked Lu Yu Chen: “Though I hate window shopping with girls,  if her brother’s here too,  I don’t mind having my workload shared!”

Lu Yu Chen however understood Xuan Mo well. At that, he replied: “Let’s head straight to the place you said we can get the formal attire. Believe me, she hates window shopping even more than you.”

Xuan Mo stood in front of the two of them, extremely impatient as she watched the two chatting away. She held herself in multiple times before saying: “Are we going?” She looked around after that, “there’s a lot of people spectating.”

At that, the two of them parted the crowd as they joked around happily.

As autumn had just passed, it was the time where new clothes were needed for the season change. The street was terribly crowded. Cheap clothes were sold at the stores along the perimeter of the area; the shopping malls closer towards the centre of the area sold a huge variety of apparels. The majority of the people walking around were armed with a variety of shopping bags, so it wasn’t very common to see the two guys and a girl strolling through entering not a single stores, and without a single shopping bag in their hands.

Xuan Mo had her heart completely set on purchasing a set of formal attire for herself. The two guys on the other hand started getting more interested in window shopping.

“Aye! Ah Chen, the hat from that store looks pretty decent, makes you look very badass! Wanna give it a look?” Before Lu Yu Chen could reply, Tan Lu En had already pulled him into the store. He picked up the hat on the model’s head and threw it at Lu Yu Chen before he made several rounds in the store on his own.

Though it was a store that sold male apparels, there were still quite a number of females shopping there. When they saw their intimate interactions, their eyes couldn’t help but sparkle.

Xuan Mo who had been completely forgotten on the side stood quietly outside the store’s glass door. With both her hands in her pocket, her gaze floated around aimlessly.

After a while, the two of them exited with their spoils of war and waved at Xuan Mo. After which, they once a again continued their quest in search for Xuan Mo’s formal attire. After a while though, it was Lu Yu Chen’s turn to be distracted.

“Ah Tan! You shopped at this store before?”

“Walked by a couple of times but I’ve never entered. Why?”

“Hehe! The bags they sell here aren’t bad!”

“Check it out then?”

“Let’s go in, go go go!”

Xuan Mo once again stood outside with both her hands in her pocket, her head tilted at a 45-degree angle.

And so, after that, the two guys went out of control. They bought new items for themselves from the top to their toes, and mind you, they hadn’t even reached the shopping mall yet but they were already carrying multiple shopping bags. They almost had to mobilise Xuan Mo to hold some for them.

“Mo Mo, aren’t you gonna get anything? You haven’t gotten new clothes for yourself in a long while. The winter this year’s especially cold, are you gonna get some new winter wear?”

Xuan Mo lifted the autumn-wear she had one, a beige cropped jacket. She was wearing a thing t-shirt on the inside, and it was topped off with a pair of thin jeans and single-layered shoes.

She seemed to be dressed for the wrong season among the bunch of other people walking around heavily wrapped in their winter coats.

Lu Yu Chen was very shocked. He’d never actually noticed what his little sister wore, because he’d always felt that this little sister of his that was particular about her looks and easily got cold would take care in grooming her appearance.

But he’d never knew that she’d be such an oddball!

You can’t say that she’s giving up the warmth to look cool, because there really wasn’t anything special about her outfit. She was really wearing very little…

“Aren’t you cold?” Lu Yu Chen said and started digging through his shopping bags. He’d just gotten himself a grey woolen coat that Xuan Mo definitely use.

Xuan Mo had already walked ahead before he could fish out the coat. She said expressionlessly: “Where’s the store that sells formal attire?”

Tan Lu En who had been quiet all along discreetly patted the evidently regretful Lu Yu Chen, saying as he smiled: “We’re almost there. It’s just up ahead, fourth floor in the mall. Let’s head in, we can get other things once we buy the formal attire!”

“Yes yes yes.” Lu Yu Chen nodded his head enthusiastically. He’d never seen Xuan Mo as a little sister previously, so even though he’d realised that he wanted to be a good elder brother, he lack the experience. Now that he’d seen Xuan Mo in such thin and light clothes, his heart suddenly went out to her.

Xuan Mo on the other hand didn’t get two damns about what was going on in these two guys’ heads. At that, she headed forwarded. Having experienced so many wars, her patience would definitely outlast that of humans’. It wasn’t as though she didn’t learn anything from this experience shopping with these two— at least she’d know that in the future, she would never! Ever! Ever! Get dragged into their shopping spree like this again!

Ahhhhh! Can she throttle these two people! A certain alien howled internally.


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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

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