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Xuan Mo very obviously became one of the twenty assistants in the school. Out of the twenty, ten of which were Year Threes, the remaining five were Year Twos and the last five were Year ones, namely Yi Hai Lan and Xuan Mo from first class, Tang Jing Ze from second class, Yue Lin Lang from seventh class and Tan Lu En from thirteenth class.

All of them were called into a classroom. In the beginning, everyone was confused. However after they saw each other, they figured out what was happening. There was a list on every one of the tables in the classroom. Within which was the name of their future partner. Many of the students whispered to each other, and these whispers increased in volume when they saw a student from the thirteenth class from Year One.

Xuan Mo only gave the list a glance before placing it back down. She expanded her mental power to match everyone on the list before closing her to rest her eyes.

Yi Hai Lan sat on her left side. He looked at the paper, then back at her before lying down on the table to rest.

Tang Jing Ze had been sitting beside Yi Hai Lan in the beginning. After saying hello to the two, he looked at Xuan Mo. After a moment of hesitation, he stood and sat on Xuan Mo’s right side. When he saw that she seemed to be napping, he didn’t disturb her.

A joyous voice sounded: “Yang Jing Ze, I didn’t think you’d be here.”

A smiling girl walked over to him as she looked at him. She looked rather familiar. Xuan Mo remembered— that girl was the one she met in the canteen after the cross-country race during military training. She was righteous and was rather pretty, so she was quite popular.

She was probably the other Year One, Yue Lin Lang. In that case, the last one that had yet to reach was Tan Lu En from Class Thirteen.

Someone walked in. At that, Yue Lin Lang changed; the dense youthful vibe around her suddenly dissipated and in its place was her nonchalance with the tidying of her shirt: “Look, that guy’s here.”

Xuan Mo was a little surprised at the amount of emotional fluctuations in the classroom she detected when he walked in. At that, she paid particular attention to the guy…

Aye, he gave off really similar or perhaps an even more intense vibe than her brother… he was probably someone Blue Planet beings would consider a headache.

Our little alien student that did not seem to realise exactly who in this room was the real headache looked away after gazing at the guy, losing interest after a moment of scrutiny. Instead, her gaze shifted to the podium as the principal.

The fact that the principal decided to train the students personally indicated his gravity with regards to the sino-japanese exchange this time. Xuan Mo had searched it up, Akino Satoshi Academy was quite the decent school in Japan, and was similar to how First High ranked locally… in other words, their school was the one riding the coattail. That aside though, why did they suddenly decide on this visit exchange?

Ah Gui wasn’t worried about nothing. It was indeed strange…  ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 37 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

“Students, I believe all of you know that there will be a group of students from Akino Satoshi Academy arriving five days later for a friendly cultural exchange visit. No matter your personal views with regards to their visit, we shall greet them with sincerity since they are making a friendly visit. All of you here today are the selected from your levels—the cream of the crop. After five days of training, you will pair up with each other and accompany our visitors as throughout the cultural exchange. There are a total of ten Japanese students, so the numbers fit nicely. Now, Director Yang, and I, together with Teacher Chang from the Sino-Japanese Cultural Research Association will be training you on some of the important must-knows that you will require.”

After copiously droning on about a bunch of useless matters, and noticing the surging impatience among the majority of the students, he became grave: “I believe everyone must be bored. Allow we to conclude, history is not a reason enough to lower our ways and standards. Your manners and the way you carry yourselves are representative of our great country. If you are to become obstinately biased, dwell on certain matters stubbornly, or allow yourselves to be easily agitated over some things they may say, you are throwing not your own face, but the entire country’s face! I believe every one of you are smart. No matter what situation you are placed in, think thrice before reacting.”

His words instantly elevated this inter-school exchange to one of national importance. Despite so, none of them felt that he was exaggerating.

And so, after the principal left, a lot of the students that started out being excited and impatient were rubbing their hands together in anticipation, as though they were main characters in webnovels that would brain-canon-ing themselves to kick XX’s asses…

Yi Hai Lan and Tan Jing Ze seemed to have a pretty good relationship and they chatted across Xuan Mo in low voices, both of them appearing rather excited. Yue Lin Lang on the other hand remained composed but would occasionally quip in with rather creative ideas.

Xuan Mo listened with her head lowered. The more she listened though, the more confused she could. Animosity was evident between two countries, and it was at the level where it had been played out and the hatred was embodied by the citizens of body countries. But here they were, trying to maintain a facade of peace— why do they have to fake it?

Though Scorpio Galaxy was the strongest player currently in Cosmic Coalition, it didn’t mean that they had no enemies. Vordo Galaxy’s kingdom, Linlang Galaxy’s Floaters, Isaac Galaxy’s Centaurs, Polo Galaxy’s disgusting Mollusca…

They had countless enemies and they’ve long lost count of the number of wars they waged. Scorpio Galaxy. The foreign affairs department of Scorpio Galaxy was left with one last job, and that was to send the diplomatic note.

You’ve bullied our people, I’ll send you a diplomatic note. Ignore me? Let there be war! They’ve looked at the note but didn’t do anything about it? Continue warring!

You’ve invaded our land, I’ll send you a diplomatic note. Ignore me? Let there be war! They’ve looked at the note but didn’t do anything about it? Continue warring!

Your escaped criminal stole our goods, I’ll send you a diplomatic note. Ignore me? Let there be war! They’ve looked at the note but didn’t do anything about it? Continue warring!

The hatred for their planet from enemies deepened after the numerous wars; the friendship between Scorpio and her friends too tightened after the numerous wars.

Scorpio was the nightmare of many civilisations, but she was also the protector of many more civilisations in the Cosmic Coalitions.

The person beside her was still talking but Xuan Mo was so bored she wanted to leave. Director Yang on the other hand was speaking to Teacher Chang from the Sino-Japanese Cultural Research Association, paying the enthusiastic students no heed.

At that, the person that’s been sitting behind her tapped her shoulder.

Xuan Mo turned and saw Tan Lu En.

Tan Lu En was the last to arrive so he could only sit in the corner-most seat and there wasn’t a introduction name list on that seat. He must’ve gotten bored lying on his table not doing anything. He asked: “This student, lend me your namelist.”

He wasn’t particularly friendly, but he didn’t seem arrogant either. After which, he tapped Xuan Mo’s shoulder again as he handed the list back to her: “Done, thanks.”

Xuan Mo took the name list. She heard Tan Lu En ask: “You’re Xuan Mo?”



With that, their conversation ended.

After a while, Director Yang came forward. When he saw the empty tables, he said: “We forgot to remind everyone to bring your notebooks. You probably wouldn’t remember the things I’m covering today, so let’s have Teacher Chang to speak to everyone about some of the Japanese cultural practices and habits, so as to prevent cultural-related difficulties.

Teacher Chang was middle-aged with steady bearings. He slowly walked forward. After introducing himself, he started his topic. Xuan Mo became impatient after a short while, and so, she escaped under the excuse of going to the toilet.

It was still lesson time. She leisurely strolled out the academic building. A little past the sports hall was the field. There were many classes that were having their physical education class. She walked out aimlessly, listening as the shouts of praises sounded. At that, she looked over. There were people playing against one another in the basketball court.

She couldn’t find it in herself to join the buzz. Just as she was about to leave, she saw two people hesitantly making their way out.


Before even talking, they caught sight of Xuan Mo who was just about to make her leave. At that, their eyes lit up. They ran over: “Mo Mo! Didn’t you take an entire week of? Why are you back so soon?”

Qi Shan bumped Tian Jin Jin, her voice peculiar: “The person summoning her is the principal’s secretary! Would you stay at home if it was you?”

Tian Jin Jin didn’t react to her tone. Rather, she teased: “You’re just jealous aren’t you.”

“Yeah I am, I’m so jealous and envious!” At that, the two of them collapsed in laughter as though Xuan Mo wasn’t present.

“Em…” Xuan Mo’s presence was rarely overlooked. It was normal for Tian Jin Jin to be close to Qi Shan after interacting with each other for so long, she didn’t mind that. It’s just that she wasn’t sure if she should make her leave or continue watching as the two spazed on.

“Oh right Mo Mo! Is your meeting over?” Qu Shan asked.


“Huh?! Then why are you and Tan Lu En out so early?”

“Probably cuz we’re bored.” It was normal that she knew Tan Lu En left, but how did these two know? She expanded her mental feelers… oh, so that’s how it was.

“Is there a match happening in our class?”

“Yeah!” Tian Jin Jin minced her lips. “The guys from our class were training fine playing basketball but they got cut off by the people from Thirteenth Class! It became a match later, but even though we’re a little weaker, their star player wasn’t with them, so we might just win. But who would’ve known that Tan Lu En suddenly came back!”

At that, she glared at Qi Shan: “Them scoring more than we did aside, a certain someone even went over to the other side to cheer for Tan Lu En! Humph! He looks like a rich second-generation at max, what’s so great about him even!

“Goodness! Let my imagination run a little will you? Why did you drag me out like this!” Qi Shan returned the glare.

“You gotta have some taste even if it’s just your imagination running wild! Don’t you know what kind of person Tan Lu En is? And you’re still cheering him on? You aren’t  thinking of role-playing a First High-version of Meteor Garden, are you! The guy’s gotta at least be a Tsukasa Doumyouji* level if you’re planning on doing that!” At that, Tian Jin Jin topped off with her large, round eyes, immediately turned around to look at Xuan Mo who was about to ask something,  “don’t even ask! I know what you’re gonna say— you want to know what a Tan Lu En is aren’t you?!”

* fictional character from the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango (花より男子F), aka Meteor Garden, Boys over Flowers, etc.

Xuan Mo obediently closed her mouth. All she did was ask what an XXX was previously. Very unfortunately for her, XXX just so happened to be the class rep from Seventh Class Tian Jin Jin was crushing on. Was she still holding on to that grudge?!

“My goodness Xuan Mo, you really an oddball*!”

* direct translation of this phrase is: a strange flower during the wet season and dry season, i.e. referring to the person/thing as peculiar/anomalous.



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