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She returned to school.

When Li Fei saw Xuan Mo entering once again with a laptop, she didn’t make any comment save for a sigh: “Assembly’s in half an hour, read through your textbooks in the meantime, you have a Language paper after assembly.”

“Ah!” A wave of howls sounded, “you didn’t tell us this last friday!”

“It’s a surprise test!” Lin Fei glared at them, “I’m nice enough to let you guys know beforehand.”

“…too sneaky!”

“Alright! The other classes have about the same amount of time to prepare as you guys; it’s up to you how you want to utilise your time!” After finishing, Lin Fei left the classroom.

Xuan Mo produced her language textbook and gave it a few looks. The only thing she knew how to do was to memorise it; she didn’t know how to do anything else, nor did she know what they were gonna test on. If it’s comprehension or a short essay then she’s as good as dead.

As expected, the test consisted of a modern chinese comprehension, a classical chinese comprehension and a 400-word essay.

Xuan Mo sighed is dismay, bothering to at least gave the paper a few looks before declaring her defeat— she threw her pen aside and stoned.

Lin Fei wanted to explode once again. She stared at Xuan Mo, someone not very prone to visually expressing her feelings on her face, and watched as her face changed with the receiving of the paper–her expression changed from that of curiosity to biting her lips to throwing her pen down without even writing her name.

Lin Fei didn’t understand; she’d seen many female students who struggle with English, but she’s never encountered any who’d find language to their dislike as much as she did. She heard that Xuan Mo did fine in this subject in junior high, so what kind of difficulty was it that she’d encountered to completely change her into what she was today?

Upon feeling Lin Fei’s discontented gaze, Xuan Mo turned and shrugged her shoulders.

Unable to bear it any further, Lin Fei turned away.

After a while, Lin Fei was suddenly recalled to the office. At that, the students started discussing their answers. For some reason, the better students in their class were seated at the back, so many of the students turned behind to check their answers.

“Which bastard wrote this, I don’t get it one bit!” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 34 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

“I think that piece was definitely on ancient writing! But at least I could decipher what the words were back then, but when the words connected itself into a text, I don’t understand it anymore! I can’t even figure out what the different parts that make up into a word is!”

Among the waves of complaint, everyone was checking their answers. Following that were things like “I didn’t know how to do that” and “I got a different answer” and “so that’s how it is”.

The academics rep Han Tao even produced the attendance records as an excuse to he walk over to Yi Hai Lan’s side, saying: “BBCAC, CADD.” There were five and four blanks to the modern Chinese and classical Chinese comprehension respectively.

Yi Hai Lan looked at his answer glumly: “Half of mine are different.”

“How can that be?” Han Tao forgot his excuse for a moment and bent forward to discuss with him, evidently forgetting the fact that this test was supposed to be an invigilated one. Han Tao was a tall guy, and it was very eye catching for a person to stand among the rest of the seated students.

Xuan Mo was confident that she could not solve the questions, and couldn’t be bothered to copy the Blue Planet beings’ answers too, so she looked out the window, listening in on the debate between the two guys behind her occasionally. While she found it interesting, her brows suddenly raised. She fisted her hand and stretched it backward, hitting Yi Hai Lan’s table.

The two guys behind her paused, turning to look at Xuan Mo.

Xuan Mo turned behind and looked at them expressionlessly, especially at Han Tao, before pointing at his seat on the other side.

Though he’d always appeared rather mature, he was still a boy. Han Tao thought that they’d disturbed Xuan Mo so he was a little apologetic. He picked up his script, saying: “Sorry about that.” After which, he returned to his seat and continued thinking hard as he stared at his paper.

Yi Hai Lan thought of the same think and felt apologetic. Just as he wanted to say something after smiling, Xuan Mo had already given him his regular view of her classic backdrop–her back.

Helpless, he could only return to his paper amidst the discussions.

Not long after he lowered his head back down, the classroom door was suddenly banged open, and in walked the Department Head Yang from the student affairs department and Lin Fei.

His face was cold as he bellowed: “All those that cheats and discussed, come out! Submit your scripts!” Behind the department head stood the anxious Lin Fei.

No one moved. Many of them had their heads lowered as they focused on their papers. Only about four to five of the students who didn’t turn back around in turn submitted their papers with reddened faces before leaving.

“Who else, do you want me to point you guys out? I’ve been watching from outside the classroom for a long time!”

No one moved.

Xuan Mo could felt Han Tao’s unease. She saw his frown as he stared hard at the paper; he was evidently tensed.

This dumbass won’t actually admit it would it, Xuan Mo raised a brow as she shot Han Tao a meaningful look.

Upon feeling Xuan Mo’s gaze, Han Tao looked over. When he saw Xuan Mo’s faint shake of head before she turned back, he suddenly relaxed, and sat still, no longer tense.

Director Yang called out quite a number of names in scorching anger; he had evidently been standing there for a while. All those that were exchanging answers were called out. At that, the classroom was suddenly emptied of around half the students.

The remaining people were perspiring terribly in anxiety. Even if they didn’t cheat, it was still a little unnerving to see empty seats around them.

“The rest of you, if you still want your grade then continue the paper. This test takes up 30% of your overall grade. Only the students still in the classroom are eligible for excellent grade for your conduct evaluation; those who are outside are no longer qualified to receive such a grade!”

After saying that, he left Lin Fei at the dias to continue invigilating the test. After the Director Yang closed the classroom door after his leave, the students heard another roar from him tightly after: “Everyone here, walk yourselves to the hall and wait! You can try running off if you dare!”

After which was the sound of marching; it was evident every class had encountered such a sudden attack.

The classroom was silent. Lin Fei read the newspaper with a dark face. She had nothing to say if her superior wanted to check if there were students who would cheat. A moment later, after she’d suddenly thought of something, she placed the newspaper down and slowly strolled over to Xuan Mo, heh, the script was still blank!

…even she didn’t know what to say. Who would have known that submitting a blank script had its advantages; as least she could tell that Xuan Mo didn’t cheat! And along with that was a parachuted excellent grade for conduct performance!

This girl was very lucky!

When exams ended and Lin Fei left after collecting all the scripts, there were only a few of them that’s endured through this treacherous journey. Out of the thirty over lot of them, only about half of them was left–it’s been a hard battle indeed.

The nineteen of them were still not back. Judging from Director Yang’s strict stance against cheating, they bunch of them would at least be with him for an entire afternoon.

Xuan Mo shook her head: “It’s nothing much.”

Han Tao suddenly thought of something. At that, he asked: “Did you… know that Director Yang was coming?”

Before Xuan Mo could reply, Yi Hai Lan added too: “I think that’s the case too, the timing was too perfect!”

Xuan Mo didn’t want to deny: “Enh, I know.”

“Woah! Do you have a friend that clued you in from the class next door?!”

“I… heard him speaking next door.” Xuan Mo tilted her head as she spoke. Sensing it with her mental powers was considered a form a hearing, right?

“Woah! You can hear him?” Yi Hai Lan was amazed; Han Tao’s eyes glittered as well.

“His voice is actually pretty loud.” She was indirectly looking down on their poor hearing.

However, these two foolish kids evidently didn’t understand: “Aye, they were so careless to not lower their volume, you won’t have caught wind if it weren’t for that.”

“Yeah yeah!”

Xuan Mo maintained her silence.

It was only until after the afternoon break did the nineteen unlucky kids return to the classroom, each donning a half-dead expression.

As though having go through something really terrible, other than the few the were normally happy-go-lucky, the guys were glum and the girls were dimmed, some of them even had reddened eyes as though they was about to cry.

The quiet female student sitting in front of Xuan Mo and the girl in front of her were good friends, and the quiet pair of them often stuck together, not daring to bother Xuan Mo. Now that the two of them were caught, they sobbed as they talked. After a long while, the girl in front of Xuan Mo hesitantly turned her head: “Xuan Mo, can you do me a favour?”

Their devastating electron flow had long harassed and undermined Xuan Mo’s stable state of mental power. Without a further word, she produced her phone without replying and continued lying on the table.

The girl holding a phone paused, asking in confusion: “You, how did you know that I was to borrow your phone?

“You don’t need it? Return it if you don’t need it.” They’ve already been discussing this for half an hour. Even a normal person would be able to heard them, much less someone with a mental-web like her.

The girl held the phone, and forced a smile: “Thanks.”

The girl turned back and the two of them started dialing the phone.

After obtaining information from around, Xuan Mo found out that these kinds of investigation was First High’s culture. Director Yang used this method to pull out many of the “criminals”, and these kids very unfortunately served themselves in on a silver platter.

There were lots of similar cases where such investigations happened, and it’d usually be a little telling off if they were caught chatting during during class, but this time, he had to set his eyes on the test to pick out those who cheated. Hence those who were caught this time, regardless of their usual conduct, would suffer.

Consequences to being caught was serious, they’re letting you off lightly if the school called your parents down, but they could also deduct your marks, and you will no longer be eligible to having an excellent track record, scholarships, hardworking student and best student awards.

After experiencing such a heavy blow, they lot of them probably wouldn’t dare to cheat in the next two years.

And if Lin Fei, currently seated in the office with a dark face, were to announce that, then even less students would dare to cheat.

Even the student that submitted an empty script was safe and sound, so what did all the students that attempted to cheat wanted to get out of it?

As for the Xuan Mo who had a certain someone beyond vexed, this carefree girl in the meantime was flipping through the newest book she’d gotten.

Einstein was quite an interesting child huh!


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