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“Medicine?” That stirred Xuan Mo’s memories in her memory garage. She turned and went downstairs to rummage through the cupboard by the dining hall, and managed to find some medicine that had been reflected in her memories. She read the instructions, minced her lips, headed back up and threw them at Lu Yu Chen: “Since you’re awake, sort yourself out on your own.”

Lu Yu Chen felt so uncomfortable he could die. Lots of perspiration had stuck to his cotton shirt and the blanket. His head was too sticky from the dried sweat. What was even scarier was the fact that the room was actually 32 degree celsius. And, he’d just downed a cup of hot water… his cheeks and his surrounding bedding shimmered suspiciously in moisture. Not only so, the person feeding him the water didn’t feel particularly professional about it, nor was she any bit gentle…


“Have you excreted?”

Excreted… “Enh… I…” Wanted to change his clothes and the beddings…

“Continue sleeping then.”

“But I…” Wanted to change his clothes and the beddings.

“Ate your medicine?”

“Enh, but I…”

“Sleep then, don’t talk anymore, or I’ll knock you out.” After saying that, Xuan Mo left and closed the door behind her.

Lu Yu Chen rarely fell sick, and the medicine he ate was very effective. Before he could find the time to sigh about his predicament, drowsiness hit. Before long, he’d endured the sticky feeling and delved back into the darkness of sleep.

Xuan Mo sat in her room. Upon “seeing” that Lu Yu Chen had fallen asleep, her lips tilted slightly, almost with a tinge of sinister.

She actually knew that Lu yu Chen didn’t go to the toilet and didn’t take his medicine. The pale expression he had on his face after being threatened by her to being knocked out however was really quite funny.

It was only till night, and without the care of the of their parents of 120, did Lu Yu Chen’s fever went down successfully. Though he was still very weak, he’d be fine after watching out and nursing his health a little.

Such a unrefined method to relieving fever wasn’t anything particularly novel to Blue Planet beings. To this alien classmate whose memory garage was only filled with being generously endowed and showered with doting however felt very happy; at least this proved that she would be able to handle falling sick on her own, so that’s one less weakness for her.

Lu Yu Chen after finally escaping their mother’s naggings about looking after oneself after having fallen sick lied in bed and looked at Xuan Mo in grief, saying glumly: “You suck, I’m sick cuz of you! Does it really take so much effort for you to just come over to see your brother?”

In her own room, Xuan Mo was terribly annoyed by Lu Yu Chen’s deadly wails. She’d initially wanted to pop into his room then knock him out. When she heard his words after heading over to his room however, she asked: “Sick cuz of me?”

“Yeah! If I wasn’t concerned about you and especially waited in the living room for you, how would I have caught a cold?!”

“What’s the use of waiting? What if I don’t come back?” In other words, there was no difference waiting in his own room and waiting in the living room. Did waiting for her in the living room mean she could sense his concern and return home earlier? Her next sentence was even more savage, “didn’t you fall asleep after that? You didn’t even notice when I came back, you’re the one looking for trouble.”

The defeated Lu Yu Chen had nothing better to add: “I texted you! I said if you’re not back by nine the next morning, I’ll call the police. Then I figured that I won’t be able to hear you come home so I waited in the living room so that I could catch you when you’re back before mom and dad discovered it. But I think I heard mom and dad getting up so I went and hid myself in the dining area, and accidentally fell asleep. I’m such a meticulous and sensitive comrade, but why are you being so heartless?!”

Xuan Mo didn’t feel at all guilty. Her heart of stone could only be melted with the furnace. After a moment of silence, she pointed out gravely: “And so, you sat in your undershirt downstairs and caught a cold.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 33 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢


“You didn’t wear anything else? Yes it’s my fault missing your text and not replying, but is you sitting outside foolishly without a jacket my fault too?

Lu Yu Chen was streaming in tears. He shrunk into his blanket and clenched his teeth: “Xuan Mo if I’mma worry about you anymore, my surname ain’t Lu!”

“You can have whatever surname you want…” Xuan Mo turned to leave. However, she suddenly turned back and asked in ernest, “speaking of which, why’s your surname Lu?”

Lu Yu Chen was caught off guard: “Because my dad’s surname is Lu.”

“Why is his surname Lu?”

“Because, my grandfather’s surname is Lu… hold on, you’re not gonna ask me why my grandfather’s surname is Lu are you? How would I know!”

Xuan Mo gave him a deep look: “So, you don’t actually know why your surname is Lu. if that’s the case, does it matter if your surname is actually Lu?”

After which, she left without a backward glance and the door closed.

Lu Yu Chen froze for a moment before suddenly wailing: “My head hurts!”



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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

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