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First High’s sports day came a little late.

Not only so, tightly after the sports day would be the school’s day out, and tightly after that would be the end of semester examinations. And so, the lot of them had collectively reached a consensus–this was but the beautiful calm before the storm.

They shouldn’t have the endure such a slow and painful death. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 35 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Registration for sports day was very popular. Unexpectedly, Xuan Mo, who’d gained her fame from the military training, did not participate in any of the sports. And no matter how much Lin Fei and the sports rep convinced otherwise, she did not budge. Fortunately, their class wasn’t dense. When they recalled how relaxed Xuan Mo had been during the military martial showcase and five-kilometre cross-country, some of the started wondering if Xuan Mo felt that her abilities was a complete cheat…

After which, the entire class had to dance the box steps and compete with the morning exercise routine. Xuan Mo didn’t participate in any of them.

What was she doing?

She was taking a break at home.

Zone Seven would never allow such a young talent with such a strong potential to slip away. Though they have yet to figure out where Xuan Mo’s powerful abilities came from, the only results they managed to dig up was that she was a plain and normal girl next door.

If she had been recruited by a discerning organisation and was trained from a young age into what she was today under wraps, then their intelligence network can just defenestrate, because it’s as good as dead.

Despite not bringing their opinions to the light, and despite the past instances where they’d only lightly touch on the topic, the lot of them collectively decided to be selectively blind, selectively deaf and selectively brain-dead.

“Autumn is the season where there will be many exchange opportunities available. This time, students from Akino Satoshi Academy will be visiting us. Talks will officially begin in two day’s time. The students will be arriving a few days after; they’ve prepared long… too long for this exchange, so we must similarly reciprocate with gravity.”

What was there to be wary of about a bunch of human adults bringing a few human children over to take a stroll around the place? Classmate Xuan Mo with her military-configured way of thinking naturally did not find this the least interesting. Instead, she looked at the messages popping up from her chat.

“Your autumn school’s day out will be postponed, and you guys may be going together with the students from Akino Satoshi. I’ll send you the documents later. If nothing goes wrong, everyone that’s coming will be in the namelist. You’ll need to take note of all those that were not included in the namelist; we’ll update you again during the exchange.”

“We hope you can memorise these information. After which, we will be conducting several basic trainings for you according to the situation. Though we do have personnels within First High, you’re in the most convenient position in the school, so you’re the best and only person for this mission. You will be the receiving the people and accompanying them throughout the entire journey; we have no room for mistakes.”

Xuan Mo was silent for a long, a very very long period of time. It was so long to the extent Ah Gui had to repeat several times to see if she was still online. Only then did she slowly type her reply: “I’m not doing it.”

“…” On the other side, Ah Gui cursed mentally, thinking to himself that he knew this would be the case. He looked at Uncle Wu standing behind him in a difficult expression, vexed, and typed, “just see it as something convenient you can do while you’re there.”

“You think this is convenient?” Xuan Mo typed, swollen with indignation. “Are you still speaking the human’s language?”

“…” The only way to express Ah Gui’s current feelings was through ellipsis. “Wu Qi, you were given a choice back then when you were joining Zone Seven. Since you agreed, you are required to carry out the missions in exchange for the access and power we grant you. If you go against your word, then you might as well quit.”

Ah Gui didn’t know how else to tactfully communicate with Xuan Mo other than being sharp.

As expected, Xuan Mo quickly replied: “I’m still on probation, I have the right to choose.”

“You have agreed to the terms and conditions of the probation period, so that means you’ll need to carry out your responsibilities as a reserve member.”

Xuan Mo was indeed hooked into his trap. But, Ah Gui was right–she could only be proud, but she cannot be stubborn, or not now at least.

“Send me the info.”

Ah Gui sighed in relief. Just before he was forwarding her the documents however, he caught a glimpse of Uncle Wu’s expression. At that, he became a little hesitant. “About the info, we can’t send her the same one we have, can we?”

Uncle Wu looked at the last four words Xuan Mo sent before nodding his head: “Send it, I’ll handle it if anything goes wrong.”

“Heh.” After sending the documents, Ah Gui watched it load as he muttered to himself: “I’m her direct supervisor, you don’t need to take responsibility.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 35 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

“Brother Gui’s taking responsibility for a girl?!” A guy tapping away on the keyboard turned to laugh before he was punched and kicked back out the office by Uncle Wu and Brother Gui respectively.

After five minutes, Xuan Mo messaged him: “Done.”

“You’re done reading?” This word- and picture-containing document was long enough to take up several dozens of MB, and it amounted to at least several hundred thousand characters that thoroughly described everything–from birth to their current situation–about the people that could possibly attend. How could she have possibly finished it in such a short amount of time, “don’t just scan through, you gotta memorise everything.”

“I did.”


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