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Her data!

She’d bitten the bulletrisked crushing her mouse and slamming apart the keyboardjust to find the data!

Xuan Mo flipped through the saved documents in her computer quietly amidst the wails. She didn’t know what kind of ultimate it had been, but she was certain that it was a kind of virus. Though she knew a lot of programming languages, none of it was the one had been used. Regardless, getting hacked wasn’t anything good.

Aye, they shouldn’t have pulled their ultimate at a time like this! She was just planning to leave, planning to leave! She really didn’t want to get involved in this. In fact, she couldn’t be bothered to involve herself in such dribs and drabs between such small planets…

But, what could she do. She lacked the technical skills… but, she was still skilled.

Her mental power disseminating into thousands and millions of fine threads delve into the computer, unseen by human eyes. She slowly went through each and every piece in every part, every software, tailing tightly after every piece of data.

At that moment, the torrent of data was her weapon; she was the min-annihilator overlooking the galaxy. Her mental power was boundless; her strength was transcending.

Five minutes after Xuan Mo restarted her computer, the opponent’s continuous and persistent attacks seemed to have suddenly ceased. An invisible protective web seemed to have encompassed their data, dissolving all forms of attacks; even the actions they’ve inputted on their own were not recognised.

“What happened?” Everyone was confused. Some of the people exclaimed as they tapped away at their keyboards. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 32 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

It was as though a signal— the entire office was suddenly filled with keyboard sounds.

Xuan Mo could feel the waves of data continuously attacking her mental power. It was uncomfortable being sandwiched in between. She didn’t know how to transmute such mental power into attack with the streams of data, so she could only manage to insert herself as though a metal board in the crossfire zone between the two sides. If she were to keep it up however, she wouldn’t even be able to get back at the opponent.

“Damn, where did this super dope firewall pop up from!? It must be someone from our side since it popped up now… but… freaking hell who’s the one with something so amazing like that, why didn’t that person share earlier!? Damnit, makes me feel like I was running around naked before this…”

“Amazing? If this is amazing would our actions be trapped like this?! This is as though a city wall without doors, as good as useless.” Da Bao squinted, “put more effort into this, send a team to Zone B and attack with another IP!”


Data was after all different from “min”.  When Xuan Mo blasted apart their firewall, she usually wouldn’t need to consider their attack and defense. All she had to keep in mind was to assault their layer with all her strength. But now, it’s not that she couldn’t shatter their defence… it’s just that she had yet to find the knack to doing it.

Those that were fixing the data and patching up the firewall had already completed their work, and that they would be able to withstand another wave of attack. At that, Xuan Mo retracted her mental power, feeling some sort of defeat.

She should properly figure how to go about maximising her unique ability on the Blue Planet.

By the time she was back home, it was already 2am the next morning.

Xuan Mo held her computer and entered the house with a dark expression. The living room was empty; the two adults had already returned to their rooms.

Just as she was about to head upstairs, she suddenly turned and pulled open the living room door to the dining hall. There was a person lying on the dining table with both hands hugging his back shivering at the table in his thin shirt.

What’s Lu Yu Chen doing hiding here?

Was he not afraid of falling sick? It’s too cold to sit with only a thin cotton shirt on.

She hesitated before poking his shoulder with her index finger. Heh, the heat flowing through his body had long burnt the dreaming boy light-headed.

“Oi, get up.”

Lu Yu Chen’s hands shrank in slightly. He muttered and turned his head, revealing his scorching red cheeks.

From her memory archives, this person had already “burnt” past a certain threshold. Blue Planet beings sure were descriptive; wasn’t this because his blood’s boiling now?

Xuan Mo minced her lips, suddenly feeling helpless. She didn’t understand this sickness that Blue Planet beings would catch, or at least something like this had never happened to her before. Now that she’s encounter Lu Yu Chen’s live action of this sickness, her memory archives only provided her with two solutions, wake her parents or call 120*… but both required her to obtain help from others, and that wasn’t her style!

* 120 is the First-aid Ambulance number in China

If she had to rely on others just because of a sickness, didn’t that mean that she had revealed her weakness? ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 32 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Xuan Mo scanned Lu Yu Chen’s body and frowned.

It still wasn’t serious. However, this would no longer be a trivial issue if the reddened spots spread to his brain.

She circled Lu Yu Chen twice, before decided to help disperse Lu Yu Chen’s heat with physical methods. She should at least get him clear-headed first and get him to tell her how to resolve something like this.

The young girl picked up the 180cm youth in a go, before proceeding to princess-carry him. After which, Xuan Mo threw the red-faced Lu Yu Chen on the bed, wrapped him up then switched the air-con on. Quickly after, she got some hot water for him to drink to get the heat to disperse from inside out.

The most effective method of humans to release heat was to sweat— that was at least a theory she was sure of.

Lu Yu Chen was a strong and fit youth, so he was awakened by the heat. Though he was evidently weak because it was too hot and he was burning up, his fever went down a little. He slowly opened his eyes, asking in a daze as though having survived a disaster: “I, I’m running a fever?”

The next moment, Xuan Mo opened the door to his room as though her entrance had been timed. She brought a glass of hot water over to him: “Finish it, continue sleeping.”

Lu Yu Chen gave a bitter smile: “Let me use the toilet at least. I haven’t taken the medicine yet either.”


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