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After hanging up, she stood, grabbed her keys and computer bag before she headed down. When she was heading out, she bumped into Lu Yu Chen opening the door. At that, he paused for a moment before asking her as he wiped his dripping wet hair: “Mo Mo, where are you going so late?”

“Somewhere safe.” She continued walking, not explaining.

Lu Yu Chen was a little anxious: “Give me a location at least. What’s there to hide from me, it’s not like I’ll tell on you. At least I’ll know where you’ll be if something happens.”

“You’re hoping that something happens to me?” Xuan Mo didn’t even turn around.

“Of course not, aye, but you can’t just worry me like that.”

“I’ll be fine.” As she spoke, Xuan Mo had already headed down, out the door and slammed the door shut, leaving Lu Yu Chen stranded on the other side of the door.

As she boarded the car parked outside the housing area, she heard Ah Gui speaking gravely on the phone as he started the ignition: “Da Bao, you know what’s going to happen if anything happened to the data.”

Da Bao’s voice on the other side of the call became more grave: “I will not allow anything to go wrong.” After which, he turned to bellow: “Keep your eyes open! Do you think this is simple as just guarding your own X-G* adult videos? I’ll throttle y’all if anything’s amiss!”

* referring to the ratings

After Ah Gui hung up, he accelerated the vehicle, meeting Xuan Mo’s quiet gaze via the rear view mirror.

He shrugged: “The enemy’s starting to counterattack. You must learn from actual experience. Though you are still not ready to participate in a real battle, you can still watch from the sidelines.”

Was she not capable enough?

Xuan Mo smiled slightly.

The web security department was in a flurry; there were some people running around, and more people staring at the computer with reddened eyes as both their hands flew across the keyboard before someone shouted: “Ahhh again! It’s a wave of virus this time!”

After Ah Gui brought Xuan Mo in, no one bothered to pay her any heed. All Ah Gui did, too, was to gesture at Xuan Mo, and he left it at that, disappearing. Xuan Mo looked at the large screen with streams of data where the main battle was happening. The person going up against the foreign attack was evidently someone who could type incredibly fast, and was very efficient.

Xuan Mo found a random spot to sit, watching in leisure as the people around her hurried around. Even if she could pick up things quickly, there was a limit to the number of things that could be taught in a week. Even when it came to numbers and English, she had to process for a long time with the aid from her memory archives before she could understand them. Hence, this was on a whole new level for her.

She suddenly felt that she’s here to pass time rather than to spectate.

She opened her computer, conveniently connected her computer to one of the wifi networks then started surfing the net. She’s not that dumb to enter the XXX data archives; it wasn’t too bad to look through the Blue Planet being’s wiki.

Much less, she’s discovered quite a few things during the mental expedition she took previously, so there were quite some things she had to look up on.

Aliens too could be carried away by information.

It was a noisy environment; everyone was tapping away at their keyboards, speaking all sorts of jargon. Xuan Mo suddenly felt a wave of annoyance. Data and defence were things that could not be wielded as they wished with mental powers. She had a better way, and in fact, she could would be able to outperform them.

“They took my rights!” Someone suddenly shouted.

“I got kicked out!” More people shouted.

“Damn!” Da Bao and company couldn’t spare the time to mind, “hold out! Are y’all all weakling?!”

“They patched up all their holes!”

“They blocked the backdoor that was left open previously too!”

“They blocked everything?”

“Look harder!” The person shouting returned to tapping his keyboard. It was only after a long while did he reply, “they blocked pretty much everything! They’re faster than us!”


The sound of cursing rang continuously.

“They have a very good disguise  too, but they are still too inexperienced. We’ve managed to track their IPs to three countries. They won’t be able to escape!”

“Get lost! What’s up with that glee from tracking their IP? You lost your access rights to your own data! Hurry up! Get your access back!”

Replies sounded and another wave of attack began.

Before long, someone shouted in exasperation: “Boss! There’s too many of them! They definitely must have planned this for very long, we can’t outdo them!”

“Seek external assistance!”

“We’ve already done that! It’s the  middle of the night now, they’re still on their way!”

“What’s the situation now?”

“There’s a total of four offices that are being attacked, here, next door, and the one next next door. The rest of the offices are currently in the progress of defending themselves and reinforcing their defense, but the opponent has skilled people and in great numbers, and they came prepared. The moment they attack, they patch it up themselves and create a new type of firewall that recognises us as the infiltrators instead. We currently have the States, Russia and our old friend helping. We have obtained multiple of the opponent’s access rights, but they are in tight control of our data as well. It’s a deadlock at the moment, what matters will be the number of people we have!”

“No shit sherlock!” Da Bao howled, “we can’t win with resources but we have upper hand in terms of numbers!”

“Human wave tactic again?”

“Why, do you find that embarrassing? They gotta look for foreign reinforcements to use such a tactic but we’re can use it just on our own no? Just grab some enthusiastic and passionate organisation over to help!”

The subordinate lowered his head: “Who else is there, there’s only so few that are actually capable…”

And so, another wave of flurry dawned.

Xuan Mo stood and walked over to where Ah Gui was, but he was on the phone. He spoke with a solemn expression before sighing. When he felt a presence behind him, he turned to look, before squeezing a smile out: “My apologies for not having the time to look after you.”

“I’m heading back.”

“Eh, you’re tired? We won’t have anyone to send you back at the moment.”

“Then I’ll head back on my own.”

“No can do, it’s in the wee hours of the day now, I’m concerned about your safety if you were to return home on your own. Are you able to rest at the resting area outside for a bit? I’ll treat you breakfast.”

“You won’t have the time for breakfast.” Xuan Mo was sure.

Ah Gui’s expression froze for a moment: “You can’t say that for sure.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 31 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Xuan Mo shrugged: “You’ll fail at four in the morning, and I’ll doubt your abilities. After which, I’m sure you won’t  have time to eat tomorrow, or the day after that.”

“You’re too savage.” Ah Gui replied after a long while, exasperated. “But I still preferred if you didn’t return on your own. This is most dangerous time of the day. There should be food in the resting area, you can head over and have some a proper rest. I’ll definitely get someone to send you back tomorrow. As for the reason to your absence, we’ll be able to cover that.”

Seeing how polite he was, Xuan Mo, though annoyed with the noise, decided to switch of her computer off and head out; it was the more convenient option. Before she could touch her mouse again however, she head Da Bao screaming his head off: “Pull the plug! They’re using their ulti! These wretched people!”

The moment his voice died down, wails and cries sounded. Those that didn’t manage to pull the plug in time was greeted with an eerie blue screen before it became fuzzy.

Even Xuan Mo’s computer that was connected to the area’s internet wasn’t spared.

The department delved into dead silence. After which, expletives exploded. Da Bao and company’s faces had darkened to the point it paled. Though they have long prepared to face off their opponent’s revenge, they didn’t expect that the opponent came in with the end goal of complete annihilation the minute they made their move. It seemed that the data at their branch could no longer be saved. Though they didn’t have anything classified stored here, it was still a huge loss.

“Turn your computer on again! We’re battling again!” Ah Gui’s cold voice sounded. The masses switched on their computers in silence, connected to the wifi and started tapping away on their keyboards once again.

Amidst the silence, none of them noticed Xuan Mo’s dark expression as she too restarted her luxurious gaming computer that evidently wasn’t on technical par with theirs.


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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

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