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Xuan Mo hence decided to forgo going back all together. She wasn’t verbally skilled enough nor culturally familiar with things here to win an argument against two shameless Blue Planet beings.

There definitely would be a day where she could no long find it in her to tolerate them and mash these two into powder! She thought mentally with clenched teeth.

Up ahead, the basketball club president went through the rules and details to an upcoming competition and club activities. After which, he declared that their remaining time was free and easy.

Yi Hai Lan grabbed a basketball and agreed to invites to battle things out. He asked Xuan Mo, smiling cheekily: “You have to make it for the first session at least, don’t be annoyed. Wanna watch me play and cheer me on?”

Xuan Mo honestly didn’t understand what the memory of the specific action in cheering on* for someone was in her head. There weren’t any activators in humans, what’s there to add oil* for? It’s probably even stranger for her to voice something like this out, this seemed to be a very common slang around here, so she decided to just shut it, nodded and sat on the side.

* 加油 = adding oil, which means to cheer someone on.

Someone neared Yi Hai Lan as he smiled: “Oi, brought your girlfriend over? She’s from our club too?”

“Yeah.” Yi Hai Lan dribbled his ball. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 30 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

A girl on the side walked by, annoyed when she heard that. She said: “Why didn’t she join cheerleading instead, what’s she doing here?”

Yi Hai Lan raised his eyebrow as he looked at her. The person was an extremely boyish-looking older female student, the kind that guys often found completely unattractive. No wonder she didn’t see things eye to eye. He wasn’t particularly concerned about that though. He smiled: “Senior, you’re from the female basketball team?”

“Enh. I’m the team lead.”

“Oh, okay.” Yi Hai Lan seemed to smile, “I’ll have to trouble you with our Mo Mo in the future then.”

The girl paused, before leaving in suspicion, greeting Xuan Mo as she passed her.

Xuan Mo raised her head to look at her.

“Recruit, run! Basic exercise!”

Xuan Mo’s head was a daze. She didn’t mind running or anything but the problem was that Yi Hai Lan told her that she didn’t need to do anything to join basketball club! What’s with all the rules and regulations and small meetings and basketball team and basic activity?! Did he think she was gullible or something?!

The discontent gaze had Yi Hai Lan’s back numbing. He quickly smiled apologetically: “Mo Mo, just this once, once.”

Xuan Mo placed her bag down in silence and joined the females in running rounds, exuding a chilly air all the while.

Since she agreed to join, she would complete all the activity requirements. But, joining activities was one thing…

Yi Hai Lan… your personal safety after this… was going to be another thing altogether…



After returning home on Friday, Xuan Mo did not receive hear any updates about her lessons. She sat in her room after eating and faced her computer as she gripped the mouse in one hand, quietly figuring out how things worked.

Xuan Mo hadn’t encountered any fictions or television programs related to hacking, nor did she possess any general knowledge or relevant abilities before. Despite the large jump from been a complete computer noob to getting doused in complicated hacking knowledge, she improved incredibly quickly; she’s only spent one week before she managed to grasp the art of using a computer and configuring simple coding and security systems.

Owing to a multitude of reasons, Ah Gui wasn’t able to find a suitable English teacher for Xuan Mo. Though everyone was able speak English smoothly and had strong foundations in the language, it was still difficult to find any that could teach her how to hack in English; talents like those were often sourced to their branches abroad.

Xuan Mo didn’t mind. As she learnt continuously, she had some sort of an epiphany— nothing could possibly hinder her.

The Blue Planet beings had a phrase that went: humans, are the spirit of all things.

Xuan Mo, too, felt that mental power was the mother of power.

Mental powers was transmutable and could change its form for use both in battle and in daily life. As such, she’d been omnipotent back at Scorpio Galaxy when she was able to wield it. In Blue Planet however, subconsciously, she wasn’t willing to use her mental powers wantonly; there was also a new form of power that was holding her back from using her abilities.

She very quickly realised that it was fine to use mental powers— it was everything to her. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 30 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

It was a very strange, indescribable feeling, and the only way to conceptualise what it actually was was to prove it through doing it. For example, she experimented and tried to use her mental powers to touch the port of the computer, tried to connect her mental powers to the internet cable, and the various wires hidden away in between the walls.

She’d always overlooked those in disdain. Though she knew the various way she could utilise her mental power, she still prefered expanding her mental powers over a large area instead of tunnelling them through these narrow channels…

The feelers to her mental powers gingerly followed the cable and entered into the insulating cable. When it came into contact with the metal wires that was wrapped with the material, her mental power slowly melded…


Xuan Mo jolted!

Her eyes flew open as she looked at the port in disbelief.

The feeling she felt wasn’t something she’s felt ever before… it was unbelievable that there would be such a powerful and fast energy… it was something like “min”… no, it might be even more powerful than that, or at least, it’s faster in terms of speed.

Her mental power charged headlessly in the thin tubes. The deep blue energy spreading itself within the extremely thin metal wire had brought her to places she’d never been to before in an instant.

Corridor, sewer, the rocks underground, water pipes, the underground train system in cities that were thousands of miles away, skyscrapers, the rollercoaster on its tracks in the amusement park

The sound of water, the bray of fish, the clicking of clocks… she was traversing through the electric cables under the sea, just beside the adjacent country…

These were only the external sceneries she’s passed. Upon scrutiny, she could see the countless computer screens, and she could break down the softwares and code into chains of numbers and images; all these, and surveillance screens, sound waves, information, messages, chat histories whooshed past her mental-net quickly.

The amount of information surging into her mental-net increased with time; her brainwaves gushed before she suddenly felt her head swelling as though it was on the verge of explosion.

Xuan Mo trembled slightly, her long eyelashes quivering. The expansion and spreading of her mental power had her unconscious of her bodily reaction. A faint blue light encompassed her skin. A different type of energy that manifested in a faint fog churned within her translucent skin, and at the area where her heart was located, a circular bead glowed brilliantly.

It was a devastatingly beautiful scene, as though the milky way that’s appeared in textbooks— millions of stars and clouds glowing individually were rotating, centered around a star in the middle.

It was the type of light that would prevail and seep through no matter the material of the skin; it was energy, her mental power— and it was symbolic of strength.

Xuan Mo was excited, but reluctant; it’s been so long since she’s used her mental powers so carefreely, and it’s been so long since she’s drained so much of it. She wanted to spend more time learning about it. She completely disregarded the faint throbbing and discomfort of the disk space in her head— it was too trivial of a matter for her to be concerned over.

A little further, and a little further… she’d seen the world’s largest waterfall according to the textbook she’s read, she saw the pentagon building that’s appeared in countless movies, she saw the sunken ship at the bottom of the sea, and other historical remains left behind with the advent of the civilisation…

In the end, her gaze lingered among the layers of earth, fossils and skeletons for a long time. She could imagine how gigantic they would be if they were put together and supported with flesh and blood…

Old friends, I am once again looking up at the sky from the earth, but you have become the fulcrum of the earth’s crust.

Beep beep, beep beep! A notification suddenly sounded. The feelers to Xuan Mo’s mental power slowly retracted themselves from the dinosaurs’ skeletons.

Beep beep, beep beep!

Beep beep, beep beep! The notification sound continued persistently.

Xuan Mo closed her eyes and withdrew her mental powers. As she did so, she suddenly realised how cramped yet broad this small room was. She frowned before she picked up the phone, feeling a rare sense of agitation.


“Wu Qi, I’m Ah Gui. Are you free now?”


“Okay, ten minutes, oh, no, five minutes after, wait at the entrance of your housing area.”




– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

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