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It was late at night. Ah Gui had yet to contact an English teacher for Xuan Mo after he’s sent her back to school: “Wu Qi, you sort out your own excuse for returning late; it’s too trivial a matter for Zone Seven to step in.”

The facial muscles on Xuan Mo’s face had the impulse to twitch. Why was it that she had been landed with such a technical skill, aka lying, to complete? She definitely must note in the future to avoid getting involved into something like that as much as possible.

She was stuck outside school at 3am in the morning; there evidently wouldn’t be anyone around to help keep the door open for her.

Ah Gui drove off, leaving but dust in his wake. Xuan Mo knew that the surveillance camera on the top right corner of the school gates wasn’t something she could smoke through. Perhaps it had been something that was smoke-able, but now that this school had a reserve member from Zone Seven, it definitely would not be something easy to get past.

But, did she care?

The school gates with tall iron fences was high; there was nowhere for her to latch a foot onto. Unless she was thinner than a strand of noodle or could leap higher than a spring, there was nowhere for her to get past the gates. Of course, if one had a rock climbing rope and clip than getting into the school was possible.

Xuan Mo glanced at the door, then looked around the wall to the broadcast room and figured that the guard on night duty probably wouldn’t be unvigilant to the point where he couldn’t hear someone walking across the roof on top of his.

She was very clear of her current situation of her body.

Retreating two steps, Xuan Mo burst forward and leapt off, her right hand tugged downwards at the railing she’d grabbed ahold of, and lifted herself even higher. When the majority of her body had passed the peak point of the gates, she quickly pushed off a horizontal bar across the gates and flipped in mid-air sharply before landing steadily on the ground.

It took her but two seconds to accomplish that. She was unblinking soundless throughout.

On the other side of the surveillance, the three people before the screen couldn’t help but clench their fists. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 29 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Xuan Mo turned her head back and glanced at the surveillance camera expressionlessly before turning to leave. She strolled leisurely back to her dorms. As expected though, the door was not only locked, but the handle was wrapped in metal chains. Even if someone could open the door, the chains would alert the auntie staying in the room beside the door.

She raised her head. There were lots of facilities such as meeting rooms, training rooms and laundry rooms, so the walls were a little high and they were slick smooth on the outside. It was impossible to jump over without external help. The balcony on the second floor didn’t look like they were suitable to be scaled either.

And, why should she scale it?

The windows of Blue Planet people was apparently said to be left for one’s lover, not aliens.

Under the scorching scrutiny of the surveillance camera by the school gates, Xuan Mo raised her head to look over, revealed a strange smile and just as the three of them were confused and shaken, she gave the door a slight push before turning to leave.

“…where is she going?” Z L T

Xuan Mo walked out of school.

“Where is she going?”

Xuan Mo stretched her hand and flagged a taxi.

“…I think I have a rough idea.”

The taxi drove onto the highway heading to the suburbs. Xuan Mo was evidently heading home.

Ah Gui, Da Bao and another youth of similar age creepily sat in the car waiting for the longest of time. They wanted to see how Xuan Mo would handle the shut out, but didn’t expect to be greeted with such an outcome.

They weren’t sure if they were disappointed, glum or relieved.

“Honestly this seems more normal.” Ah Bao slowly started. He minced his lips and scratched his head of mop of straw-like hair and yawned, saying, “go back and sleep! Eff this, you called me out in the middle of the night to follow up on this, you sure are bored senseless… I feel like I’m a peeping tom!”

Ah Gui clicked the screen off silently. When he received information from one of the surveillance team that Xuan Mo was sighted in the area near her home, he turned to look at he other person who had been silent: “Xiao Gui, what are your thoughts on this?”

“She’s very useful. And, don’t call me Xiao Gui.” It was the youth Uncle Wu instructed to clear the HR; he was eerie as usual, “she’s met the prerequisite to fight, has good senses, is very vigilant, but her personality is a bit…”

“The comments on her behaviour during junior high is that she was rather quiet , very sensitive and a little delicate. But now, she’s recalcitrant, cold and… rude? This comment…”

“If someone’s too rude then it would leave a poor impression.” Ah Gui was helpless. “Looks like she really must be rude. The teacher would probably even think that she has a poor upbringing.”

“That can’t be it.” Da Bao continued yawning, “she was pretty okay to us!”

At hearing that, Ah Gui became quiet for a bit.  Yao Gui on the other hand started instead: “That’s because you’re teaching her something. Just wait till she’s squeezed you dry and you’ll see how disdainful she can get.”

Da Bao thought about it and figured it made sense. He said in shock: “No way, that’s be too utility-focused of her, won’t it!”

“I don’t think this is been utility-focused, it’s more of…” Ah Gui contemplated, “you don’t feel her disdain when she looks at you, rather you feel that she’s seemed more helpless about the situation than anything else?”


“…seems like it.”

“…” Da Bao exhaled slowly, “I need to stay calm!”

When Xuan Mo returned home, everyone was asleep, so she returned to her room, sat for a moment and thought for very long.

There’s been quite a couple of things that’s happened to her. She still didn’t quite understand Blue Planet very well, it stopped at all the memories the previous owner had provided her in her head–the perspective of the world from a minor, so she didn’t exactly dared to take it all at face value. She wouldn’t look at the civilisation with the aim to only see the darkness either. Though every civilisation was itself an equal mix of light and dark, everyone in their lives would come more into contact with the good sides of it rather than the bad.

She didn’t have the intention to invade Earth, nor dominate the world; she only wanted to live as she wished. If it got boring, she’d return to her sleeping. If she would be able to encounter people of her kind upon waking then that would naturally be the best outcome. However, even if she could not, that didn’t matter.

After involving herself, it seemed that it would be unavoidable that she would being restrained and influenced in certain aspects. It was impossible for her to turn into a complete Blue Planet being, so the only path she could pick was–become a not-so-normal Blue Planet being.

Let her be strong, let her be strange, things were fine as long as she’s occupied. Even if she was seen as an outsider and there were people who wanted to rise is revolt against her, it was fine. She’s strong enough anyway. If she couldn’t survive on the surface, she’ll abandon this shell and reside in the vitamin pod underground, and she’d be alive and poppin’ once again in a few hundreds to thousands of years!

Since she’s decided, that she shall live the lifestyle she wanted and reveal her powers accordingly.

Her physical prowess wasn’t an issue, she needn’t especially reveal her mental abilities either. Though the memories she had in her head told her that mental powers were things that only existed in science fictions, she was sure that there would definitely be mental power wielders in this world–it’s something that will definitely happen due to evolution. No matter how low-levelled a certain civilisation was, there would always be people of varying abilities. Perhaps Zone Seven would have someone like, or more than one person with other abilities.

Just thinking about the idea of the various uncertainties in the future waiting for her spiced up her previously boring Blue Planet student life.

For the next few days, Xuan Mo’s life revolved around the dorm, classroom and Zone Seven office.

Very quickly, her first club activity came.

Xuan Mo had originally wanted to ignore the fact that there was an activity happening, but was dragged over to the sports hall by Yi Hai Lan. There were already an entire lot of guys and girls there, ranging from year one to three. It wasn’t a really large club, there were about fifty and over people altogether, but the club was rather influential.

As for the reason to that, anyone who’s read a romance novel would be able to answer that question.

That was also the reason why Xuan Mo didn’t understand. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 29 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

She suddenly realised that there were more onlookers spectating the club activity than there were club members participating in the activity in the large sports hall.

The few females that entered the club were all tomboyish and sturdy-looking. When they saw Xuan Mo who seemed particularly delicate when she stood next to Yi Hai Lan, they were immediately discontented, but they didn’t voice it out. Rather, they seemingly undeliberately congregated together with no intentions of including Xuan Mo.

Xuan Mo didnt’ care. Yi Hai Lan was also glad she didn’t care, but there was someone else that was worried for her.

Tian Jin Jin and Qi Shan’s text messages seemed to have came in at the same time: “Mo Mo! Don’t stay so close to the guys, you’ll be ostracised by the girls otherwise!” After a few months, though Xuan Mo didn’t appear especially intimate towards them, the two self-proclaimed BFFs of hers had seen through her ways and automatically decided to teach her the way handle social situations.

Both texts were very “profound” but Xuan Mo wasn’t able to decipher them, so all she did was to take two calm steps to the side. Though she didn’t understand the message, she knew that Yi Hai Lan was a guy, so it didn’t not make sense to stay further away from him right.

After that, something even more incomprehensible happened to her. Her evident gesture in trying to draw apart their distance left close to no hint on Yi Hai Lan. Rather, it was reciprocated by Yi Hai Lan with two steps in her direction–and he did it even more smoothly and with ease than Xuan Mo.

Xuan Mo had no choice, so she could only turn her head in the direction of Tian Jin Jin and Qi Shan. She was still very unaccustomed to texting. She had only made calls whenever she needed to contact someone, and it was evidently inappropriate to make a call now, so could only communicate through looks with them. When she met their gazes however, she was greeted with laser beams by the two girls in the crowd.

“Mo Mo! Is there JQ going on between you and Yi Hai Lan?!”

“What’s that?” Xuan Mo had no choice so she could only text back in reply. JQ was a new word for her; she couldn’t find it in her memory archives.

“It stands for jian qing! Is there something going on between you two?”

“Definitely not.” She wouldn’t even think about it.

“Aye aye aye, you’re covering up trying to explain, what’s with the quick reply!” She didn’t even need to look to know the kind of smile was hanging on their faces.


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