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“Oi!” Ah Gui called as he patted the one in the middle, “Ah San*, get up.”

* 阿三 = Ah Three; referring to the “third” guy out of the three people there, (numbered usually by either age or seniority)

Ah San acknowledged in reply but didn’t get up.

Ah Gui patted the other guy: “Lao Er*!”

* 老二 = Ole Two

“Don’t call me Lao Er…” That guy muttered, waved his hand before he continued sleeping.

“Da Bao, continue sleeping and I’ll bring your wife over!” Ah Gui threatened lowly, thoroughly embarrassed by their antics.

Da Bao instead waved his hand as though shooing flies: “Just divorced yesterday…”

“…” Ah Gui was rendered speechless and frozen. He only spoke again after a long pause, “exactly how many times have you divorced?”

“I’m twenty-two, third time divorcing.” He muttered.

“… get up get up, don’t dilly-dally, all of y’all have work to do!” Ah Gui decided to change the topic of conversation, “brought y’all a pretty disciple today!”

“The self-learnt genius who just figured it how to start the computer and open a webpage?” Da Bao laughing mocking as he raised his head, his eyes red. “BOSS, keep faking in, the lot of us didn’t manage to catch a single wink last night, you still want us to sub in a kindergarten teachers?”

Ah Gui was speechless. He knew it’s a little waste of resources for the three of them to teach Xuan Mo, but out of the countless employees under his wing, these three were the only ones without any solid tasks at hand. It’s just that they very coincidentally was needed yesterday, hence their exhaustion today.

He looked at Xuan Mo; she was currently sitting down on an empty seat in front of a computer, clicking away at the mouse she was holding. Seeing how she’s not even using the keyboard, he figured she won’t be a problem he had to watch over.

“This is an order! Get up!” Ah Gui finally sterned up as the BOSS he was, bellowing at them when he saw that they were indeed rather tired.

The lot of them were receptive to persuasion but not coercion. Though they wiped their eyes and sat themselves up straight, they still appeared very reluctant and discontented: “We want to rest!”

“Then…” Before Ah Gui could continue, a calm voice sounded, “Then help me get the materials to this weapon out first.”

Though the voice was plain, it sounded imposing. Z L T

Or least, it had quite a few people around turning to glance over.

The youngest and with the least willpower power among them, Ah San looked over before his face fell in speechlessness: “You little girl sure know how to take your pick, I have so many materials lying around but you had to give me the hardest to pic?”

Lao Er and Da Bao looked over too, before clicking their tongues: “We battled the entire of last night just for that, we almost got done over by country M. D’you think we grow those on trees? That’s not something you can get just because you want it.”

Xuan Mo did not budge. She didn’t at all catch their grievances. Training her eyes on the weapons warehouse, she frowned after a moment: “Forget it, I don’t want it anymore.”

“Humph, we can’t get that for you even if you did want it.”

Xuan Mo sieved through each and every weapon, all of them seemed to have been newly ‘acquired’, or at least she’d only heard of them before when she searched it up online. After obtaining the detailed data on these weapons, she’s only missing a little more information on the remaining few that were important.

After sweeping her mental power through the place, the data had already stored itself in her head. Though these weapons were way too low-level for her, she still couldn’t help but want to get her hands on one. She stretched her hand out: “Pen and paper.”

She wasn’t accustomed to using the keyword and there were too many things she had to calculate, so she might as well record things down in the most primitive and original manner.

Ah Gui handed her a stack of paper and an inky pen in interest, delving into deep thought when he saw the symbols Xuan Mo started off with before she wrote more numbers.

The codes she wrote were the exact weapon information they lacked. Beneath those data was the acquired data they’d obtained. Even experts after analysing the information was unable to obtain the key data points. From what he’s seeing, Xuan Mo seems set on solving that.

Xuan Mo didn’t write the steps to her calculation because she’d already completed all of them in her head; the product was succinct. After a few minutes, the paper was filled with neat numbers.

This wasn’t Ah Gui’s field of expertise; all the ones present were also only responsible for web defense hence they weren’t in the know regarding weapon-related information. After looking at it for a while, anyone with a brain would have figured that it was something important. And so, the lot of them went to look for experts. It was only when Xuan Mo had filled two piece of paper, a few experts rushed over.

After looking at the numbers Xuan Mo had written down, those with experience knew that data on a weapon’s trajectory and capacity was the most crucial data to a weapon. However, they were very cautious, hence none of them dared to make any judgement, but instead followed Xuan Mo’s conclusion as they inferred from the existing knowledge they had at hand to make deductions. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 28 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Reverse-engineering the data was simpler than working towards an unknown answer with existing information. Good news dawned very quickly. The data Xuan Mo had patched was correct–this meant that there was another complete set of information of the weapons! The research outcome they’d spent hundreds of millions on, employed countless of people for, invested both in terms of time, human capacity and financial means in, that later was obtained by their professionals over one night, and then later completed by Xuan Mo within a matter of a few minutes! If country M caught wind of something like this happening, they’d have vomited three litres of blood violently.

While the professionals were pumped with the triumphant advancement, Xuan Mo suddenly stopped.

The reason was simple— after patching some of the data, Xuan Mo roughly knew how technologically advanced the most state-of-the-art weapons were, and that drained her interest. Upon being disappointed, and on top of not having been able to learn computing, she figured it’d made more sense to just head home to cultivate instead of wasting her time away like this.

That however had Ah Gui and the various professionals at hand terrible anxious. They didn’t understand how a delicate girl like Xuan Mo would look down on such an advanced weapon. On the other hand, they were worried about the number of brain cells they’d need to kill to figure out the remaining parts of the data upon Xuan Mo’s strike. As such, the bunch of ole men–including Ah Gui–circled Xuan Mo, anxious of get the final answer.

Xuan Mo found it too troublesome. At that, she stood with a swoosh and headed out without a word more.

No one ran after her. Instead, everyone turned their grievous gazes over to the three people that were still faking it, Da Bao, Lao Er and Ah San.

Perspiration immediately rained down their foreheads. Though they weren’t from the same departments, even the three of their seniority stacked together would pale too far in comparison to that of a weapon researcher expert. Not to mention, Xuan Mo’s performance had been too shocking; it was indeed a pity to let her go just like that. And so, the three of them immediately ran after her to bootlick, asking after her well-being and giving their apologies. It was only then did they manage to get the stinky-faced Xuan Mo back in front of the computer.

The few of them didn’t believe her knowledge of computers would be so poor initially. It was only after multiple rounds of testing did they tragically discover that this girl really only knew how to open and close the webpage and some apps; she didn’t know anything else.

Xuan Mo’s computer knowledge was actually representative of the standard of the majority of the people, especially females, of her age. It didn’t help much that these people have interacted with tons of geniuses around had long forgotten the standards of an average civilian.

And so, the three of them naturally had to start from the basics.

Xuan Mo was able to absorb the basics to advanced level of knowledge particularly quickly thanks to be incredible memory. When it came to software support operation tools however, she started getting dazed.

The most foundational programming language used around the globe was English. Though she scored an outstanding score during the English examination back in school, that was because she’d completely memorised all the English questions in the handbook, so she could do any questions without difficulty.

That didn’t mean that her level of proficiency in English was very high.

Perhaps she could pass level four or six with ease, but when it came to programming languages that were harder and more complicated, though she could have been great at this, she was ultimately still a layman.

“This won’t do.” Xuan Mo stood suddenly, cutting her learning off when she realised she was getting more and more confused, “I want to learn English.”

“What?” The three of them yelled, “we’re halfway through and you’re telling us you want to learn English!? Why don’t you just pick up Arab instead!”

Xuan Mo glared at them, and the three of them immediately wilted. Da Bao ran over to the side and dialled in aggrievance for Ah Gui who was away working: “Ah Gui! That lil genius is too much! She’s the classic example of fickle-minded person who finds the grass greener on the other side! We’ve only went through the things to learn for barely half a day and she’s saying she wants to go over to the translation team instead!”

“What do you mean?” THMYO IS HOSTED @ ZHANLAN TL

“She was learning fine, but then she suddenly brought up learning English.”

“Could it be because she found the programming language too difficult and she didn’t understand them?” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 28 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“That’s not something learning English can solve though! I’ll say go back and memorise some C entries first if you don’t understand it, that’s how I got where I am today. Why is it that she’s stuck at something like this!” Da Bao started wriggling, “I don’t care, BOSS! You sort this out for me, does she think we’re babysitters to give her what she wants?”

Ah Gui was silent for a moment before suddenly asking: “You were still a normal programmer even after you memorised the entries. It was only after you returned from studying abroad did improve by leaps and bounds and became the third guy in our web team, have you ever thought how that happened?”

Da Bao paused.

“She’d only discovered the hack earlier than you. With a foundation in English, memorising entries would just be a waste of time.


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