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“Since you don’t trust me, why should I listen to you? What is abnormal about me is that I am already equipped with whatever is taught during military training. It’s been a month since my probationary period started, yet you are only questioning me about my changes now, does that make sense? Other than bugging me, have you not taken into consideration other things?”

It was a rare sight to see Xuan Mo speaking for so long. The expressions on the faces of the masses were gloomy and deep in thought, as though they didn’t want to reply her. After contemplation, she continued: “You said the reason why we can only cooperate is because you have yet to sort out my situation. What right does a brainless and careless partner have to work together with me? You guys are unsure of where my abilities come from? Very sorry, because I too am unsure how capable you guys actually are. Since we lack mural trust from the beginning, then there isn’t any need to build any o f it now. I’ll treat the mission this time as a walk round the park. I did not come into contact any of your classified information. If there is a need for me to conclude this mission, then all I have to say it—I got hoodwinked into this by a bunch of idiots. End report.”

After which, Xuan Mo stood with a whoosh, turning to leave.

“Hold on!” A young voice sounded. A youth beside Uncle Wu stood, nodded at Uncle Wu then smiled at Xuan Mo, “don’t be rash, shall we discuss this again before reaching a conclusion?”

Xuan Mo replied swiftly: “I don’t have a lot of time.”

“Then give us just a little bit of time from your not a lot of time.” The man replied calmly.

“Then quickly speak.”

“This is actually not the first time we’ve encountered situations like yours. We are collectively observing talents that have been recommended to us from various sources. Because of the large numbers, so some relaxation of internal prerequisites, there are many of you who have managed to join without having undergone proper background checks. Even if there is no problem with your identity from our background checks, our subsequent appraisals will be extremely strict. In a nutshell,” the man paused for a moment, noticing that  Xuan Mo didn’t have any signs of impatience printed on her face. “Because we require your assistance, hence we have mobilized our all our resources at hand to understand everything about you, and hence how we found out that some parts that are unusual. Because of or trust in you, we have invited you down here today in hopes to beginning productive discourse. Your information tells us that you are not the type of person that we’ve thought you were, in that case, all that is left we need to learn from you is why and how such changes has occurred to you. After which, we will be completely able to place our trust in you. That is all, we hope you don’t take it too much to heart.”

He even gave a slight bow after finishing.

Xuan Mo continued digesting his words…

It was only after she churned the words through her head for a long while did she finally, with much difficulty, manage to understand it.

And so, she shrugged nonchalantly: “Apologies but your explanation just now seems to be useless, because I can’t explain my change. If you guys don’t know, I won’t now either.”

“…” The guy sipped his tea, unaffected. Only his hand trembled slightly.

He must be the final decision maker seeing how he was seated beside Uncle Wu, yet he too retreated with low spirits from having failed. Everyone shrugged mentally; it seemed like this person couldn’t be easily controlled.

Xuan Mo was silent for a long while. After she realised they have nothing else to saw, stood immediately bid her farewell once more; she’d been impatient to leave since long ago. However, Uncle Wu halted her: “Hold on just for a little bit more!”

Xuan Mo’s hand fisted. She whipped her head back, glaring at the table of people, her imposing demeanor slaying all those seated at the table. Though all the seated person had much experience well under their belt, it evidently took all the strength and courage they could muster from their frozen expressions on their faces to withstand her pressuring glare.

Uncle Wu clenched his teeth and stood. His current feelings strengthened his belief that he must not let this person slip away just like that. Even to Zone Seven where talents were in abundance, someone like her was considered as seedling with much potential. So he had to do everything he could to make her stay!

“Wu Qi, since you already have a code name from Zone Seven, you are one of us no matter what. Why don’t we set the issues that are unresolvable aside first. On your side, we believe that there are certain unexplainable things, but on our side, we too have times where we wil need you. Since this is the case, then shall we each take a step back?”

Many of the people were shocked by Uncle Wu’s words; when has Zone Seven appeared so meek before anyone! And this newbie did seem a little strange–yes her performance in her first mission was impressive and yes she did seem to have a very strong background, even so, that didn’t seem enough for Uncle Wu to go to such extremes…

“Alright alright, let’s leave it at that first!” Xuan Mo waved her hand, turned then left. After which, the pressure stifling the room immediately lifted.

“Uncle Wu…” Some of the people voiced their discontent.

“Enough, the fact that her success rate when bugging all the additional people was hundred is sufficient to prove how much of a genius that girl is, and this is not even considering her physical capabilities… military training and stuff are nonsense when compared to what she’d done just now.” Uncle Wu’s words quieted everyone down. He looked at all the people seated at the table meaningful, “aren’t young guys pretty amazing normally, why didn’t any of you make any noise just now, and only left Ah GUI and myself speaking, it’s not like I didn’t allow you guys to speak just now.”

“That gal did appear very strong-willed, but that didn’t mean that…”

“Zhuang Kun, if you continue with that dense perspective of yours, I’ll be the first one to fling your ass out of here!” Uncle Wu howled in impatience. He turned to the youth name Ah Gui, saying “Wu Qi didn’t have any poor intentions towards you. You be her point of contact in the future then, I’m more assured when you’re the one doing it. Bring up your requests if you need anything, as long as they aren’t too much, we hope you understand that we will try our best to fulfill it.”

Ah Gui nodded: “Understood, and…”

Uncle Wu tapped the table, cutting him off. A youth with a dark expression sitting at the end of the table stood: “What is it?”

“Xiao Gui, it’s time to sort the personnel department.” Uncle Wu seemed as though he was smiling.

“Understood.” Xiao Gui’s expression fell even more, “don’t call me Xiao Gui.”

Of course, this entire episode did not escape Xuan Mo’s mental-net.

“They are at least of some use.” Sitting before the computer, Xuan Mo muttered to herself. She produced the standard Zone Seven mobile and dialed the only number she had that was saved in it.

The call went through after a single ring. Ah Gui’s voice sounded from the other end: “Hello, Wu Qi, I’m Ah Gui, what is it?”

“I’m learning about computer science and network security.”

Did she want to become a hacker? Ah Gui’s thoughts immediately derailed. Was she very good with a computer? “Alright, where are you at now?”

“I just learnt how to open a webpage.”




Monday; she went back to school again.

She didn’t return to school on Sunday, but instead walked into the classroom with her school bag and computer in hand, shocking the masses. There was someone who exclaimed “too arrogant, this is!”. Though the school rules clearly stated that students were prohibited from bringing computers and dating, many students would secretly bring their computers to school.

Because of Yi Hai Lan’s chummy attitude towards Xuan Mo and her computer bag that evidently seemed to contain a computer, the entire class of students felt as though this child had stomped hard on both minefields… and she’d done it impressively openly.

Lin Fei was standing there when Xuan Mo entered the classroom. Even someone with a rigid enough mindset like her was rendered speechless by Xuan Mo’s audacity for a moment, before stuttering: “Xuan, Xuan Mo, what, what it is that you’re holding?”

Xuan Mo was frank: “Computer.”

“It’s, it’s against the school rules to being computer, don’t you know?”

“There was a rule like that?” Xuan Mo recalled for a moment. Oh, her mental-net did record down the rules that was announced by a certain student affairs director in the beginning of the semester, “I know now, what about it?”

“Your, your computer…” What about it? Of course bring your computer back home! Lin Fei almost combusted.

Xuan Mo appeared as though she didn’t hear her. She placed the computer in her drawer and closed it. Then, she raised her head innocently, looking at Lin Fei, “what about my computer?”

“Get you parents to bring your computer back.” Lin Fei stopped stuttering after finally retrieving her logic.


“Wh, what?” Lin Fei stuttered once again.♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 26 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

“I said, I refuse.” Xuan Mo raised her head in confused, “I’m speaking the language of humans, do you not understand it?”

Lin Fei inhaled sharply. Her world seemed to darken for a moment. As the form teacher for the class, of course she had heard how “sniffy” Xuan Mo was from the other teachers’ grumbles. As the subject she taught was language, and she had an entire class of students to look after, she had never directly seen this girl’s “sniffiness”. Now that they’ve clashed head-on, she suddenly had the impulse to sob together with her other colleagues.

She was only a junior teacher and she already felt that this was too much. What would the more senior and more experienced teacher have felt! How much they must have suffered because of her!

“Xuan Mo.” She composed her herself, her expression dropping, “come out for a bit, we need to talk.”

“No.” Her reply was crisp and clean.

“Xuan Mo!” Lin Fei’s voice suddenly pitched.

The classroom instantly delved into silence. All the spectators in class watched as the two of them clashed head-on.

Topping everyone’s gazes, Xuan Mo blandly turned her head behind, saying to Yi Hai Lan: “Class rep, it’s time for assembly.”

As expected, the sonorous music started outside when they strained their ears.

Yi Hai Lan had the impulse to burst into laughter. He managed to restrain it, but his shoulders still twitched: “Sports, sports rep…”

The sports rep, a tall and burly guy’s acting was poorer than Yi Hai Lan’s. Hence when the latter called him, he was though he had just awakened from a dream, and howled with laughter: “Stand, stand! Line up and head to the parade ground! It’s time for assembly!”

And so, the entire class of students reined in their laughter as they headed out, some of them glancing at Lin Fei along the way.

Lin Fei’s shoulders trembled. If it weren’t for the fact that there were still people around, she’d have screamed out loud to let loose…

It was only when the students were a long distance away from the classroom did they hear the banging sounds, as though the innocent table’s wails of agony under the hammering of someone’s fists.

Xuan Mo was the last to leave. She walked leisurely as though unaffected. After the few of them were done being amused by the situation, they started worrying for Xuan Mo. Though Xuan Mo didn’t speak much in the classroom, was as expressionless to everyone, wasn’t particularly close to anyone, had an exceptionally poor relationships with females, the few noticeable guys in class would pay special attention to her despite the fact that she’s never been particularly nice or friendly to any of them.

“I believe you’ll be able to endure* Lin Fei’s fury later on!” The person in the lead was the sports rep, Kang Jian Chen. Class rep Yi Hai Lan hopped around and popped up beside Xuan Mo as well, flinging a hand across her shoulder as though they were good bros, heedless of the spectators from the other classes they passed by.

Xuan Mo walked silently for a moment before saying lightly: “I can endure* her but I can’t endure you.”

* (wordplay) 扛 = to endure/hold/raise something up with both hands


“…you’re very heavy.”


Xuan Mo followed the rest of the people, drawing further away from student Yi Hai Lan as the latter, still stoning in his previous shoulder-slinging position, disintegrated with the wind.

As expected, Xuan Mo was called out by Lin Fei to go to the office after assembly. At the looks of it, Xuan Mo probably would be missing the first period of History.

All the teacher’s cubicles were situated in one office, hence when the other seated teachers who currently had no class upon seeing Lin Fei bringing Xuan Mo in turned their attention over.

This had happened multiple times so Lin Fei wasn’t particularly embarrassed or anything by the onlookers. She sat down on her chair and looked at Xuan Mo: “Do you know why I called you over?”


“Nok, not only computer; it’s your attitude. You should have learnt how to respect a teacher. The teacher’s comment on your behaviour stated that you’re a respectful student. I don’t believe the teacher who wrote that was lying. In that case, can you explain your attitude to me?”

Xuan Mo paused for a moment before saying: “I know what respect is.”

“Oh? Then can you tell me what your previous behaviour was?”

“Seeing you as an equal.” Or someone below her.

“You.” Lin Fei paused. She couldn’t possibly say that teacher and students weren’t equal, could she, “sigh, at the very least, I’m still your teacher.”

“Then what do you want me to do?” Xuan Mo continued before she could reply, “isn’t respect a type of feeling, is it something you can force? Do you feel very respectable doing that?”

It was safe to say Xuan Mo had triggered many people with her words. Despite so, they had no ways of rebutting her. The expressions of the teachers that were present fell, but none of they said anything.

Lin Fei felt exhausted.

From her perspective, Xuan Mo seemed to be living in her own world. She didn’t speak much, or rather, she barely spoke; her homework was neat, clean without any excess punctuation marks; it was as though her homework was written by a robot

She seemed to be stoning when during class, but she could answer in-class questions without needing any hints. The minute she sat back down however, she would enter her own world again.

Her grades were outstanding, outstanding enough for her teachers to question if it was them, or her, that were the ones doing the teaching. To a student that can self-study, a teacher who was unable to teach him or her anything was as good as useless.

But, did that mean that she would be able to ignore the teacher’s presence? And ignore the fact that one had to respect and honour one’s teacher?

“Xuan Mo… sigh…” Lin Fei had nothing to say. She sighed, hoping at least the school environment can provide her with something to learn about.

Xuan Mo returned to the classroom shortly after the lesson started. Xuan Mo knocked the door to enter. The History teacher talked on and on about the subject with a textbook in his hand. When Xuan Mo walked past, the young but bald history teacher asked: “Xuan Mo, when did XX gain their independence…”

“1927.” Xuan Mo replied without even thinking.

“That’s right!” The history teacher was very emotional. He turned to write “1927” down on the blackboard. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 26 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Xuan Mo walked over and sat down on her seat. The students behind her were all looking at her. The guys amused, the girls’ eyes were glittering too.

“How was it? What did Lin Fei do to you?” Yi Hai Lan leaned forward, patting Xuan Mo.

It should be what she did to she did to Lin Fei, Xuan Mo thought to herself, not speaking. She placed the history textbook aside, and opened the language one instead.

“Immortal, you don’t need to be like this now do you!” The academics rep stuck his head over, exclaiming in shock.Z L T


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