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Yi Hai Lan chuckled, before something cross his mind. At that, his expression fell, then settled before looking at Xuan Mo’s reaction. When he saw Han Tao, his expression changed. He heard an extremely low bang, before Xuan Mo said lowly: “There are some jokes you shouldn’t crack.” Then she resumed her reading.

He grabbed the sweating Han Tao as he scrutinised his table, was this a mark from her slap. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 27 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Yi Hai Lan stared at the location where Xuan Mo banged for the Nth time. No matter how it looked, there seemed to be a mark where she slammed the table.

Savage, too savage, was she an an exceptionally strong female superwoman?! Female ninja turtle?!

Yi Hai Lan couldn’t stand but pat Xuan Mo’s shoulder: “Oi Oi Mo Mo, where did you get such strength from?”

Xuan Mo’s hand darted out without even looking back, grabbed Yi hai Lan’s textbook and lightly tightened her grip..

The book stood in a strange manner.

Yi Hai lan didn’t didn’t want to provoke her. He laughed dryly and layered his crumpled history textbook under the rest of his textbook, and grabbed his language textbook out to read.

Han Tao on the other side had long sat down properly.

Lin Fei didn’t make an appearance the entire morning. When class was ending in the afternoon, a few seniors suddenly walked in, blocking the students that were about to rush off to the canteen. One of the females smiled as she said: “Hello everyone, I’m Chang Xi, the chairperson of the Student Club Union. The main reason I’m here today is to advertise for the Student Club Union. We have a total of twenty-three clubs and they are all self-ran by students. You may wish to join any clubs if you are interested in them. If you have ideas, you can also gather your friends and who share similar interests and register with us to start a club. There is no limit to the type of club you wish to join, as long as you have the time to do so. The most outstanding club member at the end of the year will also receive additional points which helps boost your profile for scholarship and attaining good records. You are students from Class One, the cream of the crop. The Student Club Union sincerely extends our invitation to all of you, thank you!”

Some of the students had already distributed out small flyers as she spoke; the flyer printed the name and summary of every club.

“The clubs’ recruitment will begin this afternoon, till Friday evening when school ends. During which, there will be club representatives seated at the reception counter in the hall awaiting your arrival every day. Thank you for everyone’s support.”

After which, the bunch of them left, evidently rushing to make their run for the next class.

The students looked at the flyer and started discussing instead of eating.

Xuan Mo looked at the flyer quietly. As she did so, she looked at the small piece of paper in her drawer. That was something she discovered since History lesson. It was possible that it’d been there since Sunday. It was the invitation to the Math club and Taekwondo club, but she didn’t want to join any of them.

“Mo Mo, where are you going?” Yi Hai Lai came over, asking obliviously.

“Lunch.” Xuan Mo stood.

“Aye, I’m not talking about that, I meant, which club are you gonna go for!”


“Ah?” Yi Hai Lan caught up, “why?!”

“Troublesome.” Z L T

“That’s not a reason enough, the school rules state that every student must at least join one!” Yi Hai Lai said with gusto, “do you still want to graduate?!”

“…” It honestly didn’t matter to Xuan Mo if she graduated or not. She was stuck with this identity however, so it’s not good to derail. With that thought in mind, she figured that there would be a lot more nonsense she’d have to put up with in the future. Just the thought of that made her glum.

“Since you’re reading up on the language C, why don’t you join computing club then.” Yi Hai Lan pointed at the club at the bottom of the list, “but I heard that club’s kinda wilting, after all, the school didn’t allow students to bring their computer; electronic devices are also forbidden. Seems like the bunch of them can’t do much other than heading over to the school computer room every week, not particularly interesting.”

Not particularly interesting didn’t mean nothing… Xuan Mo didn’t know where this chain of logic popped up in her head. She recalled the task at hand that required her attention— figuring out how the Blue Planet internet worked. In that case, why not join this club. Having figured that out, she nodded her head, “where is the recruitment booth?”

“Ah, you’ve decided? It’s in the hall.” Yi Hai Lan walked towards the hall as he spoke. He seemed to have decided as well. He followed Xuan Mo, “you’re really choosing to join the computing club?”


“Don’t join that, join the same club as me, at least we can look after each other if we’re in the same club.”

“No.” Who in the world knew which lame club he’d join.

“I’m joining the Basketball club, my cousin’s* the president. It won’t matter if you join them for activities, just come and check it out.”

*  表哥 = older male cousin (“cousin”)

Xuan Mo turned without hesitation, “lead the way.”


“Basketball club.”

“Hah?” Yi Hai Lan was dumbstruck, “don’t you think you’re changing your mind a little too quickly.”

“Tell the president I don’t have time to attend the activities.”

“…alright alright alright.” Yi Hai Lan led the way, defeated.

Xuan Mo’s interview had been only a mandatory procedure since Yi Hai Lan’s cousin was here. What was strange was the fact that this guy called Shi Tan seemed to know Xuan Mo too. However, Xuan Mo was unable to find any data on him from her memory garage, so things became awkward, and that guy ended up peeking in her direction while he rubbed his nose.

After the interview, the affair regarding the club was settled. Xuan Mo started thinking about the computing class Ah Gui had arranged for her. That night, Ah Gui called: “I’m picking you up tomorrow. Go to your school entrance after your lessons end.”

“What about Brother Sen?” Though she knew Ah Hui was already her point of contact, Xuan Mo was still cautious about directly contacting someone so high up in the management chain. She’d rather be casted aside than to become a person they regard as a killing machine.

“Hehe, Ah Sen’s not exactly high up, so he’s got quite some things on his hands. I on the other hand am more free.”

Xuan Mo was speechless.

With respect to Xuan Mo’s familiarity with the art of Blue Planet people’s speech, a lot of the things people say can be extremely deceivingly persuasive to her.

Another day passed without happening. At night, Xuan Mo was greeted with her first lesson in computing.

Ah Gui drove a very mundane to send her to the base of their government organization. He brought he straight into the computer room. They went from a room with sparse computers and a few spiritless employees, to a vast space packed to the brim with hundreds of computers and hundreds of technicians after pulling apart the cupboard and pushing aside the wall. The majority of them probably didn’t know why Ah Gui brought a little girl over. The fact that they greeted him when they saw him once again proved that his status was pretty high.

Xuan Mo was not interested in finding out who Ah Gui was. She wasn’t interested about things she would be able to find out easily. Ah Gui on the other hand believed that he was still able to maintain his mysteriousness. His smile he was faking was still calm. He brought Xuan Mo to the innermost computer. There were a few people with messy hair and dishevelled clothes sitting among the cup noodle remnants.


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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

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