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There were times where humans hated the fact that they weren’t equipped with the ability to read minds.

Distrust remained between Xuan Mo and Zone seven because of that, as well as the fact that they were unable to come to a logical explanation in their heads that linked with her answer.

It was before dinner time when Xuan Mo reached home. The place was empty and quiet. When she walked into her room however, she saw large, gift-wrapped paper box on her study desk.


An emotion known as happiness suddenly rose. Though Xuan Mo still had yet to understand the purpose of this laptop, but she knew that she could do a lot, a lot, a lot more things if she was able to connect this computer.

The most stable source of information she’d been getting her information from was her memory garage, and the largest source of disorderly information she’d been getting from was her mental-net; she’d pushed them aside as so was too tired to sort them out, she had a confused mix of information she was ignoring sitting in her head. It was as though she was separated from this world by a screen yet having to gingerly tread the dividing line helplessly.

But, so long she was able to connect to the internet, she would be able to directly search about the things she wanted to understand. And, she could become stronger. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 25 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

After tinkering with the device for a bit, she followed the memory she had in her head and her own understanding. The device after enduring through this particular alien Xuan Mo’s violent installation was fixed up. She started it and connected to the internet.

It wasn’t that Xuan Mo haven’t used a computer before— she had used one before so she was familiar with the basic functions— but the functions she knew consisted of things targeted at young girls, in other words, things she wasn’t interested, in such as QQ reading. She lost interest after opening the webpage as per her memories. She opened a search engine and contemplated, before looking up things she was interested in.

The most technologically advanced weapon.THMYO IS HOSTED @ ZHANLANN TL

There were lots of results that came up. The majority consisted of information posted by official authorities such as air, navy, army, and various other sorts. Xuan Mo searched some of them up and noted down some countries.

The one she noted down were all the countries that trafficked arms to foreign dealers, and from the various information she gathered, were generally acknowledged as countries with the most powerful military. In fact, the country she was current in was considered one of them. China revealed little about what they had. Taking into account the country’s large population and the weaker foundation, their military prowess wasn’t actually very powerful.

Not only so, from the data she amassed, many of the countries had imposed embargo on arms trade with China. Looked like this developing country with much potential wasn’t in the favour of many others.

Residing alone in a civilisation that wasn’t the most powerful was a rare opportunity to her. Xuan Mo suddenly felt a sense of novelty. If she had the chance to lead the military here up against those countries, how would that turn out…

Heh, it seemed a little too far into the future for her to think about things like that, because the Blue Planet was generally still peaceful.

She searched up a few more things. After memorising a few of the key words, she dived deeper into her researched and gradually discovered that she was no longer able to located detailed information on certain weapons.

She understood what that meant. This was also the case for the universe-net. What this meant was that whatever it was she was looking up was classified and protected by either the country or an organisation.

Xuan Mo didn’t specialise in this field of expertise. Whenever she’d met with such a problem previously, she would usually get a personnel to resolve with it. The universe-net was different from the internet they had here. Universe-net encompassed the entire network of the Cosmic Coalition. It ran on “min”, which was a type of planetary force that had been used continuously for countless of years. It was impossible be proficient in this field just by learning how to utilise such a force, its attack and defense mechanisms all in one go.

The battle with “min”, something similar to the hackers on Blue Planet, on the other hand was another field of expertise altogether. It was one which Xuan Mo didn’t care about. There were lots of hidden experts that many treasured, because there would always be a shortage of professionals like these.

What differed from the Blue Planet was that the Cosmic Coalition had an even more powerful force, and that was what Xuan Mo was symbolic of— mental power. When one’s mental power surpassed a certain threshold, anything restrictive to that person was as unaffecting as passing clouds. For example, when the over-protection of important and confidential information resulted in the recession of technological advancement, mental power wielders experts who had undergone training would be gathered to tear down the obstruction with their formidable mental power with pure violence.

Such a situation usually resulted in war between the two countries, and possibly even violent, inter-galaxial demolition, so there was no way happenings as such could be suppressed and kept up wraps. Pretty much all of the people with such accomplished level of mental power were controlled by the military. These people not only were required to have complete control over their own mental abilities, they must also be equipped with the vastest and most potent mental abilities. Every time such an operation took place, the entire universe-net would be affected in some ways.

Just imagining the idea that someone previously connected to the universe-net prevalent in Cosmic Coalition suddenly being severed from it was something that would never happen in several hundred years. The only reason that something like that could happened was either one, the galaxy was destroyed, or two, there was an extremely violent cyber-war. And in such a world where there was no way one could keep a secret, this strong person would very quickly realised that someone would battled against the force of “min” was termed by the people—min-annihilator.

And, very unfortunately, student Xuan Mo was a min-annihilator.Z L T

The powerful detonation of mental power she’d did once had shocked the entire universe-net. From then on, Abdory’s name earned herself a solid seat on the ranks of min-annihilator. Not only so, she’d also reached the peak of ranks with the three victorious wars and replaced her previous superior Marshal Feng Hua.

She recalled the her outstanding achievements from then, then looked at the computer before her that required to be linked with a cable to the modem to connect to the wifi, and couldn’t help but sigh in speechlessness and disbelief.

What was even more unbelievable was that she was blocked out by the teeny-weeny firewall that’s set in place by Blue Planet beings. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 25 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Though she wasn’t an IT personnel, some of the most mind-blowing classified data back in the universe-net were works by her, but, look at her, look at her today!

Back at Scorpio Planet, one required an intermediary in order to break past the net with violence, else, that person’s mental power would not be able to transmute into force viable to go up against the force of min. Now that she was dealing with such an ancient device that even required the despicable yet much-loved cables had someone who didn’t have a background in the operation of such tools like Xuan Mo feeling terribly stressed.

She suddenly recalled the conversation in the afternoon.

“So long you fail to explain your situation, we would not be able to place our trust in you. What we need is a warrior that is completely within our control. From the looks of things however, even you yourself didn’t know if you could be trusted. In that case, we can only afford invest in a to cooperation rather than an employment. Hence, as our associate, we hope that we have the right to have our own secrets and build a foundation of trust. To begin, we would like to request something from you— now, and in the time to come, to remain true to your current stand. Are you able to do that?”

Xuan Mo spent close to a minute digesting his bush-beating before firmly shaking her head.

Uncle Wu was speechless. The rest of the people were also speechless.

“Then what do you have in mind?” Z L T


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