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Xuan Mo wasn’t allowed to leave if she didn’t receive the instructions to. After calling that other server to serve Cheng Ming Xuan, she was being followed by some people who didn’t want to mind their own business. Though she managed to evade all of them, she still couldn’t help but feel annoyed. Those people sure were annoying to wait upon.

Zhuang Yu, or Bai Ting Xi, after finishing her song introduced the various wines with the other female MCs. After that ended, a soft background music played. There were revolving lights in the hall. Some began trying out the new wines, while others walked over to the dance floor.

If Xuan Mo had failed her part of the mission, then Zhuang Yu would then need to invite Cheng Ming Xuan to dance. Now that Xuan Mo has completed her segment, Zhuang Yu needed to approach those who didn’t managed to get bugged and invite them to dance according to instructions from the team and attempt to bug them once again.

After Xuan Mo received several instructions as well, she slinked through the crowd discreetly, bugging several other people. Her swift moves elicited hoots of praises from the surveillance team; there was zero chance that she would get caught.

Xuan Mo suddenly retracted the hand that was about to install a bug, and instead walked past the target as though nothing happened.

When the surveillance team saw that she didn’t bug the target this time after multiple successes in hooking them in on new sources of verbal information, they started asking her what was wrong.

“Someone’s tailing me.” Not only did her mental power sent her warning signals, she even “saw” the person heading over. “If I may eliminate the witness, I can continue the mission.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 24 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢


The team immediately broke into cold sweat: “Don’t, don’t!”

And so, Xuan Mo continued circling the surroundings leisurely as she carried her tray. Just as she returned to her standby position in the corner, she saw a man dressed in black suit slowly walking over to her previous target. His hand swiped the target’s bottom half, before turning to leave as though nothing happened. After which, he stood at a location not too far from her and constantly shot her looks of confusion.

Xuan Mo handed another someone a glass of wine. She looked at the man, contemplated for a moment before suddenly walked towards a group of people.

When Xuan Mo moved, he followed her briefly, not seeming to pay much heed to concealing his tailing. Xuan Mo acknowledged a request and handed a glass of wine over. Her hand patted  her clothes as though dusting something, before heading back, brushing past the man that was closely tailing her.

The man squinted at Xuan Mo’s silhouette before heading over to the guest who had requested a glass of wine. When he checked him, he didn’t find anything.

“Wu Qi, you fixed another bug? On who?” The surveillance team received another source.

“The person tailing me.” Xuan Mo returned to her corner calmly. After being silent for a moment, she suddenly said, “The bug will drop on its own right.”

“Of course! Else are we supposed to remove them one by one on our own?” After that, she heard muffled sounds; though the mic was covered, the voices were still extremely clear to Xuan Mo, “who taught her how to anti-track.”

“Not sure…”Z L T

“…she’s probably just too talented.”

Xuan Mo stood for a bit before walking all over the place. The man continued tailung her, but after multiple checks and coming up with nothing, he could only glance in her direction in confusion occasionally–that was when she begin her mission.

Brother Sen gave her fifteen bugs. She’d only used seven; she had eight left. She decided not to waste resources and then bugged all the targets that, upon checking with her mental power, not been bugged yet.

She had nothing to do anyway.

When she finished her bugging, the entire team in the surveillance room became mad busy. This mission wasn’t extremely important, so the people sitting in the surveillance room were all subordinates bringing some new guys and assisting others. They have never surveillanced so many people in one go. There were lots of new sources coming in; Xuan Mo brought in a lot of sources. The others on mission upon completing their missions too brought in many sources.

“Wu Qi, you’re so amazing, it’ll be such a pity if you don’t go to logs!” Someone joked from the other side through the earpiece. Tightly after, they went to listen in on the sound coming from Xuan Mo’s side.

Though bugging someone seemed easy from Xuan Mo had completed it some swiftly, it wasn’t actually so simple. Anyone on such a mission had to be calm from inside out so their hands wouldn’t shake. The more experienced ones would attend to the guests needs while observing after completing their missions out of caution. The newer ones usually wouldn’t be confident of taking action when the opportunity arose. They’d be overcautious, super vigilant and super alert to the point that they were hypersensitive; they’d always seem to feel people’s gazes on them, and always seek new chances to strike when they miss the previous one.

And so, after the experienced guys completed their jobs, they would begin to observe the newer ones on the job before coming up with evaluations of them. For example, that person’s expression was too unnatural, that guy’s too much of a coward, that one’s clever but not quick-witted enough, et cetera…

Tightly after their evaluations of them was their evaluations of the active Xuan Mo. Other than the uniform positive remarks, their only other comment was: did she have any other expressions aside from her expressionless one?

Meanwhile outside the scene, Brother Sen sighed. No wonder the military wanted to place importance on her growth; she’d definitely going to land herself in the action team.

The first half of the dinner, seemingly of peaceful ambience, ended with a tense atmosphere characteristic of the multiple surveillances under wraps, while the second half was much calmer. The prolonged surveillance began. Now that there were no longer any instructions from the surveillance team, everyone had the freedom to do as they wished according to their roles, so things were a lot more relaxed for them.

What Xuan Mo was the glumest about was the fact that she needn’t take action regarding her mission to protect her target, because there was really no one around that wanted to make any moves on her target.

The dinner ended.”THMYO IS HOSTED @ ZHANLANN

The guests started leaving. The servers too starting leaving one by one.

After Xuan Mo handed in the so-called duty card and stepped out, she heard instructions from her earpiece once again. The instructions this time, compared to the light tone, was coated with a tinge of graveness: “Wu Qi, reach location A in one minute.”

When she alighted Brother Sen’s vehicle once again, he had a grave expression on his face. He brought Xuan Mo silently over to a tall building. Xuan Mo’s memories hinted that the building was a large-scaled government owned enterprise, and was it the dream of many hardworking people to join.

She followed Brother Sen, entering the skyscraper through the employee’s entrance, and went up to the thirty-second floor. They passed many doors before entering a large meeting room that was at the end of normal office area. There were quite a number of people seated inside. She was the only one from the reserve team that was present.

There were people from all walks of time, the majority of them however were middle-aged; there were only a handful of young people. They were discussing something. Upon her entry however, the people stopped, and turned their gazes over to her.

Xuan Mo was completely unaffected by their looks; it was akin to a dinosaur being stared at by a bunch of ants. She wondered for a moment about why the ants had nothing better to do than to stare at her, but she couldn’t be bothered to move. Not feeling the tire, she continued standing pin-straight.

“Wu Qi?” The man at the end asked.

He was the person who gave the last command.

“That’s me.”Z L T

The middle-aged man gestured at the seat at the opposite end: “Sit.”

Xuan Mo sat down at his gesture.

“I am your superior, the in-charge for Province Z in Zone Seven. You can call me Uncle Wu.”

“Noted.”Z L T

“We’ve seen information of you since your birth.” Uncle Wu’s expression was grave. “You are a talented person. We do not wish to doubt you, but there are some things we must clarify.”

Xuan Mo wasn’t foolish, so she knew what he wanted to ask. She nodded her head: “Enh, ask.”

“According to our understanding, you have never encountered any sort of training that is similar to what we do since birth, for example anti-tracking, bugging someone so smoothly, boxing and shooting, and your stamina… in fact, before you entered high school, before this summer that is, other than outdoing yourself and getting into First High, your performance had been very mundane. However upon entering first year in high school, you suddenly became the centre of attention. We want to know how you did that.”

Before Xuan Mo could reply, he added seriously: “We hope you can reply as per how things are.”

“Enh, as how things are.” Xuan Mo replied earnestly. “My confession to Yi Hai Yang was rejected, so I committed suicide, died, and came back to life. And then I became like this.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 24 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

“Like what?”

“What do you think?”

“…” Uncle Wu opened and closed his mouth, before shaking his head as he smiled bitterly. “Do you think we will believe that?”

After which, he surveyed the surrounding: “Any of you believe that?”

“If it’s fiction, I might believe it.” A youth smiled, “it’s too fantastical, like a reincarnation novel–coming back to life after dying, and obtaining supernatural powers.”

“Supernatural powers? What is supernatural powers?” Xuan Mo asked instead of replying. “This is the truth, I lack the professional terms and knowledge to dissect my situation so feel free to head-cannon the remaining.”

The place delved into silence.

The situation was rather awkward. The masses were already puzzling over her change. If she were to say that she’d undergone special training, then they would in turn shift their suspicion to the reason behind why she’d engage in such special training, and whether she was a mole from another country. However, the problem was–her behaviour was too strange. She seemed to lack any manner of disguise and displayed how thoroughly she’d changed, and that was extremely dubious.

A normal mole would first cover things up. No moles would be as high-key as her, unless they were fools, or not a mole to begin with.

Her performance till had shown that she wasn’t foolish. If that was the case, then exactly why did she become like this?

The truth, with supporting documents, did show that she had changed largely over the night–the night before First High’s start of school examinations, she was still an awkward girl, but the next morning when she returned home in a hurry after the first Math examinations, she had been quiet throughout. That was the time when she transformed from a person known for being terrible with science subjects to the first year student that the others zealously dub “queen of science” behind her back.

Her huge change happened that night, or that morning.

Information on her could be gathered easily, they only needed to prompt the friends around her, or scour through the surveillance. The easier things seemed on the surface however, the murkier the actual situation would be.

The most important point of all was that information had clearly shown that the total number of foreigners she’d encountered before could be counted with a single hand, the and total times she’d encountered foreigners also could be counted with a single hand.

If things were really as per what she’d said, that she’d been romantically scarred and committed suicide, then was her story the beginning of a supernatural tale?

If that was the case, then if word got out, would that encourage other countries, in an attempt to nurture supernatural beings, force their subordinates to confess, get rejected and commit suicide…

Or would people then believe that they can become a supernatural being by confessing, getting rejected then committing suicide…

No no no, if such word got out, his people would be the first to get wiped!

And also, was this even the truth to begin with?

His gaze of confusion once again shifted over to envelop Xuan Mo. Though her explanation was completely illogical, it somehow sounded legit.

Xuan Mo was telling the truth, the exact truth, just that she missed out some things. Though the minor details she omitted was the important parts that decided how things turned out, she definitely would not reveal them. Even if all she’d said just now had been a lie, she wouldn’t have appeared even the slightest bit guilty before all the people at present.

Although, she had yet to learn the art of lying.

After a moment, a side door to the meeting room opened. A youth handed a piece of paper to Uncle Wu, spoke softly before leaving.

Uncle Wu’s expression changed. He looked at the paper before passing it down. When all the people had seen the paper, everyone’s expression when they looked at Xuan Mo changed.

Of course knew what that person and Uncle Wu had talked about from just now. She had just undergone a lie-detector test and the results were out; she had undeniably told the truth.

At that, she became even calmer.

The masses however were completely thrown off.

Did something like finally opening up and achieving the impossible after committing suicide really exist?

Should they find a reason to be devastated about and give committing suicide a try?


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