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Xuan Mo recuperated as per usual at night while combining the information in her head to design a suitable weapon for herself.

She evidently didn’t have her previous weapon anymore, but her mental power was already robust enough to materialise items. When she recalled what weapon she was familiar with, she realised that as long as it’s a weapon that originated from Earth… it was a weapon she didn’t know how to use. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 17 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

If it were you, would you be willing to learn how to use the bow and arrow in the museum? Or would you go to figure out how to use a lance?

Of course not.

It was foreign to the extent that Xuan Mo had no idea what they were for when she saw them.

She was definitely unable to get her hands on any firearms, so it’s down these strange cold weapons. Though she was able to at least tell which side was the one that could deal damage, but to Xuan Mo, they were as good as useless.

She sighed silently. She should just stick with using the more primal of weapons–blades–for now then. And then maybe, occasionally, use her fists.

Suddenly, a faint cracking sounded. Xuan Mo was distinctly aware that it was only four thirty in the morning, so she didn’t understand why Li Fang sleeping diagonally across her liked being the first to get up, and she got up earlier and earlier each time.

Li Fang softly got off her bed and sat herself down before the desk, then switched on her light.

Tightly after, was the sounding of flipping pages. THMYO IS HOSTED @ ZHANLANN TL

Xuan Mo sighed; she was completely unable to comprehend her actions.

Qi Shuang sleeping across her too began turning around on her bed increasingly.

Poor child, just get up to study if you want to, what are you puzzling and unsettled over at four in the morning for?

Li Fang continued flipping her textbooks all the way till five fifty-five before returning to bed and continuing sleeping. She only woke up again at seven when the school alarm rang.

The light of dawn filtered in through the windows.

Xuan Mo bathed in the buzz of vitality increasing with the continuation of the school alarm, suddenly feeling like smiling.

Rather than floating around mindlessly not knowing what to do, it’s actually… not too bad mimicking what the beings from the Blue Planet do every day and try out how life would be like without war.

When she entered the classroom in the morning, the it was very noisy; everyone was submitting their homework. People who had no problem finishing their work, in other words Han Tao and Yi Hai Lan’s friends, were surrounded by a huge crowd of people who were asking how to solve the questions they didn’t know how to do.

Fang Zhi used the blackboard instead of the textbook in his first lesson yesterday to teach a compound question. He was very detailed, but the formula involved concepts pertaining to prior junior high syllabus and the previous few chapters from the senior high syllabus. The question also involved complicated steps, hence a lot of students were confused with the question.

This was a classic Fang Zhi-styled introduction to this year’s syllabus.

The reason Yi Hai Lan got the answer right when he went up to do the question on the board was because of his luck and the fact that he copied and pasted the written formula on the example. After class ended, Fang Zhi gave four more similar questions. After the students brought it back to think on it, they were dumbfounded. The only thing that was similar about these questions to the first question was the fact that they looked the same, other than that, the difficulty was on a whole new level. Hence, the majority of the students were unable to derive any answer despite have thought about it for the large majority of the night.

The next morning, everyone came to class asking around before discovering that only some people knew how to solve the question. And so, they gathered around to ask for help, hence the “mini-consultation” sessions the few students who knew how it were giving.

In actuality though, the few who managed to figure it out were too a little confused and unsure.

The class was also newly formed so everyone was still not very familiar with each other so they didn’t dare to copy someone else’s work blatantly. Not only so, Fang Zhi usually only touched on important questions during class, so it was a must to understand how the formula worked. Therefore everyone gathered around to study and figure it out.

Therefore when Xuan Mo walked in, there weren’t a lot of people who noticed Xuan Mo walking in. Even if they did, the first thing that occurred to them was to do away with the idea of surrounding the area to ask about the question. Xuan Mo on the other hand owing to her geographical proximity stretched her hand at Yi Hai Lan: “Hand me your notebook.”

The bunch of students froze. Yi Hai Lan asked with widened eyes: “Didn’t you know how to solve it?!”

“Enh.” Xuan Mo admitted, but her hand was still stretched, “notebook.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 17 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Yi Hai Lan almost handed her his notebook under her imposing aura. However, there were many pairs of eyes staring at him so he could only clench his teeth: “Sis, there’s a lot of people here who’s waiting for my explanation with the steps. Just write anything for the questions, there’s only four of them.”

Xuan Mo raised her brows: “It doesn’t matter if I didn’t have the steps?”

“As long as you know how to do it, it’s fine.” Someone else asked Yi Hai Lan something. Lin Yue Yue and her friends rolled their eyes at Xuan Mo discreetly before pointing at the steps to ask Yi Hai Lan. There were many people around nodding and anticipating his reply.

Hence, Xuan Mo turned back, sat down swiftly and lied on the desk, unmoving.

After finally sending off the entire group of them, Yi Hai Lan saw Xuan Mo still on the desk unmoving. Previously if he were to reject her, she’d either be down enough to cry, turn away or immediately break into tears, but now…

He was starting to be unsure. When he’s trying to determine Xuan Mo’s feelings, he’s starting to use words like previously and now, but it seemed like her reactions from previously were no longer correct… if that was the case then he was completely at loss in the determination of her feelings.

He scratched his head. He was still a little worried, so he gingerly patted Xuan Mo’s shoulders.

Xuan Mo turned around, asking: “You’re done explaining?”

“Enh.” Seeing how she didn’t seem to have cried, he figured he was probably catching up on her sleep. Yi Hai Lan sighed in relief, feeling a little dismayed at the same time, “are you okay? Do you still need my notebook?”

“No.” Xuan Mo rejected swiftly. Before Yi Hai Lan had the time to be dismayed about her turning down his offer, she continued, “why’d I want something’s that’s wrong.”


“You did it wrongly.”

“Which question?”


“…” Yi Hai Lan was silent, and on the verge of explosion. “Han Tao have the same answers as me.”

“I don’t have the same answers as you guys.”

Yi Hai Lan was amused yet angry at her reply. There were only a few people in class that were able to do the question, so even if they did get one or two wrong, once they compared the answers among themselves, they’d be able to change the wrong ones over. It’s impossible for the entire class to get everything wrong yet this lil gal who had been wanting to copy their answer just moments ago suddenly decided all of them got it wrong after listening for a while?!

“If you had the answer, why did you still want to copy mine?” He evaded the key issue.

Xuan Mo frowned, appearing a little impatient: “I’m too lazy to write the steps.”

“It’s not much effort to transfer the steps from scrap paper over to your notebook, no? Just copy over straight.”

Xuan Mo didn’t feel like explaining herself, so she turned over and ignored him.

Yi hai Lan was still worried for her. Everyone knew how Xuan Mo got into the class. He looked at the question again; the steps to every question took up an entire page worth of space, and it covered a lot of different concepts. His answer looked so absolutely perfect no matter which angle he looked at his answer.

And so, the notebook Xuan Mo submitted only had her answers. The math rep later carried the entire slack of notebooks to the office.

When she was submitting her answer, Yi Hai Lan borrowed her notebook to look at her answer; it was indeed different from theirs.

Han Tao knew that Xuan Mo’s answer was different from their too. The fourth lesson mathematics finally dawned for the two mini-superman of the subject finally

When Fang Zhi entered, his expression didn’t change much. He placed the workbooks on the desks and looked at the entire class before his hand slowed raised and he pointed at Xuan Mo. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 17 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

“Xuan Mo.” Z L T

His words had everyone in class nervous, except for the mentioned person herself.

“I’m lending you class time, come over to tell everyone how these four questions are done.”


The only phrase that triggered in Xuan Mo’s head was: “This is gonna be the death of me.”

Under the gaze of everyone in class, she remained silent before starting to flip open her math textbook.

The whooshing of flipping pages sounded.

Fang Zhi remained in his imposing posture. After this morning, he realised that this expressionless girl flipping her textbook would definitely bring him his first glory as a teacher. He could imagine how the situation this morning was just by looking at the workbook answers–one versus twenty-nine others, yet she stood firm.

The more he thought about it, the more pumped he was. He’s completely not considered the fact that it could possibly be because Xuan Mo was too lazy to bother and just handed in her paper, hence as to why the majority of people didn’t understand why it was Xuan Mo who needed to teach them how to do it.

The other people however weren’t as idiotic. It was probably because Xuan Mo had it done completely correct.

If that was the case, why’s she flipping her textbook now though?

“Mo Mo, why are you looking at the textbook now? Hurry come forward.” Fang Zhi patted the table softly, smiling amiably.

“Hold on.” Xuan Mo replied, “I’m looking at the concept and th formula.”

The tumbling sound of someone falling reverberated.

She was too occupied crafting her weapon last night so they only wrote the answer down after looking at the question; she had not at all looked into the Blue Planet method to solving the question. Hence when she saw everyone writing the working steps, she figured it’d be good for her to copy some too, but in the end she didn’t manage to so she didn’t bother.

Much less the rest of the people were wrong though.

She didn’t want to be a deserter, so she could only tank it.

Her mental web swept all the useable formulas and concepts available as well as how the examples did the workings calmly.

When she finally grasped some of it, she walked up, took the chalk from Fang Zhi’s hand and wrote the first question.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh, she scribbled three lines worth of formula and then two more lines of concept.

Following that was the answer.

Xuan Mo placed the chalk down, as though she was going to turn around. The students were shocked, that can’t be it right!

As expected, Xuan Mo turned and starting explaining: “First substitute this, this and this into the first formula, then substitute the product of that and this into the second formula. Lastly, use the constant derived from this concept and the product and substitute it into this formula then you will get two answers. Use the second concept to determine the final answer, and you’re done.”

The classroom was silent. Z L T

The students looked at Xuan Mo dumbly. Did she just finish explaining everything with just the few formulas and concepts on the board with even any doubts? And, what was she referring for this, this and this? At least point to the value or something!

Fang Zhi wa dumbstruck too. He’s met students who had no idea how to explain, but he’s never seen someone who’d be so bad at this! Was she trying to make a fool out of herself by trying to sound smart? The students were a little unsure about the concepts to begin with, but that could be resolve by simply directioning them in the correct way, but after Xuan Mo’s explanation, she’d pretty much scrunched up whatever’s left of clarity they had with their concepts into fried dough twists!

What he going crazy or something! Fang Zhi almost wanted to slap himself!

Xuan Mo was very obedient. When she saw the student’s lack of response, she continued explaining without much concern over if they understood it or not. Fang Zhi immediately rushed up and stopped her as he smiled: “Ohehehehe, just one question is enough, I’ll, hah, I’ll continue from here… cough, thank you, you may return to your seat!”

No matter how students made a mess out of their explanations previously, he’d definitely be able to somehow manage a few words of praise, but with regards to Xuan Mo’s explanation, he really couldn’t go against his conscience…

Xuan Mo, of course, wouldn’t self-seek trouble. She immediately left the dais. When she returned to her seat, her brow raised slightly.

The seven zone people sure were fast to get into action.


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