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Let’s not talk about how Zone Seven functioned and how they got activated, because before that even happened, Fang Zhi had already imploded in front of the classroom. He’d originally wanted to borrow Xuan Mo to motivate the remaining students. Very obviously however, not getting her back to her seat in time would create an opposite effect. He still had yet to figure out exactly what went on inside that gal’s head. Exactly how did the cogs in her head churn? No matter what though, it was still good that the class had a role model to follow.

“Look at this, is this not a simple question? It only needed some knowledge of what you’ve learnt recently, but you still couldn’t solve them! Did none of you revise? I clearly remember I taught this before, even Yi Hai Lan somehow managed to get it once when he came up to do it on the board, but what happened after y’all went home? Did you open your textbooks? Look into the questions? Understand it? What with the poor attempts before even trying to sort out the correct method, are you getting it done just for the sake of getting it done? You’re the ones making do with me now, but later in life, it’ll be the society that’ll be making do with you!”

Xuan Mo upon realising that the things Fang Zhi were sprouting were useless stuff, she gradually shifted her mental web to cover the entire dormitory building. There was a plain, white minivan parked there, with a few males in blue uniform crowded around discussing something. After which, they went around the dormitories inspecting room by room under the lead of the dormitory aunt. Of course, their inspection also included her room, 302. The amount of time they remained in each room were around the same as they checked the pipes and water meter. Even under the blazing stare of the dorm aunt though, those few humans still somehow managed to do something to her dorm without the aunt realising.

Of course, with respect to how unknowingly they did it, it was merely a Blue-Planet level kind of unknowingly. And Xuan Mo was of course someone that didn’t abide by the Blue Planet’s law of nature.

She watched the few Blue Planet beings do their little thing almost from above, before her eyes squinted, her lips tilting into a slight smile.

She definitely understood why they did it, and neither did she find what they did taking things too far. All they did was to implant some bugs in very discreet (at least to Blue Planet beings they are discreet) that weren’t visible nor audible.

Blue Planet females would probably break down if they found out there were people watching them when they changed in the toilet after all. THMYO IS HOSTED @ ZHANLANN

“That’s why I said your foundations are not solid enough! Don’t think that you are amazing just because you entered First Class! If you can’t spur yourself on, you will forever remain where you are! Math is one of the most important subjects during the university entrance exams, you are able to know exactly how many marks you scored! You are able to know you are worth entering which university! Don’t think you’re great just because you can speak a little English or Mandarin! If you’re not strong in Math, everything else is as good as passing clouds!”

Fang Zhi mixed some trending phrases into his verbal vomit, thinking he was being very humorous. In response to his words though, was a sea of heads; students who managed to enter First Class generally had extremely high self-esteem, so his reprimanding was such a blow to their self-esteems that they felt like they couldn’t even raise their heads.

He sighed again, before turning to Xuan Mo: “Xuan Mo, while everyone’s here I should make it clear that rules are still rules, even if you have the ability to figure out the answer just by looking it, you still need to follow the steps, because you’re attending the exam to get to university. During the exams, the answer is not everything, it’s the steps that are important. The one written method is granted as many marks as one written answer. Even if you can’t be bothered to write, do remember to write down the method on the exam script, got it?”

Seeing how he’s already make things seem very acceptable, negotiable even, he’d thought that Xuan Mo would definitely accept it. Who knew that Xuan Mo frowned instead: “What if you don’t know how to write the method?”

“Don’t know how to…” Fang Zhi choked. He held in the impulse to slam the table and bellow, “how did you get the answer if you don’t know how to write the method then?!” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 18 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Xuan Mo no longer wished to argue with him over these questions, so she shrugged very humanely and minced her lips: “Okay, I’ll try.”

Feeling as though his words made no impact, the senior Fang Zhi was worried he would just lose consciousness on the dais right there and then. He was a competent teacher, but he wasn’t so devoted to the job he’d willingly sacrifice while he was at it. Let’s forget that then. Clenching his teeth, he continued explaining the remaining questions, dragging the lesson more than ten minutes later than when it should have ended before dismissing the class.

The entire class was beyond hungry. When they saw Fang Zhi leaving the class, many collapsed on their tables. It was already too late to go to the canteen to grab food, so they might as well rest, either that or they head out with their friends to grab a quick bite with they hung out. Xuan Mo on the other hand hopped up very energetically, before running out the classroom quickly.

The masses exchanged looks. Though they have only got along for a few days, everyone knew Xuan Mo was someone who would do something at the best possible pace as though she was in control of everything from the conscious and unconscious gazes they’ve been shooting in her direction. When had she been so urgent ever? Was she hungry? So her image shedded when she was hungry?

Tian Jin Jin and Qi Shan have already eaten and were already back at the dorm. When they saw Xuan Mo head in, they pointed at the packet of food on her desk as they smiled: “We saw that your class dragged and knew that you definitely won’t be able to go to the canteen so we got you some food, there’s sweet and sour pork and garlic-fried veggies!”

Xuan Mo, obviously, was happy. Though she didn’t like eating, she knew what was good from bad, and so held her eagerness in and sat down, downing a big part of it before washing the container and climbing back on her bed.

“Aye! Don’t sleep after you’ve just eaten! You’ll get fat!” Qi Shan shouted from below, “come teach me how to do these questions first!”

“Later at night!” Xuan Mo’s muffled voice sounded from above; her entire being was already submerged in the depths of her blanket. Z L T

She felt around, feeling that extremely thin metal strip between the wall and her bed. There was a very intricate circuit board on it. From the thin metal strips connecting the entire board she’s seeing, the technology she could see from this bug was evidently higher than technology that’s prevalently available..


She really fell asleep after a while; she had no choice either.

Despite the technology being more advanced, and even if it did managed to hear her, it was so obvious to the extent that she could detect it just with a simple sweep of her mental powers. How was that even a bug? And didn’t that entail that she could perform however she wished before this thing?

After Fang Zhi’s reprimanding, and their form teacher Lin Fei’s encouragement, and the various strange stuff that each subject teacher pulled, the students moved into the right path. Other than sweeping through the several dictionaries and assessment questions and grammar rules books she could find, her English was now at a level where at least she wouldn’t fail. For Mandarin on the other hand, it was useless even if she memorised the entire dictionary… she really couldn’t do the comprehension and essay, which were the two main sections that made up the subject.

Lin Fei and Xuan Mo’s mother found such a situation extremely strange. Xuan Mo’s English and Mandarin were the ones that pulled up her score previously, but why was it that her langage suddenly became her poorest subject after the holidays? To the extent her results were poorer than those from the normal classes.

She couldn’t do anything about it either. Language was a subject that required real-life experiences. Xuan Mo didn’t even manage to inherit the deep deep deep feelings the original owner had for Yi Hai Lan, so how would she be able to inherit the more-than-a-decade worth of life experiences?

Speaking of Yi Hai Lan, he was a monster too. In Xuan Mo’s memories, Yi Hai Lan had always neither been friendly not aloof towards the original owner. Though he was very caring, he was definitely not close to her. To be frank, she could understand why, after all, the previous Xuan Mo was as sticky as gum, if Yi Hai Lan was even a little bit careless, he’d probably be stuck to death.

Now that Xuan Mo wasn’t sticky, he himself became sticky, calling for Xiao Xuan Xuan or Xiao Mo Mo all day long. He was so close to flinging an arm across her shoulder and sticking around her all day long. Even so, Tian Jin Jin and Qi Shan found it beyond amusing. Yi Hai Lan was quite well known even in the entire school. It wasn’t that there weren’t handsome guys in school, but the handsome ones weren’t as smart as him, and the smart ones were as handsome as him, so he was what one would dub perfect, and he had a likeable personality. Hence as to why bubbles of love seemed to be sprouting from Xuan Mo’s dorm every day.

Xuan Mo was very aware that the people from Zone Seven probably even went to look up Yi Hai Lan because of this…

Her life continued self-centrically and low-keyed-ly. All until a month ago when her brother, Lu Yu Chen recovered and returned to school obediently without even needing his father to escort him in.

Of course, as to whether that was because he knew Jing Teng High no longer had a place for him or if he really wanted to improve himself here, she didn’t know.

After his first lesson, the first thing he did was to come look for Xuan Mo.

The tall, lithe figure stood blocking the entrance. Very accustomed to strutting around like a boss back in Jing Teng, faking it had already melded into his bones, so the imposing aura he gave off unknowingly, coupled with his annoyingly decent appearance, had the people spectating in admiration and intimidation.

Xuan Mo knew he was at the entrance but being the her who completely did not comprehend how interpersonal relationships worked around here would definitely not head out if she wasn’t summoned. And so, the expression of Lu Yu Chen waiting outside darkened. Major Xuan was still sitting at her seat, still as a mountain, appearing as though she was studying while she cultivated.

“Xuan Mo!” He shouted through clenched teeth, “will you die if you come out on your own without me calling for you?!”

Xuan Mo closed her book, stood and headed over to where he was. Disregarding the strange looks from people around her, she said coldly: “If your attitude gets any worse, you really might just die.”

Lu Yu Chen almost exploded. He really didn’t get how his timid little sister suddenly became so aggressive. But what was important wasn’t this, but…

The tall youth lowered his head, muttering: “Sorry, and, thanks.” Z L T

“Oh,” Xuan Mo didn’t pretend she didn’t hear wrongly. It wasn’t much effort on her end helping him, so she didn’t really mind the apology or gratitude so she accepted it blandly, before asking, “anything else?”

After Lu Yu Chen finally completed what he’d been thinking of doing for the past month, he didn’t mind Xuan Mo’s nonchalance to his apology and gratitude. Maybe perhaps he’d already subconsciously expected and accepted such an attitude from her. And so, he shook his head: “Nothing else, oh but, there is something…”

Xuan Mo looked at him.

Lu Yu Chen suddenly squinted his eyes, before pulling Xuan Mo’s head flush against his chest, scrunching her hair as he scolded: “You heartless girl, you brother I’ve been severely injured and disabled, and I’ve been stuck at the hospital for an entire month! Even relatives I’ve never seen before came to visit me, yet I didn’t even catch the slightest shadow of this little sister I have! That’s just too much!”

Xuan Mo didn’t sense any negative intention from Lu Yu Chen, so she let him be while he messed with her hair. It was similar to when they joked around with their comrades, and even when their jokes evolved into flaming each other, none of them took it to heart and still continued making a ruckus. She didn’t find his action too much, and after she realised she couldn’t escape his grip when she made a lackadaisical attempt, she let him continue.

Lu Yu Chen felt terribly sulky and angry. Yes Xuan Mo saved him, but while he was hospitalised, he’d been hoping to see her around but he ended up not seeing the person he wanted to see the most. People he found annoying, on the other hand, crowded him like no tomorrow, so that got him beyond glum to the point he wanted to just dash to her school; so, this was him getting his payback.

“Brother I’ve been counting on having a promising little sister so she’ll be kind-hearted enough to look after us when she grows up, but who knew she’d turn out to be an ingrate! Why? What’re you glaring at me for?! Did I bully you previously, you’re the one that made it seem as though we were enemies…” The more Lu Yu Chen said, the more derailing it was. Xuan Mo couldn’t help but glare even harder. Please, the previous Xuan Mo so scared of him she could almost die whenever she saw him, so was he referring to some other Lu Yu Chen or something?

The two of them bantered on till the bell rang. Lu Yu Chen finally released Xuan Mo, helping her tidy her hair in a rush. Xuan Mo on the other hand combed through it mindlessly: “You can leave now.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 18 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

“Oi!” Lu Yu Chen was very aggrieved.

“Unless you want to attend this lesson?”

“…” Lu Yu Chen turned to leave. After taking a few steps however, he couldn’t help but turn back, asking earnestly, “Xuan Mo, look for me if there’s anything in the future, okay?”

He sounded terribly protective.

Xuan Mo looked at him silently, her eyes dark.

“Why?” He scalp felt numb from her staring.

Xuan Mo slowly started: “Thick-skinned much?”

When he recalled the terrifying damage she could deal, Lu Yu Chen was so embarrassed he wanted to pass away.



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