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Xuan Mo shot him a meaningful look. Shen Zhi Min almost thought that that look was directed at his tie pin for a moment: “My principle is simpleas long as it’s worth it.”

“Worth it? That means that the subject of your loyalty must align with your values and your conscience?” Shen Zhi Min expanded on her meaning.

In other words, it pretty much depends on whether she liked it or not. She didn’t know what the so-called value or conscience meant to Blue Planet beings because the owner of this body had yet to learn what these terms meant before she died. Since it didn’t exist in her memory archive, she would not understand what it meant. However, she was still able to largely grasp it at large, hence she nodded: “Roughly.”♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 16 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

“Xuan Mo student, there are many things that aren’t perfect. With light comes darkness, similarly, you cannot expect justice and selflessness to exist on their own. A lot of things that may seem to be justice requires a lot of injustice to support it. In order to upkeep the so-called justice and morals you hold dear, extreme means may be required, do you understand?” Shen Zhi Min looked at her. Xuan Mo’s perspectivethe classic headstrong impulsiveness characteristic of youths these days, coupled with high standard she had for the societywas expected. People like these were intolerable towards things they didn’t agree with where subjectivism decided their likes and dislikes, and were strangely obstinate and adamantpeople like these were the exact type the military found unacceptable.

Because the post they were recommending her to was a place where light didn’t exist at all. Their missions too, naturally, were not things that could be brought to light.

Xuan Mo raised her brows. She didn’t understand Shen Zhi Min’s agitation, however it definitely must be because he’d misunderstood something. And so, she replied lightly without much hesitation: “I’ve already proven my stand with my actions.”

Shen Zhi Min paused. She was right, she had used extreme measures to protect the so-called justicethat was exactly what Xuan Mo did. That unlucky ringleader Tang Qi Rui was a blood-stained testament enough.

“Xuan Mo, no matter what you think of it in the end, please abide with all the secrecy regulations. You can’t tell your parents about this, nor can you write this down in your diary, do you understand?”

Xuan Mo couldn’t even be bothered to shoot him a disdainful look. Not a single person from Scorpio Planet would not feel annoyed at this human soldier’s constant nagging about something so instinctive to them.

She stood, flipped through the secrecy regulations quickly before looking at Shen Zhi Min: “What do I do after I have decided?”

“You can contact me at this number.” Shen Zhi Min pointed at the chain of numbers on the last page of the secrecy contract.

“I mean, I’ve decided.”

“Already, now?”


“Alright, are you sure you don’t want to take more time to consider, that you know what path you want to take?”

Xuan Mo had the impulse to pull out a word. Her hand twitched… but her spirit blade didn’t materialise.

She hadn’t configured the compatibility of her blade and this body! Great!

Shen Zhi Min deeply came to recognise the how discontented this girl was with regards to his nagginess, to the extent he’d think that if the girl had a brick in her hand, she would slap him dead without a moment of hesitation.

After which, he swiftly produced a thick stack of paper that was crammed with words. Xuan Mo flipped straight to the end and signed her name. Before she could do it though, she was stopped. Shen Zhi Min carefully said under her deathly gaze: “You must ensure you fully digest the contract and have zero doubts before signing any contract given your soon-to-be profession.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 16 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Xuan Mo wasn’t careless nor headless, of course she’d know the importance of contracts, but would it be possible for there to be regulations, any at all, on this planet that would be restrictive on her?

Even if she was exposed, she was an invincible, unnamed and intangible alien after removing the shell she had on.

“Do I have the right to alter any of the terms?”

Shen Zhi Min expressed difficulty: “If you are not satisfied with anything inside the contract, the best you can do is not to sign it.”

“Then what’s the point in me looking through? Even if there were pits, I can only jump straight in, no?” Xuan Mo said and signed her name. It’s not like she’s signing as Abdory*, so do whatever y’all want with this shell. At max, she won’t join in on whatever it was they were playing with.

* 阿部多瑞 = Abdory; Xuan Mo’s alien name

Xuan Mo had Shen Zhi Min rendered silent. When she said something before them, it’d made himself seem as though he was an idiot. He collected all the papers and gave Xuan Mo a number: “Save this contact. If there’s anything coming up soon, we’ll be contacting you with this number. Once the evaluation is over, we’ll give you the standard phone.”

After which, he looked at Xuan Mo meaningfully: “It will be a holistic evaluation, some of which you will notice while other are more obscure, and it will be relatively long. So Xuan Mo, no matter what you’re thinking inside, you have to make sure you’ve got your values sorted out straight, understand?”

Xuan Mo shook her head. Z L T

Shen Zhi Min was on the verge of going crazy, what was the shake? Was she rejecting? Denying? Looking down on it? What exactly was this girl trying to get across!

“What is getting your values sorted out straight?” Xuan Mo was honest. The original owner did have such a phrase in her memory bank but she never knew what it actually meant, hence Xuan Mo asked.

Shen Zhi Min wiped his forehead, his reply was close to a groan: “Your values about the life and what hold close to… as to what it actually is, why not you go online or ask your politics teacher?” Dear ancestor, he’s lost to her… he mentally sobbed.

“Alright.” Xuan Mo stood suddenly. “I’m leaving.” After that, she turned to leave without a backward glance.

Shen Zhi Min had the impulse to throttle the wall upon seeing she swift departure.

They met during night study period. Night study wasn’t strict for students in their first and second year of high school, because lots of students have made it known that they had their own study methods. The school in return expressed understanding hence allowed for respective space. However, all the classrooms in the school were open to students at night, and the teachers across different subjects supervising the classroom also provided a conducive study and queries-resolving environment for them.

Xuan Mo returned to her classroom to get her school bag. She was definitely not night studying. She had a lot of other things that she had to do.

She headed off the the library first to borrow the maximum number of books–ten books—on social science and humanities. She didn’t even as much as glance at the blurb when she borrowed them all though. After which, she lugged them all the way back to the dorm. Qi Shan was the only one in the dorm at the moment, and she was on the phone when Xuan Mo came in. When she entered, Qi Shan waved her hand in greeting.

Xuan Mo nodded in return. She placed her bag down and got started on her books. She couldn’t be bothered by the incessant biocurrent noises she was hearing from Qi Shan’s side while she flipped through the pages.

She was able to scan through with her mental powers, so it made reading anything as fast as a photocopier–she could absorb everything on both pages just by glancing through, hence messy flipping of each and every page. In a blink of an eye, she’d went through three books. When Qi Shan finally hung up, she looked at Xuan Mo with wide eyes: “What are you doing? Are you looking for something?”


“Is, is it that interesting?”

Xuan Mo didn’t bother replying. She placed the fourth book down and picked up the fifth book.

“Oi oi, Mo Mo, if you’re feeling bored, you can prepare for your lessons ahead of time. Though I must admit there really isn’t much to do in the beginning of the term.”

“I’m not bored.” Xuan Mo pointed at the pile of books she hadn’t gone through, “I’m very busy.”

“…” Qi Shan didn’t know how to reply. A text came in on her phone so she turned to tap away on the keyboard instead.

While she was tapping away happily, Xuan Mo frowned. Something felt strange. She’s feeling a lot of information that wasn’t from the books flowing through the mental-net in her head, and the content seemed to be mostly leisure. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 16 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

She looked at Qi Shan at the opposite table in suspicion. When the sight and mental-net connected, she could see everything that’s happening around in her head, including the information in Qi Shan’s hands.

She was typing: “This is too troublesome! Daddy you have to get me a lappie! Sob sob!”

As she typed, the information in her mental-net was gradually taking shape as well. Nice.

Tightly after Xuan Mo closed off the her sight, she sensed another piece of information coming in from the mental-net. It was from a person called “Zhuang Zhuang”: “Alright alright, I want to see my wifey pwetty face!”

The moment Qi Shan clicked the send button, Xuan Mo once again switched on her sight and successfully “saw” the message on Qi Shan’s phone screen.

Xuan Mo was aggrieved. She wanted to re-evaluate advent of technology on the Blue Planet.

Even the bunch of Fulian Tiger Planets known to be very lacking in terms of technological advancement was able to transmit information with the contact of their antennas or by scent, and it was secure enough that mental power wielder were unable to register without a special amplifier.

And then there’s this bunch of people, who despite already knowing how to transmit information across long distances, were surprisingly unable to achieve such basic encryption!

She’s always thought the reason her menta web was in a murky state was because she had still not adapted to the environment. But no, seemed like it was because of these completely unprotected information they send out without much concern floating around in her mental field that’s fogging up her web.

She could easily see what they were keying into their devices by just simply sitting there. If it weren’t for the fact that she’d discovered that the brain development of humans was unlike anything she’d ever seen before in other creatures, and that she was at the moment unable to deduce the pattern to which the biocurrent running through their brains flowed, or how their neural network functioned, she’d be able to figure out what was going on inside their heads too. And if she did manage to, then there’s no such things as secrets to her as long as she’s on this planet, yes?

Xuan Mo couldn’t help but roll her eye upon recognising such a fact.

When Qi Shan glanced at Xuan Mo, she bumped into her eye roll. At that, she paused her typing, mincing her lips: “Mo Mo, you can’t possibly be so conservative and think that early romance is a bad thing right, blah blah blah…”

Xuan Mo raised a brow at her: “Conservative?”

“Aye, I’ve been dating Zhuang Zhuang for about a year, our relationship is really solid. I really can’t bear breaking up with him, that’s why we’re still prevailing even in high school–I’m definitely not dating him because it’s trendy to date early nowadays.” Qi Shan was earnest. “But honestly, Mo Mo, given your appearance and all, you’ll definitely regret it if don’t give dating–purely dating–a try when you’re in high school!”

Xuan Mo looked down at her book, thinking expressionlessly: was this person trying to egg her on into an intergalactic, inter-light-years and inter-civilisation romantic relationship between an earthling and an alien?

As expected, females from the Blue Planet were a bunch of people with not very quality taste…

Qi Shan knew her encouragement failed when she saw Xuan Mo’s expression. Qi Shan didn’t take it to heart though. Instead, she continued sending happy texts. Only after a long while did Xuan Mo suddenly ask: “What are you referring to when you said ‘lappie’?”

From the information gathered, asking for the definition seemed to be able to aid her communication.

“You don’t know what’s a lappie? That’s a notebook com, you don’t know that?” Qi Shan’s eyes widened.

Xuan Mo exported an image of a thin item… hah? That’s the thing?!

When she saw Xuan Mo’s reaction, Qi Shan sighed exaggerated: “Wah! Mo Mo, I’m really starting to suspect if you’re an alien! How can you not know what a laptop is?!”

Xuan Mo’s heart tightened. She really shouldn’t look down on these people too much. How did she suspect that so quickly? She shouldn’t make things so obvious huh. Thank goodness the memory archives served her well and reliably. She nodded her head, not speaking any more.

Qi Shan wasn’t satisfied when she didn’t receive a response. She continued asking: “So do you know anyone? If you don’t I can introduce you to people. So you legit don’t know anyone, or are you pretending?”

Xuan Mo after understanding that lappie was a laptop of course discarded the information source after using her. She glanced at Qi Shan blandly, saying: “Go play on your own.”

“Uh…” For some reason, Qi Shan obediently went aside when she heard the instructions from her instead of blowing up in anger.

She sat on the side dimly. After her interest in texting died down, she turned a few rounds in the dorm in boredom before saying she’d gonna turn in for the night, then became quiet.

After Xuan Mo finished flipping through ten books, she looked at Qi Shuang’s unmoving figure on the bed, suddenly realising that she’s never managed to make any Blue Planet being happy before.

But why did she have to make them happy…

Enh, she should keep things the way it was.


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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN


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