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Xuan Mo was very annoyed. She was summoned again, and this time, the person who summoned her was a soldier called Shen Zhi Min.

Every school had a United Front Department, you only see them around as military training for students, military visit, or fire drills. Even so, there were still lots of students who have not heard of such a awesome-sounding department that in fact probably only had one person managing that department.♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 15 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Shen Zhi Min was busy with work at the military so he didn’t come to their school often. However, he’d suddenly received a mission this semester. He only managed to figure things out after the the lessons started proper.

The office was very small; it was a formality of sorts to begin with so he didn’t find such treatment off-putting. After he went to the office next door to get some hot water to boil a pot of tea, he started observing the girl.

The standard of life these days were pretty decent, so it was common many people would indulge as they wished. On top of puberty, staring into the screens and books and very lacking in exercise, the majority of the kids walking around nowadays either had makeup caking their faces to the extent they were white enough to be an undead, or had countless pimples and acnes scars topping their faces.

Hence when he saw this girl with the appearance and figure good enough to be a popstar, Shen Zhi Min couldn’t help himself but started suspecting what the purpose of this mission was.

How could such a fragile person be as amazing and powerful as he had been told?

Though he was the one who managed the military training, the most he did during that event was to make necessary arrangement once in a while. He still spent the majority of his time working on his legitimate job while coming by the school to look up some files occasionally. He’d only heard of Xuan Mo’s achievements before from his comrades who had probably heard of such things during their training or something.

That wasn’t the key though.

The girl sat pin-straight. Though she didn’t appear particularly bratty or anything, he could still see her impatience from her bland expression, and so, he decided to go straight to the point.

“Cough, you’re Xuan Mo right, hello, I’m Shen Zhi Min, the head of the United Front Department in school.” Shen Zhi Min stood and stretched his right hand, greeting her as how he would to another adult.

Xuan Mo immediately retrieved information on what the action meant from her memory archives. She stood with a whoosh, stretched out her hand to shake Shen Zhi Min’s before sitting back down with another whoosh.

Shen Zhi Min, shocked with her crisp movements, suddenly felt a slight flush of red. Though he was only in civil service, he’d served three full years as a soldier, yet the girl before him appeared to be more succinct to that of a soldier than him himself. He didn’t know what to think about that… but on that accord, he listened to her properly as though he was it was a report she would be saying: “I heard about your brother. I’d like to ask if you were the one who beat up Tang Qi Rui?”

Xuan Mo didn’t reply. Her mental powers told her that even though this human male was asking her, he was already sure of the answer. She’d look pretty dumb if she were still to deny otherwise, so she decided to wait and see what he was going to do.

“I will treat your silence as acceptance if you don’t reply?” Shen Zhi Min was still dubious even though there was concrete evidence. Because honestly, probably no one would believe that such a petite, fragile girl would be so… ruthless.♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 15 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Xuan Mo raised her head, looking straight at Shen Zhi Min: “I want to see what you saw.”

Shen Zhi Min paused, not reacting for the longest time: “What?”

“There were a total of thirteen cameras that captured me from the moment I left school.” Xuan Mo summarised herself.

Shen Zhi Min finally understood what Xuan Mo meant. His comprehension however brought a deep sense of strangeness. According to the information he had, she boarded a taxi the moment she left school. After alighting the taxi, she walked for about fifty metres before reaching an alley. The cameras that captured her were for example the ones on the ATMs, the cameras at the entrance of hotels and traffic cameras at junctions. She was only captured because she passed these places… main point was that these cameras weren’t the usual camera a person would notice.

The evidence they had collected were pretty much from the cameras along the way. Even so, they only managed to locate eight that managed to capture Xuan Mo.

Initially, he was here to figure out the truth and to verify whether speculations of the people upstairs was true. Now that she’s told him herself, he couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed. Even she herself admitted that there were thirteen yet they were only to locate eight.

“Cough cough, how did you know there were thirteen cameras?”

Disdain coloured Xuan Mo’s gaze: “You want me to describe each and every one of them for you?”

“No need.” Shen Zhi Min looked at the documents he had in his hands, a little exasperated, “Then can you tell me why you did it?”

“Which are you referring to?”

“You need to understand that if we follow the evidence we have on hand, you’d be punished for the crime of intentional assault, it’s not even considered excessive defense. All the other people present, excluding your brother, testified that Tang Qi Rui, the person you almost beaten to death, didn’t even touch you.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“Don’t think of it that way, we are not threatening you, we’re only vexed that we weren’t able to send those kids to jail.”

“Then why are you looking for me.”

“Cough, about that.” Shen Zhi Min, normally a very crafty person, however was rendered speechless when met with Xuan Mo’s emotionless gaze. He pushed the documents aside, saying: “There were no cameras in the alley.”

At that, Xuan Mo finally understood: “You want me to reenact the scene?” After saying that, she looked at Shen Zhi Min, saying very surely: “If I use the same strength on you, you’d be breaking one bone less given your constitution.”♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 15 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Shen Zhi Min was very speechless. He did have such intentions in the beginning. However when he realised that this girl was equating him to a sandbag, he didn’t want to experience things first hand anymore, he’d prefer leaving such matters to those resilient, thick-skinned soldier eggheads who desperately needed some beating hehehe.

“Alright then, that’s that for this matter.” shen Zhi Min checked his watch, “the commissioner said that he’d spoken with you previously.”


“You wanted to join the military?”


“You are still not sure which field you intend to specialise in?”

“…you have intention to place me somewhere?”

“You know the current state of affairs, it is generally…”

“Don’t beat around the bush.” 

“I feel that taking the normal path to joining the military may not be very suitable for you. We do have female soldiers that are active in every battlefront, however they are still the minority. Usually, females would join military school after joining the military, then taking political posts, or what the most of them would do is be literary soldiers, then female police. Of course, female warriors and female special forces soldiers were not in the least either, but these are not occupations that last long…”

“You are taking a lot nonsense.” Xuan Mo’s gaze was already tinting slightly murderous. Though she didn’t know about these things, there wasn’t a need for her to; all she needed was the outcome.

She wasn’t emotional, nor anxious, or even curious or in anticipation–that was the reason why Shen Zhi Min kept telling her more about it, this girl was too calm, as though she wasn’t even listening to what he’d been saying.

“Eh, you’ll need to pass a series of tests. The regulations are very strict, if you manage to pass it, you are considered a soldier, except that your mission is not to participate in any war… or perhaps, I should call it a battle without fire. The prerequisites to being these military personals are a lot more demanding than that expected of a normal soldier, and they are usually scouted while they are still young around your age…”

“Undercover, special agent, spy, bodyguard?” Xuan Mo listed coldly.

“Cough cough.” Shen Zhi Min felt that he really needed to cough a bit today.

Xuan Mo observed his reaction before reaching a conclusion: “Oh, these exist?”


“Who exactly are they?”

“Zone seven reserve personals.” 

These information were definitely not imported from her memory archives, she so she could only sit and listen.

Though she didn’t express her suspicion or unsureness, Shen Zhi Min could still tell that she didn’t know about it, or perhaps, he could confirm that she didn’t know about that, because information like these were classified. It was only after he was assigned to this post for a long time, in other words, very recently, did he get to know these as well.

And if was because his mission was regarding this girl, that’s what granted him the opportunity to learn about this.

For some reason, the commissioner and team leader gave her a one-package deal and got her a slot even though they were neither related to her nor did they know her before, and this was even before a they ran a background check on her.

However, this girl’s appearance was too deceiving–she was literally born for this.

Hold on, he was actually the first stage to her background check.

“I’m not able to disclose information regarding zone seven, but all you need to know is that this is the best possible path we managed to choose for you, and that’s enough.”

Xuan Mo didn’t speak. Her path? That’s not something someone else needed to choose for her.

Shen Zhi Min was unsure what her silence meant, so he could only continue with proceedings.

“What are your thoughts on the word loyalty?”

Xuan Mo raised her gaze. She definitely knew this was the beginning of a pre-established course of proceedings, but she was unsure if her thoughts aligned with that of the people on the Blue Planet, or rather, they would definitely not align.

However, that wasn’t something she’d worry about.

“I will not be loyal to the country, I stand ground to my own principles.”

Her reply was enough to warrant her dismissal.

Anyone who was smart would know what answer they wanted to hear from her. Shen Zhi Min frowned, and couldn’t help but gaze at his chest; the tie clip on his uniform was actually a microphone.♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 15 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

In such circumstances, there was absolutely no need for him to continue asking. However, the command from his earphones sounded, telling him to ask something else.

“Do you principles and loyalty clash?” Z L T


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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN


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