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This could have been a malicious wounding case.

However, neither sides were willing to report it, so it only circulated within the school before it was suppressed. Only relevant parties were informed by the school to come down.

Xuan Mo sat before the office desk. The director of student affairs Director Yang looked at Xuan Mo gravely: “Xuan Mo, you were present weren’t you. Tell me, was there anyone from the underworld involved in this?”

Anyone from the underworld?Z L T

Something immediately popped up in Xuan Mo’s memory garage: people dangling cigars from their lips sitting on inclined chair, donned in black suits, black leather shoes, topped off with shades and a gun in their hand, and a dimmed hotel room with a pair of drunk people rolling together in dishevelled clothes having the time of their lives, trafficking of dru.gs, dra.g racing, ec cetera.

She shook her head, what did she just recall! Z L T

“No, not at all!” She was completely, absolutely and entirely sure that she had never seen people like those; they looked like Dolacians, the beings she wanted to beat up the moment she saw them.

“Really?” Director Yang’s expression was serious. “If there weren’t anyone from the underworld involved in this, then why would their injuries be so grave? I’ve seen them, that student was still unconscious, and Lu Yu Chen evidently couldn’t have caused such an injury with his own injury, unless you were the one that injured them?”

Though Director Yang’s was merely hazarding a guess jokingly, he would never have believed that such a heartless comment would come so close to the truth.

Xuan Mo wasn’t dumb. Of course there was no way she would admit it. And so, she stared back at Director Yang, saying earnestly: “I don’t know.”

“How were things when you arrived at the scene?”

“Those on the ground were all on the ground.”


“Why are you asking me if you don’t believe?”

Her reply rendered him speechless for a moment. He suddenly wondered exactly what kind of an dormantly acrid person did he throw into Class One.

It was Math lesson when Xuan Mo returned to the classroom. She knocked the door expressionlessly. Their Math teacher was the student head of their year, Fang Zhi. He was already balding despite the fact that he was only forty-plus; the most tragic sight of all on top of that was the tuft of hair stretching across the empty space that thereby created the scenic bridge crossing the vast expanse of chasm in between.

If it weren’t for the fact he was extremely competent in the subject he was teaching, such a distinguishable person wouldn’t have been allocated to Class One.

Fang Zhi noticed at Xuan Mo. He nodded at her, indicating for her to return to her seat and continued with the question on the blackboard. Xuan Mo obtained the answer to the question on the board just by giving it a glance when she walked past. So when she returned to her seat, she took out a book and started looking at the concepts and formulas. She used the home-planet’s method to solve the questions, so she wa able to produce an answer, but she wouldn’t be able to give the steps.

Fang Zhi finished solving the question on the board, overlooking all the confused gazes from below. After which, he erased the example question and wrote another similar one beside it. Then, he turned to look at the class, holding the chalk out.

He wanted to pick a student to come up to solve the question.

Everyone beneath lowered their heads in guilt. Fang Zhi surveyed the class and picked the student sitting behind Xuan Mo: “Yi Hai Lan, come up and solve this.”

She heard Yi Hai Lan bitter laugh. He slowly stood, went on the dais and took the chalk. He looked at his notebook in one hand, and looked back at the practise question before beginning.

The process was long. He wrote two steps, paused to think, then did some rough working where there was space by the side, before realising he’s got something wrong in front, wiped it off and rewrote it.

Fang Zhi did not appear impatient throughout the entire process, nor did he give any indication that he was going to step in to give a hint or two. All he did was to stand there and look quietly, occasionally noticing Xuan Mo’s reaction with the corner of his eyes.

If she didn’t enter the class halfway through, he would have picked her. Judging from their exams in the beginning of the term, Xuan Mo’s should undeniably rank first for math in their year, and teachers adored top-notch students like her.

Yi Hai Lan’s scrunched face looked like a Chrysanthemum flower. When he finally managed to complete the steps and obtain the answer, he sighed, threw the chalk down and got off the dais. Mutters sounded around the classroom; not only was the person solving the question tired, even those who were looking at him solve the question we’re tired.

Fang Zhu watched him complete the question, so the moment Yi Hai Lan returned to his seat, he evaluated the solution: “This step is unnecessary. The formula is used wrongly, but the answer is correct. You’re missing an important step between these two steps… you should have written the formula here, it’s a must to include the formula here. Even if you get the calculations wrong, you’ll still get one mark if for the formula… enh, the answer is correct. Enh not bad, you got it after we went through the question once…” He turned to look at the class: “Raise your hands if you still don’t understand, be honest.”

He was sure that there were a lot of people in class that didn’t get it. From experience, if one person raised their hands, there would be a lot of other who would raise their hands after that, else, the entire lot of them wouldn’t raise any of their hands.

Though he would feel unaccomplished if there were a lot of students who didn’t get it, it was still better than pretending you know.

In the end, someone raised their hands, and that student raised it without any hesitance.

That student was Xuan Mo.

If Xuan Mo didn’t understand, then it wasn’t anything to be ashamed of to not understand as well. And so, a bunch of hands popped up like bamboo shoots sprouting  in spring.

Fang Zhi did not understand: “Xuan Mo, you don’t understand?”


“Which part do you not understand?”


“…alright, it’s fine since you weren’t here when we discussed the example question.”

“No, I know the answer.”


“I don’t understand the process.” Xuan Mo paused. “Why do we need to write those?”

“Because it’s important, and they are required by the exams.” Fang Zhi replied, dumbfounded. He’d encountered all sorts of tricky questions, but he’s never encountered such a naive one before.

“Isn’t it enough to get the answer.”

“If you don’t write the process, how do we know how you managed to obtain the answer.”

“I’ve already managed to get the answer though, why wouldn’t I be able to solve it? Even if i guessed it, being able to correctly guess it is also a form of ability no, in that case, what’s the use of writing down the process?”

“You can’t just place all emphasis on the result, you also need to mind the process. You can only sort out your thought process by getting the process right, and in turn obtain the product more accurately.”

“But what if I can get the result without going through the process? Does that mean that I need not write the process.”

Fang Zhi was rendered speechless. He suddenly had the impulse to cry with the wind. Xuan Mo’s tone wasn’t imposing, rather, it was an eager one seeking advice, but that was the exact tone that had him completely at loss. He didn’t want to emphasis on examination requirements, because that would make him appear extremely driven by pragmatic gain, but he couldn’t be reply her in a hard-liner manner either, and it seemed like he wasn’t able to logically persuade her otherwise as well.

“That, Xuan Mo, it’s not too bad if you can obtain the answer without going through the process. In that case, are you able to do this?”

Xuan Mo looked at him, not speaking.

Fang Zhi turned and started writing the question on the blackboard. He wrote very quickly, finishing in a blink of an eye. Before he even gestured at Xuan Mo, he heard Xuan Mo saying: “Reporting, the following year’s profits is three thousand four hundred twenty-five dollars and forty-nine cents.”

Before Fang Zhi could react, she continued: “The answer is three thousand four hundred twenty-five dollars after rounding off, end. Kindly check.”

Fang Zhi froze. He haven’t even recalled the answer to the question… or rather, he thought of it when he was writing, but Xuan Mo’s sudden reply had completely knocked that answer out of his head.

He looked at the teacher’s guide… her answer was completely correct.

This was possible if Xuan Mo started calculating the moment he started writing, but the thing was, the important figures were at the end of the question. That pointed to only one reason–she glanced at the entire question the moment he finished writing and immediately obtained the answer…

He wanted to cry. She really didn’t need any process to get the answer! ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 14 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Fang Zhi didn’t want to waste class time to discuss the need for process with Xuan Mo. Though he personally didn’t feel that it was a waste of time, he felt that it he were to test Xuan Mo just a few times more, the rest of the excited students would definitely revolt… one thing was sure was that the students were extremely enthusiastic about the fact that there was someone who could undermine the authority of a teacher.

“We’ll discuss this question after class, okay?” After which, he turned to write a theorem on the board, not waiting for Xuan Mo’s reply. The classroom however was still noisy with the students’ chatters.

Xuan Mo made a non-committal reply and started flipping through her book, wanting to know if there would be anything else she wouldn’t be able to solve in the future. A light fluctuation zipped through her mental-net before a small ball of paper flew past her head and landed on her desk.

She opened the ball of paper; it read: “Xiao Xuan Xuan, you are such a god! Don’t deny it! There’s no explanation either!” —— by Xiao Lan Lan.

She reined in the instinctive pulse of biocurrent and turned to glare at Yi Hai Lan. Yi Hai Lan appeared extremely comical with widened eyes and queer smile he gave her.

Was the previous Xuan Mo blind, how was it that she managed to like such an unreliable Blue Planet being…

When class ended, Fang Zhi left in a hurry as though he was escaping. Xuan Mo didn’t intend to continue their previous discussion seriously either, so she silently packed her things. The next lesson was language, and that was a challenge for her!

Someone walked towards her; she didn’t sense any malice from that person.

“Xuan Mo, you’re so amazing, Teacher Cheng forgot to go through the question, can you teach me how you did it?” A cottequish voice sounded. Xuan Mo didn’t even need to lift her gaze to figure out who the person was.

She didn’t make any special effort to remember anyone’s names when everyone introduced themselves. The habit to encompass everything into her mental-field had already also became second nature to her from the countless battles she’d encountered, so even if she didn’t remember them, she was able to retrieve whatever information she needed automatically from her mental-field.

Lin Yue Yue, female, fifteen, according to the various sources, her appearance was considered seventeen percent above average. Her grades ranked ninth in class, meaning she was ninth in class; since personality was difficult to be quantified and she had no memories of this person in her memory archives, she currently had no information regarding her personality.

Upon obtained the information she needed, Xuan Mo pointed behind: “I don’t know, he knows.”

Yi Hai Lan had been ignored by Xuan Mo previously, so he was currently lying on the table faking death. Even so, he had his ears wide open in Xuan Mo’s direction. So when he heard what she said, he immediately reacted: “Who said I know how to solve it? I don’t know either, look at how challenging it had been for me to solve the first question, I was literally guessing my way out!”

“Looks like he doesn’t know either. You should find someone else.” Xuan Mo latched on to Yi Hai Lan’s previous statement and suggested earnestly.

No one knew what Lin Yue Yue’s agenda to approaching Xuan Mo was, but it was unquestionably not for Xuan Mo to push her to Yi Hai Lan who later pushed her back to Xuan Mo. Hence, Lin Yue Yue’s frozen figure appeared especially bleak.

Xuan Mo had flipped open her language textbook and started reading. Honestly, she’d made a copy of all the information in the textbook when she flipped through yesterday. Same as previously however, she recognised each character, she understood the sentences these characters chain into, she get the passage the sentences made up into, but she didn’t comprehend the questions they asked below the passage one bit.

To be able to comprehend, one would need to integrate oneself into the civilisation, as well as the mindset of the populace. Xuan Mo found that difficult to achieve, so she could only clench her teeth and hold on.

Lin Yue Yue paused for a while, looked at the question she’d written down on her notebook before suddenly turning to Yi Hai Lan, asking: “Class rep, didn’t you complete the first question, the second question should be similar to the first one, so you probably would be able to know how it works.” Her notebook had already landed itself on Yi Hai Lan’s table as she spoke.

Yi Hai Lan raised his brows. His lips twitched, evidently unhappy, but she did call him class rep, so he should carry out his responsibility… “Stidy rep! Han Tao! Tao’zi! C’mere and teach her how to do this question!”

After which, a lanky guy stood reluctantly, placed his own notebook on Lin Yue Yue’s desk and spoke to her across two large groups of people: “I’ve already got the process written down. Through look it yourself, you can ask me if you see anything you don’t understand.”

After that, he went back to his seat and returned to reading his book.♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 14 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Lin Yue Yue kept the notebook she’d actively placed on Yi Hai Lan’s table with a pale face. Her frozen figure and ashen face upon sitting back down at her seat was quite comical.

Yi Hai Lan chuckled unkindly. When he saw Xuan Mo’s unmoving figure as well, he suddenly sighed.

Why did he feel like his childhood friend was drawing further and further away from him?


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