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“Ah Chen, you know us, we’re never one to ask for too much.” The ringleader’s eerie voice sounded. “Our congratulations for entering to First High, but you shouldn’t have dumped my younger sister. What, did you think we’re a bunch of clowns? You think she’s a girl you can have a fling with just cuz you wanted a fling? Are the bunch of us just for show? You think you can play then run? Let me tell you, you better settle this for once and for all, else we’ll settle you!”

Lu Yu Chen coughed a mouthful of blood, staying silent. The girl by the side on the other hand started sobbing: “Sob sob, brother, don’t hit him anymore.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 13 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“Why? You’re pitying him? Why didn’t you pity him when you wanted me to teach him a lesson?”

“Sob sob, but I didn’t ask you to break his limbs!”

“The hell! Do I look like a robot to you? Do I look like I can calculate how much strength I exert when I hit something?! Since I’m beating him up, of course it’ll be as hard as I can, you get it?”


After listening for a while, Xuan Mo suddenly felt that involving herself in something like this was too low of her.

She’s never seen something like this happening among her before in the past before. Marriages back in her planet were pre-allocated by data, so falling for other people at one’s free wild was very rare. Even if it did happen, they’d slowly come to the realization that their partner pre-allocated by their genetic data was a much better match, so something like this would never happen… and there was also no need for something like this to happen; your genetic data matched, so you can’t chase your partner away even if you wanted to. If your genetic data didn’t match, you can’t click even if the two people were tied up together.

Everyone was also too busy trying to cultivate, go to war, travel the galaxy, make friends, completing missions… so there was no time to engage in things like this either.

Hence, Xuan Mo found the situation extremely new, and a little extra… to the extent she was concerned that if her involvement was heard by her people from tens of millions of light years away, she’d be too embarrassed to even lift her head. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 13 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

But, she was a major, and who dared look down on a major, and the only major who used her mental powers to pass her ranking test at that?

The ringleader kicked Lu Yu Chen’s legs while he spoke. Lu Yu Chen couldn’t handle it anymore. He leant back slightly on the a pillar to pant in agony.

In the meantime, Xuan Mo’s phone suddenly vibrated. It was her mother’s text: “Mo Mo! Quickly come back home if you can’t find your brother, I’m worried about you being out alone. Believe us, we’ll definitely find your brother! Reply when you see this!”

Xuan Mo looked at the text woodenly, before keeping we phone suddenly and walking towards the alley.

When the youths suddenly saw a figure drawing near them through the alley, they became anxious. They were bullying him in a deserted place, but when someone did come, they became flustered.

“Who are you?! Can’t you see we’re busy here? Mind your own business!” A brave, loud howl sounded even though the youths were in fact scared.

Despite their shout, the figure still neared leisurely as though that person was merely walking through the streets elegantly.

Lu Yu Chen squinted at the figure who was walking against the light. He definitely wished that that was a person that could save him. However as the figure inched closer and closer, he realised that the slender, tall figure was actually slightly short, and from the figure of the person, he could tell that that was a girl.

He wished there could be a hero to save him, but he didn’t want himself to appear as a fool. Z L T

Just as he was about to tell that girl to stay away, his eyes widened as large as they could go. The calm expression on her lit-up face when she passed by under a streetlight, had him momentarily forgotting his pain and bruise.

“Xuan, Xuan Mo? You, you…” Lu Yu Chen inhaled deeply before shouting fiercely, “Get the hell out of here! Who told you to come here?!”

“Xuan Mo?” When they saw the petite girl, the ringleader delved into contemplation before suddenly smiling, “Hoh, isn’t that your little sister? Ah Chen, that’s a pretty little lolita you’ve got tucked away at home.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 13 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

After which, he stretched his hand in an attempt to grab Xuan Mo’s arm. Xuan Mo however turned discreetly, evading his groping hand. She didn’t even spare him a a glance. Rather, she stared at Lu Yu Chen, raising her brows slightly.

He was slightly bleeding internally, and has some mild internal injury. His left hand was dislocated and his hamstrings were injured. He also had a broken tooth, some of his ribs dislocated… and a slight concussion. According to the Blue Planet beings’ constitution, he wouldn’t die from such injuries. However, from the the societal perspective of this civilisation, her cheap brother really got snowed in.

Xuan Mo raised her head and carefully sized the ringleader up and down. He was fit, tall, had thick brows, and thin, long eyes; the expression he had on his face triggered a vocab from her memory archives: foul.

In that case, she shall not hesitate to take this chance to pull some of her moves to train.

The ringleader thought it was only accidental that he missed her arm when he tried to grab her, so he foolishly lurched at Xuan Mo to grab hold of her once more. When he did so however, Xuan Mo suddenly raised her head to squint at him.

Before he could react, the girl had already lunged at him, her right fist pummeling at his stomach. When the youth grunted, bending at her punch, her fist flew upwards knocking him from under his chin. Tightly after, her right fist became a claw to grip his throat while her left hand clipped his right hand he was trying to stretch. She gave a harsh tug with both her hands, pulling his neck and elbow in opposite directions. A clear cracking sound echoed before a bang sounded–the youth’s head slammed onto the lamppost by the side.

Her smooth moves were over in a flash. Everyone else watched in shock. In fact, a lot of her moves were merely an extrapolation of their imagination. But they knew one thing, and that was the fact that their ringleader fell after a second. Their tall and burly, 1.8cm ringleader had one of his hands twisted in a strange angle, and a dent at his chest. The ringleader’s eyes were wide before he slowly collapsed, spitting out a mouthful of blood that was mixed with a few teeth. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 13 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

“Two teeth multiplied by three, one rib multiplied by three, an arm… never mind one arm then, internal injury, concussion…” A clear, chilly voice rang, calculating calmly, “oh! And one more leg.”

Before the masses could react, they heard another aching crack resonating. Xuan Mo slowly retracted her leg from the youth’s knee, and recounted with her fingers, appearing satisfied: “Enh, that’s about everything.”

The youth was in so much pain he couldn’t even scream. He wished so badly that someone could just knock him out right now, or how great it’d be if he could just die….

Lu Yu Chen was the one who was the most appalled, he even lifted himself off the ground from shock, mindless of his pain, as he looked at the youth collapsed on the ground like a pile of concrete. He stuttered: “You, you’re Xuan Mo?”

Xuan Mo looked at him as though she was looking at a fool.

“You, cough… how did you.”

“Enough with your nonsense, let’s go.” Xuan Mo dusted herself, unsatisfied with the lack of workout she got. She glanced at the remaining four youths and the girl, who in turn retreated several steps as though they’d seen a ghost when they saw her looking over.

Alright then, she’s probably still going to be unsatisfied no matter how many more time she gets to move around. Hm, forget then.

Xuan Mo decided to leave in pity, not hearing Lu Yu Chen’s moans of pain. When she turned back around, she saw his face contorting in pain as he tried to lift himself off the ground in an attempt to stand. However his ankle was hurt so just standing was terribly painful.

“Get up.” Xuan Mo didn’t spare him any sympathy.

“I can’t stand.” Lu Yu Chen’s entire body was in pain; he couldn’t find the energy in him to stand at all.

“Get up.” She squinted.

“The hell! Why don’t you try standing after being as injured as this?!”

“I’ll make it hurt more if you don’t stand.” Z L T

“Are you nuts? Can’t you see my ankle is twisted?”

“I’m giving you one more chance, get up.”

“I’m not getting up! Call me an ambulance!” Lu Yu Chen muttered while he continued trying despite failing.

Xuan Mo was quiet for a moment before she suddenly squatted before him. She grabbed his collar, staring into his eyes as she said slowly: “There is no one to call you an ambulance on the battlefield.”

When she recalled that there weren’t wars going on here, she realised such a phrase wasn’t provoking enough. And so, after squeezing her brain dry, she finally managed something else: “The reason you’re here so beaten up is because you’re so soft you can’t get yourself up on your own.”

After which, she gave him a forceful push and stood by the side with her arms folded as she looked at Lu Yu Chen coldly.

Lu Yu Chen sat with both his hands flat against the ground. His eyes flashed in determination after a moment of pause. He minced his lips before he howled lowly in repeated attempts to stand. In the end, he finally managed to stand up in pain. He held onto the pillar by the side as he stood.

Xuan Mo ignored his gaze that seemed to be instinctively desperate for praise, turning to leave.

“Oi! I can’t move!” Lu Yu Chen was really out of strength, it took him a whole lot of effort just to keep himself upright.

As Xuan Mo walked away, she pointed to the sides.

He followed her point and turned to look at the ringleader’s followers standing by the side foolishly.


Lu Yu Chen very naturally pointed at one of the taller and burlier ones: “You! Come over to piggyback me!”

At the mouth of the alley, Xuan Mo stood waiting with a taxi she’d already hailed.

When the few youths brought Lu Yu Chen and the ringleader who was already in a mess to the taxi, the driver got the largest of fright when he saw their bloody appearances. Fortunately, the regulations in the city was strict and didn’t allow drivers to reject customers, so he could only regret his crappy luck as he covered the backseat in some spare plastic sheets.

After Lu Chen Yu sat in, he suddenly grabbed Xuan Mo, asking: “Why multiplied by three?”

Xuan Mo didn’t reply and closed the door instead. Lu Yu Chen rolled the window down as he looked at her unrelentingly. The surrounding youths too had their ears wide open to listen in.

“A person will die if you break four ribs…” That’s why only three of his bones were broken.  ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 13 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

“As for his teeth, it’s just a coincidence.” That must be it right, it couldn’t possibly be because of her dark humour right…

A blast of chilly air blew by. This year’s autumn must have came a little too early, the masses thought synonymously.


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