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The darkness of the night had just descended. Lots of people were crowded outside the city’s Black White Concert Hall; they were all fans that had come in advance for the concert. Everyone was an excited expression on his or her faces. Some of them had even held Shao Ji Boys (SJBoys)’s posters. There were still three hours left before the concert started yet they were already outside waiting for their idols. I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 40 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Qin Ke Xuan sat in a vehicle parked a distance from the crowd of people. As she heard the team leader explaining the details of this operation and all the various things to note, she looked at the anticipating fans, puzzled. They were just two actors of lowly and petty status, why were they granted such respectable treatment? 

“Did you memorise all the stuff I’ve said?” The team leader, the young man who had leader the way for her and Wu Lieutenant Colonel, Xu Tian Xian finished his talking.


“Then good, we will now officially enter a state of alertness.” Xu Tian Xian pressed a button on the inside of his shirt and adjusted the intercom he had stuffed in his ear. “Condor* Team A, start operation!” 

* 秃鹰 = tu ying; bald eagle/condor

“Roger!” Five voices, including Qin Ke Xuan’s, sounded in the intercom simultaneously. 

“Xu Li Mei, report your current position, over.” Xu Ti Xian as the Xu Tian Mei who was responsible for playing the role of a fan that had mixed into the crowd of people.

The codename of every member in the MI6 was their second identity, and all had the surname Xu. The five members in Condor Team A were the team leader Xu Tian Xian, team members, Xu Le Le who was Qin Ke Xuan, Xu Tian Mei, Xu Qiang and Xu Wu. In the operation this time, Xu Mei Li was responsible for fixing on a tapping device, Xu Qiang was responsible for monitoring the target’s movements while the other three were responsible for retrieving the classified information.

“I am already standing by the railings. Once they appear, I can move over immediately. Over.” 

“Okay, take note not to be the first one to rush over to avoid being seen as suspicious by them. Over.”


“Xu Qiang, report your monitoring situation. Over.” 

“They are still in the hotel. No strange movements. Over.”

“Okay, continue monitoring. Over.”

“Received. Over.”

As time passed slowly, Qin Ke Xuan sat in the vehicle leisurely and closed her eyes to rest her mind. All sorts of the team’s instructions and reportings sounded in her ears. Her time to perform was some time in the later half of the night. She would only move when the targets had ended their performance. 

Suddenly, crazy screamings sounded from outside the vehicle, and Qin Ke Xuan opened her eyes to look out. A car that was heavily surrounded halted. The car doors suddenly opened and out walked two guys wearing glinting bright clothes—they were their targets tonight. I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 40 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

They smiled as they waved at the fans that were crazily screaming, and then under the protection of a group of bodyguards, they walked down the little way the guards holding back the fans made out, ready to enter the Concert Hall. 

However, the fans that had waited for three hours weren’t waiting for nothing. They excitedly pushed and jostled against the guards, wanting to get past the blockade and go nearer their idols even for a little bit. The Xu Mei Li who was acting as a fan was screaming along with the other fans. While the guard before her was so busy he was not looking at her, her elbow slammed into his abdomen. The guard pressed against his stomach in pain on reflex and his hands that had been open to block the fans was suddenly retracted. Xu Mei Li quickly pushed a fan on her side out the hole made. The fan that had been pushed into the blocked out path was still a little stumped, but she quickly reacted and dashed towards the idols excitedly.

The other fans upon seeing that all crowded around this hole made, wanting to squeeze through. The scene immediately became chaotic. By the time the guards closed up the gap made, there was already a group of fans that had encircled the idols asking for signatures and handshakes. Xu Mei Li was among them. 

She held her notebook and very strategically squeezed over to the outer circle of the bodyguard protecting the targets. She stretched her hand that was holding the notebook and pen and handed it over to the target to sign. The idols that were being surrounded by the fans were rendered unable to move, hence they had no choice but to take those notebooks and sign it one by one. Those notebooks included one from Xu Mei Li.

As Xu Mei Li took her notebook back from the idols, she got too “excited” and her hand trembled. And so, before she could take back her notebook and pen, they fell to the ground. How could that do? She immediately bent down and pushed aside the legs of the bodyguard. As she stretched her hand in to retrieve her notebook, a miniature tapping device was already held in her hand. She pressed one of the target’s shoes and slipped the tapping device into the crevices on the soles of that shoe along the way. After finishing her series of movement, she immediately picked up her notebook and stood up, shouting excitedly: “I touched SJBoys’ shoes! I touched it!” Goodness knows how repulsed she was feeling inside, who the hell would want to touch the enemy country’s spy’s pig trotters! When she got back, she was going to thoroughly scrub her hands!

Everything happened too suddenly. With the bodyguards as well as the two targets facing the flocking and very touchy fans, Xu Mei Li’s reaction was not very prominent, so they didn’t think much about it. What they had to do now was to shake off these fans so they could enter the concert hall.

In the end, with the efforts of the bodyguards, they finally managed to send the two super idols into the concert hall without hurting the fans. Meanwhile, Xu Mei Li, as well as the other fans, was blocked off. She slowly backed away, and while no one was looking at her, slipped away.

Before long, someone opened the door and boarded the vehicle. That person was the Xu Mei Li who had succeeded and returned. She sat in the last row where tapping device instrument was placed, picked up the large headphones and wore. After checking the sound, she gave everyone in the vehicle an OK sign.

“Okay.” Xu Tian Xian, too, picked up a large headphone and wore it. Pity that even though he was fluent in English, he didn’t understand H language, and so, he could only let the Xu Wu who had learnt H language before to do the eavesdropping.

Qin Ke Xuan’s eyes remained closed as she leisurely rested her mind. In her opinion, there was no need to invest in such troublesome measures. Wouldn’t ambushing at the target’s hotel, locating the targets and knocking them out and retrieving the classified information be much more convenient? After being ambushed and snatched of the classified information they’d stolen from Z country, they wouldn’t dare to make noise about it. These people were too concerned and afraid of everything, to worry even about creating disputes between the two countries. Probably before the dispute was even created, the country’s classified information would have been completely stolen! 

“Oh no!” The Xu Wu who was eavesdropping suddenly shouted. I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 40 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Qin Ke Xuan opened her eyes and looked over. Xu Tian Xian asked anxiously: “What happened?”

Xu Wu’s expression was poor: “They changed their shoes for the concert…” 

“Doesn’t matter. After the concert, they’ll change back.” 

“Problem is that there are two fans that somehow got in and took those shoes.”


Xu Tian Xian snatched out the headphones. Upon hearing the excited discussion of the two fans about how they went in through the back door and snuck in, and how they shamelessly asked for the SJBoys to give them their shoes, Xu Tian Xian was so infuriated he pulled off the headphones and tossed them on the ground.

Qin Ke Xuan sat up, her voice was, as usual, flat and unperturbed, completely uninfluenced by their emotions. “They’re staying in that hotel anyway, it’s not like they’ll run away.”

“It won’t do. Their alertness is very high, and they change their hotel rooms at night randomly. If we don’t tap them and find out which room they are staying in, we won’t be able to move out.” Xu Mei Li frowned as she explained to Qin Ke Xuan. 

“Then stick another tapping device.” 

Xu Tian Xian pulled at his hair, all jittery. He thought about it before saying: “No! Mei Li’s actions from just now are already very abrupt. They will not let the scene get out of control again. We need to change our plans and have a person to pretend to go live in that hotel. That person will follow behind them and see which room they live in.”

“I’ll go.” Xu Mei Li raised her hand. Sending a female instead of a male ran a lower risk of rousing their suspicions.

“No, you’ve already shown your face before. Le Le, you go.” 

“Enh.” Qin Ke Xuan didn’t mind anyway. She’ll do whatever they instruct.

“Mei Li, you give her another set of clothes. Preferably something more glamorous and high-class so as to fit the image of a five-star hotel.” 

Mei Li brought Qin Ke Xuan down and went into a clothing store beside them. She had Qin Ke Xuan enter the changing room to take off her camouflage uniform, and she threw in a piece of clothing she had quickly picked to fit the occasion.

After a long while, Xu Mei Li still didn’t see Qin Ke Xuan coming out, and so she couldn’t help but knock on the door. “Le Le? Are you done?” 

“That’s all?” Z L T

“There’s nothing else.” Xu Mei Li was utterly confused. That gown was just a one-piece dress.

“… I’m done.”

Why did Xu Mei Li that this newcomer’s voice was a little scary? She pushed the door to enter in suspicion. Upon seeing Qin Ke Xuan, she froze. It seemed like it was not just her voice that sounded scary, even her gaze was scary. 

“This dress looks very nice on you, aye? What’s with your shoulder? Did you get yourself hurt from the recoil of the gun?” 

Qin Ke Xuan bent her head and looked at the startling bruises on her fair shoulders. Seemed like she got it when she was shooting and the rifle hit her shoulder during the surprise attack test yesterday. This body cannot withstand any slight abrasions.

“It’s nothing. Can I just get another one that doesn’t show so must of my chest?” Qin Ke Xuan looked at herself in the mirror. She had already started to slowly accept showing her arms and legs with her grudgingly wearing her school uniform. However, this material at her chest that barely covered her chest had her extremely discontented. Was she going on a mission? Or going to become a prostitute? No! Even the prostitutes in the brothels didn’t wear so little! 

“Aye, actually this little sleeveless tube gown suits you pretty well. It’s just that you can’t show your injury on your shoulder. Hold on, let me look for something you can cover it with.” Xu Mei Li after saying that went out in search of a shawl. Very quickly, she returned with a shawl in her hand. She personally draped it over Qin Ke Xuan. “Okay, hold on, you still need to let down your hair, perfect!”

Qin Ke Xuan looked at herself and her untied hair on the shoulder. The shawl draped on her covered her shoulders as well as her chest so she finally was not so discontented. I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 40 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

“Come, these are the shoes.” Xu Mei Li came back holding a pair of heels.

After Qin Ke Xuan wore it and stepped out, she almost lost her balance and couldn’t control her body. It was only after mincingly walking a few steps did she adjust to the feeling of being raised.

After Qin Ke Xuan paid the bills, she pulled Qin Ke Xuan and they walked back to the vehicle. When they boarded, the two men were largely blown away by her. Whistling, they praised: “Le Le, if you didn’t carry that poker face around, you’d definitely be popular!”

Xu Mei Li fished out a bag, took out some makeup and brushed them on Qin Ke Xuan’s face. Xu Tian Xian said on the side: “Do it thicker, best if she become unrecognisable.”


Xu Tian Xian said into the intercom: “Xu Qiang, you continue monitoring the targets. We’ll head over to the hotel to prepare. Over.”

“Received. Over.” Z L T


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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM.
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