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T/N: made some changes to the following terms: ‘He Squadron Leader’ is now Company Commander; ‘Special Forces Brigade’ is now just Special Forces (SF)


The base of the SF was not the same base as the RS’s, but instead was a standalone building built in the mountain ridges in the city’s remote outskirts. Before they had even neared the base, they had already seen patrolling vehicles, signs reading “military strategic location, strictly prohibited from entering” installed everywhere as well as concealed sentries on duty every certain distance apart.

This array was on a completely different level from the RS’s base. Qin Ke Xuan looked out the window, mentally weighing the strength of this SF Brigade. I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 39 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Hé Company Commander upon seeing Qin Ke Xuan keep looking out the window quietly, chatted with her intentionally, and asked smilingly: “How is it? Our SF base.”

“The soldiers still lack some maturity.” IAAK IS HOSTED @ ZHANLANN.COM

Hé Company Commander raised his brows. “You haven’t even entered the base and seen the soldiers, why would you say that?”

Qin Ke Xuan scoffed, saying: “Since five minutes ago when the vehicle drove onto this road, there is a total of 12 concealed sentries. Seeing they are meant to be concealed, they shouldn’t allow themselves to be revealed to others.” 

Hé Company Commander looked at Qin Ke Xuan in shock. It was already pretty impressive to be able to detect there were concealed sentries, but for her to count them all out one by one, this, this… if she wasn’t entering their SF it would be too much a waste of talent! 

The truck reached the entrance of the base very quickly. They were stopped to declare their identification before the sentry opened the electronic gate for them to enter.

The base was furnished similarly as the RS’s base, except the training arenas were more professional and there were all sorts of equipment and facilities. The truck only stopped when it drove to a building and Hé Company Leader brought Qin Ke Xuan into the building. He stopped before the door of a room and gave a military salute. Qin Ke Xuan also followed with a military salute. 


“Enter.” A low voice sounded from inside.

Hé Company Commander said after he entered: “Wu Lieutenant Colonel, I have brought her.”

“I’ve gotten a rough picture of her circumstances. The family background’s clean and she fulfills all the requirements. As for her abilities, we still need to observe for a while since this job isn’t child’s play.”

Hé Company Commander leaned in and said softly to Wu Lieutenant Colonel by his ear about Qin Ke Xuan’s performance from just now at the military garrison area and then Wu Lieutenant Colonel’s eyes immediately lit up. He shouted out the door: “Qin Ke Xuan, come in.” 

Qin Ke Xuan walked in and saw a middle-aged man sitting on a chair looking at her with shining bright eyes. “You think the SF isn’t very up to par?” Z L T

Qin Ke Xuan replied without hesitation: “That’s correct.”

Wu Lieutenant Colonel lowered his head and thought. His fingers tapping the table, it was only a while after did he raise his head again to look at Qin Ke Xuan. “If you were to compete against them, who do you think will win?”

“I have already finished seven SF soldiers, including Hé Company Commander, during the surprise attack test. Do you think I will lose?” Qin Ke Xuan asked rather than replying. 

Wu Lieutenant Colonel looked at Hé Company Commander in amusement. Hé Company Commander scratched his head awkwardly, faking a laugh. “Slip-up, it’s a slip-up.” 

Wu Lieutenant Colonel’s expression suddenly changed, and berated: “If that was a mission, any small slip-up will result in severe repercussions! Run 10000 metres in armour and 500 push-ups and remember the lesson learnt from this mistake!” Actually, he was clear that Hé Company Commander would lose to Qin Ke Xuan regardless of whether he slipped-up or not. He was clearer than anyone about the situation of his soldiers. Looked like this girl couldn’t be underestimated!

“Yes sir!” Hé Company Commander stood at attention and listened to his order.

“Then if you’re compared to a proper SF soldier, which aspects do you think you are unable to compare up to?” Wu Lieutenant Colonel turned back and continued asking Qin Ke Xuan. 

“There’s a lot of military affairs I am not aware of. I’ve never gone through your system training here, so other than knowing how to use a gun, I don’t know how to use all the other high-tech equipment.” Qin Ke Xuan replied water-tightly, using the words they used in this world.

“Indeed, from that perspective, you currently are not equipped with the necessary qualifications to enter the SF. However, you can learn this after you’ve been taught, what’s more important is your potential. That’s why, under such pressing times, we are making an exception for you. However, you will not join the SF with your current identity. After all, your age has not reached the requirement. We will give you a second identity. You can enter the Shadow Force in the Tercel battalion—Military Intelligence, Section 6 (MI6). Even though the MI6 is the Shadow Forces of SF, they aren’t actually under any of the Lieutenant Colonel’s command, instead, they directly report to the Department of National Security.”

Qin Ke Xuan raised her brows. Did she unknowingly enter the country’s secret military organisation? I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 39 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

After which, Wu Lieutenant Colonel called and briefly talked about Qin Ke Xuan’s situation on the phone. After finishing, he said to Qin Ke Xuan: “Now I’ll bring you to see your future officer, Xu Division Chief.”

Following which, the two of them once again boarded the vehicle and it drove out the base and towards the city. The vehicle stopped at a four-levelled building. Qin Ke Xuan followed Wu Lieutenant Colonel in, taking a look around. The MI6 was actually located at such a place? 

The furnishing in the building was similar to a normal company. The lady at the counter upon seeing them paused her tapping on the keyboard and looked at them: “Wu Lieutenant Colonel you’re here, please wait for a moment.” And then she tapped on the keyboard for a bit. A man’s portrait appeared on the electronic screen standing before the counter. 

“Xu Division Chief, I’ve brought her.” Wu Lieutenant Colonel said to the man on the screen.

“Okay, Xiao Yang, it’s fine.” I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 39 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

“Yes sir.” The lady referred to as Xiao Yang continued tapping on the keyboard, and an elevator door on the side open. “The two of you, this way please.”

Qin Ke Xuan and Wu Lieutenant Colonel took the elevator together up to the third floor. When the doors opened, they saw a man waiting there to lead the way for them. When they reached a meeting room, he opened to door to let them in and softly closed it behind. 

When Qin Ke Xuan walked out from behind Wu Lieutenant Colonel, she felt a concealed weapon hurled at her face. She turned sideways and clipped the concealed weapon. It was a card. Taking a look, it was actually her portrait on it, however… 

“Xu Le Le?”

“That’s right. From today onwards, your second identity will be this Xu Le Le.”

Qi Ke Xuan turned her gaze to look and saw a tall and straight man in this youthful years walking towards them. A hand stretched out to shake Wu Lieutenant Colonel’s hand, he said smilingly: “Wu Lieutenant Colonel, this lass you’ve found is pretty good; her looks are too deceptive.”

“Hehe, as long as it can help the emergency. I’ve brought her here, as for the specific details, you can explain to her. I still have important matters to attend to so I’ll go first.”

“Okay, okay. I’m also quite busy here, let’s meet for tea next time.” Xu Division Chief opened the door to let the man from just now leading the way to send Wu Lieutenant Colonel out before once again closing the door for a private discussion with Qin Ke Xuan. “From now on, you are my Hua Yu Electronic Technology Company’s worker. Of course, the company and all are just a disguise for concealing purposes. There’s no need to mind the company’s operational situation, what we do here mainly is to take care of missions from the Department of National Security. You will go to school and go to your SFRS training as usual as ‘Qin Ke Xuan’. The MI6 member Xu Le Le just happens to look a lot like Qin Ke Xuan. With regards to this, do you have any queries?”

“No.” It’ll just be that she would live with two identities in this world.

“Just now that was just sounding you out. Your skills aren’t bad. But because of the lack of time, I will not engage in further tests of your skills. I also believe in Wu Lieutenant Colonel’s eye, so don’t disappoint me in your following operation.”

“I won’t.” Qin Ke Xuan was very confident. I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 39 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

“Okay. There are currently two international spies from H country that have seized one of our very vital military classified information. There are too on guard so the people we sent to retrieve that information had been discovered, therefore, we cannot have our people make their move easily. Hence, we need to find a person who is highly skilled and not easily detectable to complete this mission. And you are the most suitable person for this.” It could be said that Xu Division Chief was very satisfied with Qin Ke Xuan. Be it her age, height or weight, she had not reached the publicly known required standard to become an SF soldier but she had some very valiant abilities. The H country’s people definitely wouldn’t think that such a below-requirement Lolita was actually an SF soldier. Even if they thought till their heads broke, they wouldn’t think that Z country would send out such a newbie soldier Lolita to complete such an important mission. He only took this risk as he had run out of choices. 

“Cannot easily make their move?” Qin Ke Xuan raised her brows, what kind of people would be able to have that kind of ability? She had been someone who had taken on quite a bit of mission in killing aristocrats, generals and ministers last time. To her, as long as the mission required it, there would not be anyone she could not kill. 

“Enh. They are H country’s super idols. They have fans not only in H country but also in ours. They’ve come to our country for a concert tour. If they were to get into an accident in our country, I’m afraid it will incite anger among the populace. Not only will that ruin the image of our people and country, it may also affect the relationship between the two countries. If it’s serious, the negative consequences could be more than just these.” And so, they were very frustrated with the mission this time. The last stop for their concert tour was in City B, and so, the mission to capture them landed on the shoulders of MI6. The superiors had instructed that if they were to let the two of them bring the classified information out of the country, they need not continue working in MI6. 

“That’s easy to solve. As long as that accident does not happen in our country then all these problems won’t be problems.” Qin Ke Xuan said calmly.

Xu Division Chief frowned. “It’s easy to say, but once outside our borders, we will not be able to continue pursuing them. Not only so, they are neither armed nor are they engaging in any actions that encroach on our county’s rights and benefits, so we are unable to attack them. Hence according to the procedures, we need to provide evidence and apprehend them as suspects.”

“So, you’ll just watch their country’s spies just get away with it like that?” Qin Ke Xuan was beyond shocked. In the world she had come from, once spies were discovered, they would be hunted down and finished even if they escaped to the other end of the world.

Xu Division Chief slammed the table, gritting his teeth: “But what can I do?!” He seriously wanted to whip the two sanctimonious idols several times!

“Then what do I do now? How to do it?” Qin Ke Xuan, who did not bear the same sentiments of resentment as him, asked calmly. I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 39 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

“Tonight, they will carry out their last concert. Two days after the concert ends, they will board the plane and fly back to H country. We must succeed in today’s operation. We will have our people acting as fans in the concert; they will carry tapping devices on them. You, on the other hand, will handle the job of sneaking into the hotel they live in, finding the classified information they have seized and bring it back.”



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