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“Take note, take note, the target is a five minutes’ distance away from the hotel. Over.” An inconspicuous vehicle was parked in the parking lot outside the hotel. Inside, Xu Qiang’s low voice sounded in everyone’s ears.

“Received. Over.”

Xu Tian Xian turned and said to Qin Ke Xuan: “Le Le, you remember all the stuff I’ve just said right? Listen to my instructions later on. Do what I tell you to do.”

“Enh.” Qin Ke Xuan nodded.

“Okay, you can go in now.”

Qin Ke Xuan opened the vehicle door and alighted. When she walked from the parking lot into the hotel lobby entrance, she heard a “the target has reached the hotel entrance” in her ears. At that, she saw a car stopping before the entrance and out walked the two idol spies. Tightly following after them were their manager and bodyguard. A huge bunch of reporters followed after them and came to the hotel, but the hotel guards blocked them. If it weren’t for Qin Ke Xuan’s young age and her lack of fan-like appearance, they probably would have blocked her outside as well.

Qin Ke Xuan slanted and walked into the hotel lobby, maintaining a certain distance from the targets as she walked over to the counter. She took out her second identity ID from the bag Xu Mei Li had given her, handed it to the person behind the counter and repeated what Xu Tian Xian was saying in her ear. “Give me a single room.”

“Okay, one moment please.” The lady behind the counter said gently.

The targets beside her had already finished the procedures for changing a room. When one of them was taking the door card the lady behind the counter was handing them, Qin Ke Xuan made a false inadvertent push of her hair with her hand. Using her hand to block her face, her gaze quickly swept their way and memorised their room number.

The lady responsible for receiving Qin Ke Xuan asked: “How many days will you be staying?”

“One night.”

“Alright, this is your door card. Thank you for staying at our hotel.”

Qin Ke Xuan took the door card the lady handed her and followed the attendant that was leading the way into the lift. Honestly, she was feeling very poorly about this little room that kept moving and stopping uncomfortably for reasons beyond her.

“Miss, you have reached your room. Wishing you a happy stay.” The attendant bowed and left.

Qin Ke Xuan held the so-called door card and looked at the keyhole-less door, frowning. She turned, wanting to call the attendant back to help her open the door, but she saw the customer from the room beside hers swipe the card on the device beside the door and the door opened on its own.

She followed that person and swiped the door card by the device. There was no response. She reached out to push the door; it didn’t open. She swiped the card again, it still didn’t open, and then she swiped it again…


Expressionlessly, Qin Ke Xuan turned and looked at the person who had laughed. “Why? You have something to say?”

“No, no, it’s just… the door card is upside down.” I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 41 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

The voice of that person was a little strange. That’s right, that person there was one of the people from the SJBoys. The other member stood on his side, silent. Their bodyguards were no longer with them, was it so to not attract attention? Qin Ke Xuan raised her brows. She remembered the door card they took did not belong to a room on this level. Looks like they exchanged a room with their companions. As expected, they were changing rooms very arbitrarily. If it hadn’t been them that had very coincidentally switched to a room beside her and she met them, it would have been pretty hard to find them in such a large hotel with so many the rooms.

“You’re the idols that sang at the concert tonight?” Qin Ke Xuan asked blandly. She was reminding the team members of the other side of the intercom that their targets had appeared.

“Yeah. Why, want a signature?” The guy who had spontaneously talked to Qin Ke Xuan asked, all smiles.

The other guy who had not spoken since the beginning conversed softly and sternly with the smiley guy in H language then pulled the smiley guy into their room. The smiley guy looked at Qin Ke Xuan in apology, saying: “Ah sorry, I’ll give you a signed picture next time.” At that, the door closed.

Qin Ke Xuan’s fingers flicked with dexterity and the door card in her hand swiped across the device. The door to the room opened with a click and she slipped in, softly closing the door behind her. She didn’t switch on the lights, rather she quickly kicked off her troubling high heels, jumped past the sofa in a few leaps and reached the wall separating her and her targets. Pressing her ears against the wall, she focused and listened for a while. However, she did not hear any sound.

“Le Le, what’s the situation at the moment?”

“They are staying in the room next to mine, but there isn’t any sound coming from their room. Looks like things are a little different.”

“…Le Le, how are you able to hear they are not making any sound?”

“I’m pressing against the wall between us to hear.” Qin Ke Xuan reported as how things were.

“… Eh, you need to know you’re in a five-star hotel so the soundproofing will definitely be very good. You usually wouldn’t be able to hear anything.”

Qin Ke Xuan knocked on the wall in front of her in disbelief. Now that her inner gong’s had almost recovered, how was it that she couldn’t do anything about this wall?

“Le Le, listen up, this is a good chance. Go to the balcony and see if there’s a way to get into their room.”

Qin Ke Xuan went to the balcony. There was about three metres plus worth of distance separating the two rooms. “It’s no problem, I can get over.”

“Okay, then you know what you need to do next right?”


“You don’t need to be worried. They definitely aren’t your opponents. We will be outside ready to reinforce. Even if something happens, we’ll be your shield; we’ll support you.”

“Enh.” Qin Ke Xuan said calmly. She could be described as someone who’d killed till she was numb about killing; she’d long forgotten what being anxious felt like.

“You can start getting ready. Xu Wu and I will rush to somewhere nearby to support you. Xu Qiang is in the hotel opposite in charge of the entire array. Mei Li is in the car waiting for orders. Operation starts in five minutes.”

“Received.” Z L T

Five minutes later, Qin Ke Xuan who was still leaning against the wall upon hearing the word “begin” opened her sparkling dark eyes in the darkness. She went to the balcony, stepped on the railings of the balcony and leapt silently, landing on the balcony for the room next door. She half-crouched on the ground and saw a person sitting on the sofa watching the news with his back in her direction. She swept a look through the living room and did not see the other person.

Qin Ke Xuan stood up and walked straight over to the target watching television. She wasn’t wearing shoes so her feet touching the ground made not a single sound. When she arrived behind her target, her hand raised, ready to chop him faint.


The cold guy who had just came out from the bathroom upon seeing this intruder who’d appeared out of nowhere immediately shouted at his friend who was completely oblivious to the fact that he was in danger. At the same time, he had already dashed over and sent a leg in Qin Ke Xuan’s direction.

With a hand gripping her shawl, Qin Ke Xuan’s other hand that was supposed to cut down on the smiley guy who was focused on watching his television could only be retracted to block the cold guy’s fist. She had wanted to raise her leg to block the cold guy’s kick, but realised he’d just bathed, and so he only had a towel wrapped around him. If she were to block him with her leg, then her unclothed leg would need to come into intimate contact with his unclothed leg.

Though she appeared to be very modern, the very archaic Qin Ke Xuan despite having killed countless was unlike the other ancient girl who viewed the differences between males and females as something very important. Even so, she was still someone who liked her chastity. As someone who seriously didn’t want to get into too much skin-ship contact with an almost naked guy, she turned sideways and evaded the half-naked guy’s attack. At that moment, she saw the smiley guy going to pull out his phone to dial for help. Pulling her shawl off, she swung it at the smiley guy’s hand. The force she swung her shawl with was so large it dissembled the phone with a single hit.

The cold guy’s second wave of attack stopped. Qin Ke Xuan extracted her shawl. A swing at the cold guy and it coiled around his hand as lithe as a snake. When the cold guy’s other hand started towards her, Qin Ke Xuan jerked the shawl, and she tied his other hand in her shawl as well.

Even though his hands tied, his legs were free. The cold guy howled and sent a kick at Qin Ke Xuan. Qin Ke Xuan yanked her shawl and the cold guy fell on the ground, making him shout profanity in frenzy rage in H language.

Qin Ke Xuan sent a kick at the cold guy’s forehead and the guy fell with a muffled grunt, and fainted. The smiley guy having figured out he was not Qin Ke Xuan’s opponent dashed for the door. He wanted to escape to look for backup. Even if he couldn’t find any backup people, finding normal civilians were also safer than nothing.

Qin Ke Xuan picked up the phone by the side and slammed it at his knee, before leaping forward, stepping on the back of the fallen smiley guy. The smiley guy collapsed on the ground turned his head, managing with difficulty: “Who exactly are you? What do you want to…”

Qin Ke Xuan didn’t wait for him to finish. Instead, she squatted down, her hand a knife, she slashed down at his neck, knocking him out with a chop.

“Reporting. The two targets have been knocked out.” Qin Ke Xuan said into the intercom.

“So fast?!”


“Okay! We will come over as attendants. Open the door and let us in.” I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 41 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Qin Ke Xuan untied the shawl wrapped around both the cold guy’s hands and draped it over herself again. She opened the door, letting Xu Tian Xian who had dressed as an attendant to come in. Xu Tian Xian gave her a thumbs up. To be able to finish these two people soundlessly in a short time, not bad. According to sources, it was said that these two people were pretty skilled in Taekwondo.

Qin Ke Xuan looked at Xu Tian Xian pulling on his white gloves expressionlessly. Following which, he very crisply ignored the fact that the cold guy lying on the ground only had a towel around his waist and started searching the smiley guy down. However, he was unable to find anything. So he went to each and every room and searched for a long time, but he was, still, unable to find anything. Frowning, he said into the intercom: “Mei Li, you sure the information provided by the HQ is correct?”

“The information they provided is that the classified information is hidden in a Parker pen, and that it’s carried around by them.”

“Freak it! It’s not here! I searched the entire room, there’s absolutely nothing!” Xu Tian Xian was close to blowing up.

Qin Ke Xuan squatted down quietly. Hauling the smiley guy by his collar, she pressed her thumb on his philtrum* acupuncture point and the smiley guy woke up from the pain. Upon seeing Qin Ke Xuan right before him when he opened his eyes, he started shouting.

* philtrum, or medial clef, is a vertical groove in the middle area of the upper lip

Qin Ke Xuan quickly gripping his throat, killing his shouts in his throat. She stared at him icily without expression. Her lips moving, she said coldly: “If you dare make a sound, I will crush your throat.”

Seeing how Qin Ke Xuan was exuding a very murderous intent the smiley guy did not dare suspect her words. That stare she gave told him that his throat in her hands would be crushed the next moment if he were to scream.

“Speak. Where did you hide the military classified information you stole?” Qin Ke Xuan loosened her grip so as to allow him to be able to talk.

“Cough cough, what military classified information? Don’t know.” Z L T

Qin Ke Xuan’s hands tightened once again. “Not talking? Then I’ll have to let you die. That way, you won’t be able to bring it back to your country either and, we can rid ourselves of two spies.”

The Xu Tian Xian who was flipping the rooms at the other side upside down upon seeing the situation hurriedly said to Qin Ke Xuan softly through the intercom. “Xu Le Le, don’t act rashly! We cannot touch a single hair of theirs!”

Troublesome! Her forte was killing people, not interrogating people! However, after being in an assassination organisation for so long, she would know how pigs run even if she’d never eaten a pig! She turned to look at Xu Tian Xian, saying: “Do you have needles?”

Xu Tian Xian asked worriedly: “What are you going to do?”

“Interrogate them. I promise they wouldn’t see any scars provided your needles are thin enough.” Qin Ke Xuan’s lips tilted. That slight smile gracing her originally expressionless face had the smiley guy, whose throat was being gripped by Qin Ke Xuan, feeling absolutely terrified with chilling running down his spine.


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