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Everyone had an assault rifle in their hand and a big backpack on their back when they climbed onto the truck parked outside the warehouse. They were sat down in two rows. Qin Ke Xuan was sitting in the outer-most seat, with Chi Qu Qi sitting by her side. 

After the truck started moving, Chi Qu Qi produced one black and one green oil pastel from his pockets and handed them to Qin Ke Xuan. He set his face in front of her, saying: “Come, help me draw.”

Qin Ke Xuan didn’t even look at him. “Draw it yourself.” I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 35 is hosted on ZHANLANN.COM

“Aye, there’s no mirror right, so if I do it myself, it’ll definitely go wrong. If it turns out ugly, won’t it affect my image! Just help me please!” 

Qin Ke Xuan was annoyed with his constant bothering, and so she grabbed the two oil pastels and drew on his face. Of course, her movements were very violent, and it had Chi Qu Qi shouting out in pain. After a few moves, she was done. After Qin Ke Xuan threw the oil pastels back to Chi Qu Qi and closed her eyes to rest, she was once again shaken awake by Chi Qu Qi. 

“Qin Ke Xuan, let me help you draw!” Z L T

“No need.”

“Aye? You definitely don’t know the use of drawing on your face right? This has the same optic camouflaging effect as our uniform. When you’re lying in the grass ambushing you’ll know it has anti-mosquito effects. The most important thing is it’s infrared guise. Don’t think they can’t find you in the night, once they use their infrared night vision device, even if you’re hiding behind a rock, they will be able to clearly see your every movement! If you apply this anti-infrared oil pastels and you’re crouching in the grass, there won’t be anyone who will find your face.” 

Even if you’re hiding behind a rock, they would be able to see? How was that possible? Qin Ke Xuan thought about it quietly.

“Hehe, the good thing about Special Forces unit is that they have all sorts of sick equipment, and every Special Forces soldier has their own infrared night vision device, that’s awesome! You gotta know some companies only has that few device! Unfortunately, we’re not proper Special Forces soldiers yet, so we don’t get any night vision device…”

“Help me draw.” Qin Ke Xuan chopped off his unceasing torrent of his imagination. 

“Oh oh, raise your head a little, lean closer a little, and close your eyes.” I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 35 is hosted on ZHANLANN.COM

Qin Ke Xuan did as he said and closed her eyes to let him draw on her face. Chi Qu Qi looked at the fair little face tilting at him couldn’t help but sigh at how delicate her face was, to not even be able to see her pores! The Qin Ke Xuan with her eyes closed didn’t radiate her usual iciness and hard-to-near aura. Rather, she looked like a sleeping angel with her curved eyelashes lightly trembling. Chi Qu Qi looked till he was slightly dazed, really wanting to reach out and touch that silky and smooth skin.

Qin Ke Xuan’s tightly minced lips told of her lack of patience. She suddenly opened her eyes, glaring at Chi Qu Qi. “When are you going to stare until?”

“Ah? I, I’m not…” Chi Qu Qi was struck dumb and nervously tried to cover up the embarrassing fact that he had stared at her till he dazed.

The bunch of other people sitting at the side viewing the entire duration immediately burst into laughter. Chi Qu Qi immediately bared his fangs and sent an angry glare at the few that were laughing. His expression was hard to see through the paint, but the flushed ears completely revealed his feelings, and that had him not daring to look at Qin Ke Xuan.

One of the vice-captains sitting in the driver’s seat berated them through the fretwork metal screen: “Remain silent!” 

The captain beside him gestured to have him calm his anger, saying lightly: “Just let them have fun first, the next seven days’ going to make them cry.” 

Qin Ke Xuan took the oil pastels from the Chi Qu Qi who was busy kicking away at the people laughing at him behind their backs. She closed her eyes, and roughly drew a bit on her face, before pocketing the oil pastels, not returning them to Chi Qu Qi, and even leaned against the walls of the truck looking out as though nothing happened. 

Chi Qu Qi also leaned against the walls. He sneaked a peek at Qin Ke Xuan’s side profile. Because of the awkward stuff that had happened just now, he didn’t get his oil pastels back from her. At this moment, he couldn’t help but find it a pity mentally; to colour oil pastels on such good skin was too aesthetically destructive!

The military truck drove and they reach an unfamiliar wild and mountainous place. The truck stopped and Qin Ke Xuan sitting at the outermost alighted. The captain stood at the tail of the truck, saying to them: “From now on, you have already entered the examination region. To ensure every one of you are depending on yourself to pass this test, we will drop each of you some distance apart. Qin Ke Xuan, you are the first.” 

Qin Ke Xuan nodded and looked at the captain returning back onto the truck and left. She narrowed her eyes, surveying the surroundings, before grabbing her assault rifle and zipping into the forest.

The Chi Qu Qi sitting on the leaving truck watched the silhouette of Qin Ke Xuan, full of worries. She had just joined them for two days, would she be shot dead by some senior Special Forces soldiers just a few steps into the forest? Chi Qu Qi’s worried expression fell into the eyes of someone else, thereby eliciting the mocking from one of the guys who normally were very unsatisfied by him: “Hoh, did you not look enough just now? If you’re so worried about your xiao mei mei then go over and her beau!”

Chi Qu Qi retracted his gaze, raising his brows in disdain: “Beau, beau my ass! I want to worry, what’s that got anything to do with you, I’ve never seen someone as busybody as you!”

The guy who had mocked him not only did not succeed but was mocked in return stood up with a swoosh, wanting to hit Chi Qu Qi. However, after the other people saw the situation not turning out very nicely, they immediately held him back. The captain sitting in front heard the commotion said: “If you don’t want me to kick you out right now then sit tightly!”

The guy had no choice but to sit down and swallow his anger. Using his glare to slice at the Chi Qu Qi rejoicing at his misfortune, he harrumphed and turned his head, not looking at him.

“Chi Qu Qi, you’re second.” The truck stopped once again. 

“Yes sir!” Chi Qu Qi replied loudly and jumped from the truck before entering the forest carefully. The truck travelled along until it had dropped off all the Reserve Squad members. I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 35 is hosted on ZHANLANN.COM

Qin Ke Xuan walked along the mountain road. What she had to do now was to look for a source of food and clean water, and somewhere to stay for the night. She didn’t know what creatures there were here, and she also had to guard against the spontaneously attacking Special Forces soldiers.

As she walked, she suddenly turned sideways and pressed against the tree. With a bang, a bullet hit the location where she had been standing a minute ago, on a tree, leaving behind a shallow indent as well as the dust of the exploded blank bullet. She had heard that there was a difference between real bullets and these blank bullets; these don’t hurt, provided the person shot is five metres away. The field training this time worked such that once a blank bullet hit you, you would be treated as though you were shot dead. She turned to look behind her. As expected, the grass at the back moved; there was someone ambushing there.

She surveyed the terrain around the area and swiftly dashed toward the crumbling precipice. She heard the bang of the guns sounding continuously, but none of them hit Qin Ke Xuan. The gun sounds blared before suddenly stopping—because their target had suddenly jumped off the precipice and disappeared from their view.

“Ehh… do we chase?” 

“My ass! Even our bullets can’t hit her, why don’t you try chasing! I’ll remain here to quietly await your good news.”

“Freaking hell, she’s a scud right!” 

“The rear waves of Yangtze River drive on those before*, our rear waves’ faces are slapped dead right here in this wild and mountainous place.” I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 35 is hosted on ZHANLANN.COM

*长江后浪推前浪 = (lit.) the rear waves of Yangtze River drive on those before; (fig.) the new is constantly replacing the old
“That girl’s sure something, I raise both feet to demand she join us!”

“How d’ya know that person’s a girl, not a guy?” 

“Where d’your eyes go? Didn’t you see that long wave of hair she left us with?!”

“…” Z L T

Only when the three-man party that had ambushed Qin Ke Xuan with assault rifles enthusiastically discussing were stopped by their captain did they stop their chatter and quickly zipped through the forest to look for the next noob to target. They were responsible for shooting the noobs.

After Qin Ke Xuan jumped off the precipice, she immediately submerged into the grass as though a leopard in the midst of hunting, her breath held in, waiting for her prey to appear. Her glittering black eyes filtering through the gaps between the leaves, she stared at the precipice, aiming the assault rifle hanging from her neck upwards, quietly waiting for the enemy to reappear. Once the enemy appeared, she will “kill” them off one by one. Even though their Reserve Squad captain had told them they had to evade the Special Forces soldier’s attack if they wanted to remain in the Reserve Squad, he didn’t make any mention about disallowing them to ambush them back and finish off the Special Forces soldiers.

Very soon, she heard several sounds coming from the precipice. Qin Ke Xuan moved her rifle and aimed it in the direction of the sounds, waiting for them to appear.

“Shh, discovered a noob in the eight o’clock direction, stay low.”

Qin Ke Xuan did not see them appearing, rather, she heard their footstep sounds growing in distance, as though they found another Reserve Squad member to ambush. She kept her rifle and hung it back around her neck, and then scaled the mountain, quietly climbing up to the precipice through the valley, her eyes peering out to carefully stare at the places that one could easily hide in. As expected, she discovered a few Special Forces soldiers with their backs to her lying there. They were also in camouflage uniform and were hard to be discovered once hidden among the grass. If she were to just sweep a look, it also would have been hard for Qin Ke Xuan to discover their existence. However, if she looked knowing they were hiding there, she would be able to see them.

They were currently aiming at the Chi Qu Qi who was carefully walking over, completely ignorant of the fact that Qin Ke Xuan had left and returned. They probably had not at all thought that a noob would have enough guts to come seek death. I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 35 is hosted on ZHANLANN.COM

Qin Ke Xuan’s forte had always been close combat. The positions the three soldiers picked were a little tricky, but she was sure she could near them and kill one of them off with her knife without being discovered. But if that was the case, then no matter how careful she was, the other two would have discovered that their comrade had been attacked.

And so, she placed her bag on the ground, leapt up a tree with an inhale and squatted on the tree, aimed the rifle at the left-most one. With that, she shot, and before they reacted, she immediately switched her aiming direction and fired a shot at the one in the middle. They had also discovered Qin Ke Xuan. The one on the right quickly turned and fired a shot at where Qin Ke Xuan was. Qin Ke Xuan bent back, flipping backwards from the tree and onto the ground. She hugged her rifled, rolling on the ground before coming to a squat, her rifle aimed at the right-most Special Forces soldier and fired; it hit him right in the chest.

“You’re all dead.” Qin Ke Xuan stood up, saying calmly. Z L T

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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