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The three Special Forces soldiers looked at each other, and very helplessly lowered the assault rifle in their hands in dismay. Tearing off the emblem that signified their examiner role, they threw it to Qin Ke Xuan, and then ferociously thumped their chests, howling: “To die in the hands of a newcomer who’d just joined the Reserve Squad for two days, I have no more face to go back to captain!”

“How come you returned?!” According to their observations, even though the precipice was not very deep, it didn’t make sense to climb back up with her bare hands after jumping down!

Qin Ke Xuan pocketed the emblems, saying coldly: “Dead people needn’t talk.”


Qin Ke Xuan retrieved her backpack she had hid and carried it, shouting to the bushes a distance away: “You can come out now.” 

Chi Qu Qi after hearing the gunshots immediately bent down swiftly and rolled into the nearest bush to hide. Pulling open the assault rifle in his hand just in case, he aimed the scope of the rifle in the direction of the enemy and saw three emblem-less people in camouflage uniform together with a person with the same red emblem as him. There was only one person in the Reserve Squad that had as small a built as that person.

“Qin Ke Xuan?” He stood up from the bushes and jogged over to Qin Ke Xuan. 

“How come you’re here?”

“Eh, didn’t you just join us for two days. If you’re on your own, you’ll definitely be the first one eliminated since you’re participating in this surprise attack test before you’ve even learnt anything. Since we’re friends anyways, I’m here to help, why? Is there a problem?” Chi Qu Qi faked a look of disdain as he swept her up and down.

One of the Special Forces soldiers patted Chi Qu Qi’s shoulder, saying meaningfully: “Lad, it’s better you worry about yourself.” 

“You people are… just now that gunshot sound was…” Chi Qu Qi suddenly thought about this question. The emblems on the three of them disappeared while Qin Ke Xuan was still here, it couldn’t be?! Qin Ke Xuan finished these proper Special Force soldier on her own? He widened his eyes, looking at the calmly standing Qin Ke Xuan in disbelief.

“Cough cough, we’ve also finished our job here. We’ll go first then, you guys continue.” If it weren’t for the oil pastel paints on three of their face, it’d be flushed completely red. They didn’t want to throw any more of their faces, and so they hurriedly left this place that had them throwing away their faces.

The three of them left under the following eyes of Qin Ke Xuan and Chi Qu Qi and they “sent” them for their departure. As though they were in a 100-metre race, they zipped from the mountain road quickly and disappeared from their scope of vision within a few moments. I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 36 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Qin Ke Xuan turned and walked with large strides in a direction. Chi Qu Qi immediately caught up, asking: “Where are you going now? If we walk without care, we might accidentally walk into an ambush.” 

Qin Ke Xuan slanted him a gaze, saying blandly: “Then do you want to die of thirst or die of hunger?” If they were to spend seven days here, water and food was something they had to find, or else they’d die of hunger and thirst before even they were killed.

“I don’t want to die, I don’t want to be eliminated either.” Chi Qu Qi said. “Let’s work together. I’ll lead the way, you can mind the back.”

“You lead the way? Do you know where to find water?”

“… I don’t.”

The two of them flipped over a mountain range, arriving at the valley. Qin Ke Xuan squatted down, clawed some soil and moved it under her nose to sniff. Closing her eyes, she listened for a while before standing up again, signalling for Chi Qu Qi to catch up.

Chi Qu Qi upon seeing Qin Ke Xuan’s actions was immediately stupefied. She could use her nose to find a water source? You could do it like this too? However, when he followed Qin Ke Xuan and flipped over another mountain range and saw a clear lake before his eyes, he couldn’t help but started admiring Qin Ke Xuan’s nose.

He had not drunk a sip of water since he’d left the base, and they were flipping over the ranges of mountain non-stop, so his throat was already burning. Chi Qu Qi immediately leaned into the lake and started gulping. Qin Ke Xuan found an empty bottle from her backpack and threw it at Chi Qu Qi. “Fill it.” She didn’t immediately drink but noted the surrounding situation with alertness. This was a water source, she didn’t believe there would not be anyone not ambushing here. Now that the sky had darkened, with regards to them that were out in the open, those examiners hiding in the dark with infrared night vision device would be more thorny of a problem.

Qin Ke Xuan upon seeing Chi Qu Qi still gulping, raised her leg and sent him a kick. “Hurry.” They had found their water source, but they still hadn’t found any food.

“Ah!” The Chi Qu Qi that had been filling water under Qin Ke Xuan’s instructions suddenly shouted in pain and pulled his hand from the water. A thick water snake that had bitten dead tightly to the back of his hand hung from his hand. I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 36 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Qin Ke Xuan frowned and immediately stretched her hand out to pinch the tender spot of the snake, forcing it to release its bite on Chi Qu Qi and flung it with force onto the rocks. Upon slamming on the rock, the water snake stopped moving and died immediately.

She pulled Chi Qu Qi’s sleeves up, letting him press his other hand on his arm to disallow the venom from flowing into his body through the bloodstream. She, on the other hand, very quickly fished out some cloth and tore it into a long shred, then wrapped where Chi Qu Qi was pressing. After which, she pulled out a dagger attached to her waist and drew a cross on his wound, before she pinched his forearm with both her hands, pushing the poisoned blood out along the flow of his veins. 

Chi Qu Qi had already calmed down now. He managed a smile with difficulty: “Don’t be nervous. The majority of water snakes are not poisonous, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.” 

Qin Ke Xuan raised her head, calm as usual. “I’m not nervous. And, this one is poisonous.” And then she lowered her head and continued squeezing out his poisoned blood. 

Upon hearing it was a poisonous snake that had kissed him, Chi Qu Qi got a scare. But upon seeing how Qin Ke Xuan was treating his wound adeptly, he was relieved again. Feeling like it’s no longer that much of a big deal anymore, he said loudly: “I’m so unlucky!” 

“You’re already very lucky.” Qin Ke Xuan said. Z L T

“Aye, if I’m lucky then I wouldn’t have been bitten by a snake. Don’t even know if it’ll affect my performance in the following test. Please don’t let me be eliminated because of this!”

“You weren’t bitten when you had your head plunged into the water.” If it was that, even she would be unable to keep the venom from entering his body.

Upon hearing her saying that, his scalp immediately numbed, and couldn’t help but rejoice mentally. If it had been his face that had been bitten just now, then wouldn’t his head swell up like a pig head?

“Aye, Qin Ke Xuan, will it be alright like this? Do I still need to take a blood serum?” If he needed a blood serum to clear the venom, then he would definitely need to back out from this test. If he was unable to continue staying in the Reserve Squad because of his careless slip-up this time, he would definitely die crying!

Qin Ke Xuan after squeezing out the last of his poisoned blood, asked: “What is a blood serum?” I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 36 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

“Isn’t it just something that’s used to clear the venom of a snake.” IAAK IS HOSTED @ ZHANLANN

“No need, you wait here.” Qin Ke Xuan put down her bag and had Chi Qu Qi watch over it before she entered the forest. She remembered she’d seen some herbs that could clear the venom of this snake on her way here. It was really dark out now, she had to find the herb and return before the sky had completely darkened. And so, she inhaled and sped up her steps. In order to not let the people in the dark see that she knew how to use qing gong, she tried her best to lower her legs. If one didn’t mindfully take note, they would only feel like she was running very fast rather than seeing that her feet were not touching the ground at all.

Borrowing the impending darkness of the night and the lowered visibility of the forest, Qin Ke Xuan scaled a tree. As though a forest spirit, she leapt between trees. After a while, she stopped on the tree near to the location at where she had remembered the herb was at. Her hand holding on to the tree, she ensured there was no one around before leaping from the tree. She found the herbs, picked a few and pocketed them.

Just as she was about to return, she suddenly saw beautiful wild chicken moving around not far away. She silently groped the ground and picked up a stone. Clipping it between her fingers, she flung it and the wild chicken fell with a grunt. She walked over, picked up the wild chicken and returned the same way she came.

When Chi Qu Qi heard there were movements coming from the forest, he aimed his rifle at it nervously. After seeing Qin Ke Xuan popping out, a wild chicken in her hand, he was so shocked his jaw almost dislodged. Pointing at her, he stammered: “You, you went hunting?” 

Qin Ke Xuan threw the wild chicken down randomly and produced the herbs she had picked. She placed it on the rock, smashed them and grabbed them. “Stretch out your hand.” She lathered the herbs on Chi Qu Qi’s wound, found some clothe to wrap up the wound and then started sorting out the wild chicken on the ground.

Chi Qu Qi looked at his bandaged hand, asking in unease: “That’s it? You sure? I still think it’s better to get a blood serum.” I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 36 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

“Up to you, go if you want.” The dagger in Qin Ke Xuan turned about, as agile as a snake. After a few slashes, she’d cleaned the wild chicken and wrapped it in moist mud and buried it into a little pit. She took the dry wood she’d picked from nearby and placed it on the pit. Using the lighter she’d gotten from the three Special Forces soldier, she lighted it.

“It’s dark out now, won’t lighting a fire make us easily noticed?” Chi Qu Qi asked. 

“Why are you still not gone?” Qin Ke Xuan raised her eyelids and lowered them again.

The sides of Chi Qu Qi’s lips twitched, and he said in his normal arrogant tone: “Qie! How can these little wounds make me back out? Impossible! Who am I? I’m a future Special Forces sniper, how can I prematurely be aborted at such a place! Haha!”

“Any louder you shout, the people will probably discover there’s people here.” Qin Ke Xuan slanted a gaze at the Chi Qu Qi who was pronouncing his lofty aspiration and magnificent goals, and said blandly.

Chi Qu Qi immediately stopped. Not wanting to ponder over Qin Ke Xuan’s comment, he automatic switched the topic. “You’re really gonna eat a wild chicken? Oi, SARS was derived from eating wild animals. You better be careful not to become SARS’s next source of origin.” 

Qin Ke Xuan used a thin branch and cleared out that dead water snake and placed it to cook on the fire. “You can not eat it.” 

Chi Qu Qi looked at that colourful snake, thinking about how much this ass’ bite had him exiting the scene before he even had the chance to perform just wanted to fiercely chomp a few bites on it, even though it was a little retching. “I want that snake!” I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 36 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Qin Ke Xuan dug out the stewed wild chicken, peeled off the mud. The chicken skin came off with the mud, revealing its snow-white chicken meat still piping hot, and that had Chi Qu Qi swallowing his saliva. Half of the snake that had gone down his stomach couldn’t fill his stomach at all, and he immediately dumped his belief in “eating wild stuff gets you SARS”, cupped half his chicken in his hand and ate away happily. Pity there was no salt, or else it’ll taste even better. Z L T

As he chomped away, he chatted with Qin Ke Xuan. “Hehe, Qin Ke Xuan, your cooking’s not bad, not bad not bad. There’s food to eat following you! Oi, I got bitten by a snake just now, according to the eight o’clock drama script, shouldn’t you help me suck out the poisoned blood?”

Qin Ke Xuan threw the chicken bones she had finished chomping on back into the fire, and looked at the Chi Qu Qi smiling away cheerfully across the fire, replying: “You’re not him. Even if you will die here, I won’t suck it out for you. If you don’t want to die then take note of your surrounding situation more.”

Chi Qu Qi sharply latched onto to the pronoun in her sentence. “Who is he?” 

“You don’t need to know that.”IAAK IS HOSTED @ ZHANLANN

“Someone you like? Hoho, kids nowadays are all engaging in their puppy love, is he your tong xue? How’s he like?” Chi Qu Qi was extremely gossipy.

“Go after you’re done eating, so much nonsense. Why don’t you go and gossip with the people who’d surrounded us, I’m not interested in listening to you talk.”


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