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Once Qin Ke Xuan exited the lingerie store, she was hurriedly pulled several dozen metres away by Yin Xu Don. Only when they were quite a distance away from the place did they stop. Yin Xu Dong very awkwardly handed the bag of headache to Qin Ke Xuan, turning his head to one side.

Qin Ke Xuan upon seeing the side of his face flushed completely red, gestured to her bag and asked calmly: “Still following me?”

Yin Xu Dong was shocked and turned back, his voice lowered and he wailed: “We’re still gonna continue?! No way! I’m never gonna do something like this again!” 

“Then go home.”

“Aye? I didn’t tell you I’m dorming again?” 

“No.” Qin Ke Xuan suddenly commanded Yin Xu Dong. “Walk forward from now on, you’re not allowed to turn back.” 

“Hah?” Z L T

The more one was ordered not to do something, the more that person will have the impulse to do it. So Yin Xu Dong couldn’t contain his impulse and turned around to look, and then he froze. His lips moved several times before he could open his mouth with difficulty. He said lowly to the women among the pair of people nearing them. “Lu… lao shi.”

Lu Wan Ran walked over, her hand hooked through the guy’s arm. She had noticeably seen Qin Ke Xuan and Yin Xu Dong. Upon seeing Qin Ke Xuan, she immediately raged, but due to her apprehension of the person beside her, she instead smiled and greeted Yin Xu Dong: “Hi, Xu Dong.”

Qin Ke Xuan crossed her arms, looking at the shameless and fake women coldly, saying chillily: “Yin Xu Dong, I give you one minute, turn around and go home.” 

“Xuan Xuan…” Yin Xu Dong froze. 

Lu Wan Ran bit her lips in the dark, that goddamn brat. She raised her hand to wipe the corners of her eyes, saying to the man in desolation: “It’s this girl that misunderstood me and complained to the Director that got me sacked! And that ugly guy, seeing how no one wanted to date him, he kept following me. When I didn’t agree to date him, he and the girl joined forces to set me up! I… hadn’t done anything wrong to begin with, why are they being like this to me? Sob sob.”

That man hugged her, gently caressing her shoulders in comfort and turned to Qin Ke Xuan, talking malicious words: “Oi! Are students all like this nowadays?! You better go back to school and clarify that it’s all your workings, if not, humph, don’t blame me for bullying someone smaller than me!”

Yin Xu Dong upon finally seeing her true colours clenched his fists and stood in front of Qin Ke Xuan, meeting the burly man and the sobbing Lu Wan Ran cuddled against him right up, saying: “If you have anything, come at me. This matter has nothing to do with Xuan Xuan.” Why had he stupidly thought that she and he found each other congenial? And had thought that she was gentle and pretty? My ass! She couldn’t even compare up to Xuan Xuan’s toes!

Lu Wan Ran immediately jumped as though she got bitten and pointed straight at the expressionless Qin Ke Xuan behind Yin Xu Dong. “If it hadn’t been her who caused all these, would I be sacked by the school?! You pair of wretched scums! You both siblings are trash!”

Yin Xu Dong immediately raged. He rolled his sleeves, his hands on his hips. “Fucking hell! Who you calling trash?! Is my Xuan Xuan for someone like you to curse at?! You looking for a beating huh?!” If it hadn’t been the fact that she was a woman, he would have slapped her several times right there!

Qin Ke Xuan checked her watch on her wrist, took a step forward and said to Lu Wan Ran and company, unruffled: “Make your move.”

Lu Wan Ran and company were stunned, didn’t they usually beg for mercy? Did she actually say to have them make their move straight up? Lu Wan Ran coughed lightly, putting on an act and saying: “Cough cough, if you admit to the school that it was you who have set me up, I can let bygones be bygones, how about that?” 

Qin Ke Xuan threw the bag she held at Yin Xu Dong, saying coldly: “Since you’re not making your move, then I’ll start.” At that, she’d already gripped Lu Wan Ran’s chin and very crudely pulled her from the man’s hug; during which, she conveniently dislocated her lower jaw. 

Lu Wan Ran wanted to scream from agony but could only make sobbing sounds. Qin Ke Xuan hauled her over to in front of her, her icy eyes staring into hers, her thin lips moved slightly: “Your mouth stinks. If you don’t want to lose your jaw, remember to shut your stinky mouth in front of me next time.”

The man rushed over to protect Lu Wan Ran. Qin Ke Xuan pushed Lu Wan Ran at the man, and he immediately asked Lu Wan Ran how she was feeling. Lu Wan Ran’s tears ran down her face but she couldn’t speak at all.

Yin Xu Dong neared Qin Ke Xuan’s ear, asking softly: “How’s she? Is it serious?” If they complain to the school, he was afraid that it might be of demerit to Xuan Xuan. 

Qin Ke Xuan: “It’s just a dislocated jaw, she won’t die”

The man helped Lu Wan Ran stand up and walked over, raging, intending to send some slaps at Qin Ke Xuan. “You wretched brat! I’m going to kill you!”

Qin Ke Xuan raised her hand to meet his. Two fingers gripping one of his fingers, she bent it in the direction of the back of his palm. With a crack, his finger broke. The man cried out sharply and waved his other hand at Qin Ke Xuan. Qin Ke Xuan used the same method to break one of his fingers, saying in disdain: “Want me to break all your fingers?”

That man sure had some backbone though, and he raised his leg kicking at Qin Ke Xuan. Yin Xu Dong reacted very fast. He kicked the man’s calf and Qin Ke Xuan’s hands gripping him immediately released. With that, the man kneeled on one knee, cupping his calf in pain. The Lu Wan Ran upon seeing things were not turning out well cupped her jaw and wanted to run off was hauled back by Qin Ke Xuan by her collar and thrown to the ground before the man. She looked down on the two of them, saying to the man: “You, even if you want to force it and stand out, at least check if the woman you’re standing up for is worth it. I’ll give you a choice, go as far as you can go.”

Yin Xu Dong wiped at his cold sweat, how was this called choice?

The man shot a complicated gaze at Lu Wan Ran, stood up, and limped away, not turning back regardless of how much feeble noise Lu Wan Ran was making.

Lu Wan Ran turned around and looked at Yin Xu Dong in resentment. If it weren’t for him, all these stuff wouldn’t have happened! He’s already warped into such a disgusting sight and yet he still wanted to eat the swam*, and when he couldn’t eat it he even got his mei mei to come set her up! And that wretched brat’s moves were so vicious! She would definitely not let her go so easily!

* referencing to: 癞蛤蟆想吃天鹅肉 = (lit.)toad wanting to eat swan meat; (fig.) an impossible dream/will never happen (i.e.: dream on)

Qin Ke Xuan raised her leg to kick at Lu Wan Ran’s jaw. Lu Wan Ran held her jaw in pain. “Sob sob… I won’t let you go! Aye?” She could speak again, seemed like Qin Ke Xuan’s kicked fixed her dislocated jaw right back, but it was still very painful.

Qin Ke Xuan said coldly: “You better not appear before me next time, otherwise, I have more than enough ways for you to suffer so much you’ll wish you were dead.”

Yin Xu Dong tugged at Qin Ke Xuan’s sleeve in anxiety, telling her discreetly: “We better go, I’m afraid some people may call the police.” They were after all on a large street. If they were seen by others doing such things, and those people called the police, they would be invited to the police station to drink tea.

Just as they were about to go, they saw two policemen rushing towards them from far away. Qin Ke Xuan pulled Yin Xu Dong and ran. The two policemen chased them tightly very dedicatedly. Qin Ke Xuan was dragging a Yin Xu Dong and they were right before the mass’ eyes, she could not use her qing gong. And so, as she ran and ran, then she suddenly halted her footsteps, turned and slipped into an alley. This alley was made up of only gaps between the buildings, so a wall blocked the end of the dead alley. The minute they turned into the alley, Qin Ke Xuan said to Yin Xu Dong: “Hold* on to me!”

* Qin Ke Xuan’s ‘hold on to me’ is ‘抱住我’ in Chinese. When directly translated, it actually is ‘hug onto me’. The word ‘’ (bao) basically means hug, and it is usually used in Chinese the same way the word ‘hold’ is used in English for certain circumstances, hence Yin Xu Dong will understand it (correctly) as hugging her instead of holding her (hand for example)

“Hah?” Yin Xu Dong had been pulled along by Qin Ke Xuan like a kite and sprinting at a high speed. His brain had still not quite registered their sudden halt.

“Hurry.” Qin Ke Xuan berated. Z L T

Upon being glared at by Qin Ke Xuan, Yin Xu Dong immediately stood before her and reached out his hands to hug Qin Ke Xuan. He was an entire head taller than Qin Ke Xuan, so this bear hug was no different from circling her into his embrace.

Qin Ke Xuan immediately boiled from fury. This guy just had the ability to make her angry. She stuck out a hand from his embrace and slapped it at his head. “How am I supposed to see the road like this?! Hold (hug) me from the back!”

Yin Xu Dong released his hold embarrassedly, stood behind Qin Ke Xuan and once again hugged her shoulders, could you blame him though? To suddenly ask him to hold on to her, of course he’ll hug from the front!

Qin Ke Xuan after ensuring Yin Xu Dong is holding (hugging) her tightly, took a deep breath, bent her knees and leapt up, landing on the eaves on the second floor. Borrowing the momentum, she paused shortly before swiftly leaping forward. A few leaps and they jumped over the high wall, landing on the other side. Qin Ke Xuan didn’t let Yin Xu Dong down, rather, she continued zipping forward, quick as a blinking shadow, and disappeared after a few moments around a corner.

Only when they were near the main street did Qin Ke Xuan stop. She patted the hand tightly wrapped around her shoulder. “Let go.”

Yin Xu Dong excitedly tugged on Qin Ke Xuan’s arm. “Xuan Xuan, you’re too epic! Teach me qing gong!” Then he’d be able to be like spiderman and zip around the city without restraint.

Again with that! Qin Ke Xuan flicked his hand away, saying helplessly: “I’ve said this before, if you can’t learn nei gong, you won’t be able to learn qing gong. The most you can do is to cultivate till your movements are swift and be able to jump further and higher, but you won’t be able to learn qing gong.”

“Xuan Xuan, even though I’m a little dumb, if you teach me a few more times, maybe I will be able to learn qing gong. You see, once I learn qing gong, you won’t need to carry me and run anymore right?”

“I can tell you that you lack the aptitude, there’s absolutely no way for you to learn the cultivation of nei gong. You should just give that up and cultivate the way I wrote for you, at least you will be stronger and swifter than normal people.” 

“O.” Yin Xu Dong answered, depressed. 

“Go back, I need to go to the training base.” Qin Ke Xuan checked her watch on her wrist again. It was almost time for their collective training, she had to rush back.

“Oh, then I’ll go. I’ll think of a way if Lu Wan Ran looks for you for trouble again, so you don’t need to worry about such things.” Yin Xu Dong upon seeing Qin Ke Xuan was rushing for time didn’t want to continue holding her up.

Qin Ke Xuan hurried to the Reserve Squad’s warehouse base, changed into her camouflage uniform and came out. The captain blew the whistle for time to gather.

“It is once again the monthly surprise attack test. Everyone’s gotta work harder or else the ones getting eliminated will be you!” The captain walked back and forth. After finishing, he even pointed his index finger at the Chi Qu Qi standing in front of him.

Chi Qu Qi rolled his eyes in discontent. Why out of everyone did he have to point at him? He sure wasn’t going to get eliminated okay!

“Reporting!” Z L T

The captain looked at Qin Ke Xuan. “Speak.”

“What is the surprise attack test?” Qin Ke Xuan asked. 

The captain smiled, saying: “It’s not strange you don’t know since you’re new. We have a surprise attack test every month, basing on the foundations of field survival training. The training will last seven days. You need to depend on yourselves to find food and water, including starting a fire. Be it getting bitten by a snake or insect or breaking a leg, you need to learn how to make use of medicinal herbs in the wild to treat yourselves. As to the reason for this surprise attack test, this surprise training conducted by us the proper Special Forces members is to test whether you are able to stay through you passing various sections. Newcomer, you probably need to put in some effort, don’t get kicked out after just joining for a few days.”

“Seven days? Then what about school?” A field training for half a year wouldn’t be too hard for her, much less a seven day one. As for the surprise attack from the Special Forces members, that won’t be a problem. Hiding in the dark and ambushing targets had been her forte to begin with, as for trying to launch a surprise attack against her, that’s impossible. You are reading I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 34 on ZHANLANN.COM

“This you don’t need to worry. We will request for your leave of absence. If there’s no problem, we’ll make preparations to leave.”

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