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Qin Ke Xuan rose her chin at the stoning Ah Lang. “Come here.”

Ah Lang immediately felt a very powerful aura enveloping him, and couldn’t help but went over to Qin Ke Xuan obediently, asking carefully: “May I have your instructions?”

“Carry him, come with me.” Qin Ke Xuan walked out of the Director’s office.

Ah Lang hurriedly picked up Yin Xu Dong’s arm and hooked it around his neck, half carrying half dragging him as he followed after Qin Ke Xuan. Before he left, he even flatteringly said to the Director who had yet to react: “Director, sorry for the disruption.”

Qin Ke Xuan walked all the way to a corner in the school and stood under a tree. She had Ah Lang place him down to lie on the ground, then threw a bottle of bottled water at Ah Lang, saying beyond calmly: “Pour him awake.”

Ah Lang caught the bottled water, very at loss. “You really want to do that?” 

“Then do you have a better way?” Qin Ke Xuan did not understand.

“Will he get a concussion?” Ah Lang was a little unable to make the move.

Concussion? Dunno what’s that. Qin Ke Xuan negligently waved her hand. “He won’t die. Stop being long-winded, just do it.”

Ah Lang closed his eyes, held the bottle tight and smashed it at Yin Xu Dong’s head. Qin Ke Xuan held out her arm to stop him, looking at him in shock. “I told you to pour him awake, not hit him.”

“Aye? Didn’t you mean to have me use to bottle to wake him up?”

Qin Ke Xuan took the bottle from him in for the lack of better choice, twisted open the bottle cap and poured the water on Yin Xu Dong’s face. It was only then did Ah Lang realise Qin Ke Xuan meant “浇”* (jiao; pour) not “叫”(jiao; call/shout/make), and so he scratched his head awkwardly. Suddenly being splashed by ice-cold water had shocked Yin Xu Dong awake. Some of the water that went into his nose went into his nasal cavity, hence he immediately sat up and coughed away uncomfortably.

* wordplay: Qin Ke Xuan said “浇” (jiāo) pour him awake, but Ah Lang heard it as “叫” (jiào) call/make him awake; the two words sound similar so Ah Lang heard wrongly

“Have you calmed down?” Qin Ke Xuan asked leisurely.

“Enh? O*.” Z L T

* 哦 = 0; interjection to indicate surprise/doubt or to indicate one has just learnt something or can be used as a sentence-final particle to convey informality/warmth/friendliness

“Ask your questions.” 

“You said Lu Wan Ran she, she, she…”

Qin Ke Xuan replied straightforwardly: “Getting into that kind of relationship with a student, oh right, the place where you’re sitting right now was the location the two of them rolled together.”

Yin Xu Dong’s face immediately turned red yellow blue green, changing non-stop. He stood up unnaturally and walked over to Qin Ke Xuan’s side, muttering: “I don’t believe it, she said she didn’t…” 

“You mean I’m lying?” Qin Ke Xuan’s brows creased. “You believe me or that woman?” 

“…You. But, I, I feel that Lu Wan Ran won’t lie to me.” 

Qin Ke Xuan was silent for a moment before she suddenly said: “Go pee.” 

“Hah?” Yin Xu Dong was utterly confused; he had no urinal urgency. 

“Go pee, and look at your reflection*.”

* Qin Ke Xuan is telling Yin Xu Dong to check his appearance in the reflection of the liquid; remember Yin Xu Dong has a lot of pimples at the moment, so she’s indirectly telling him he ain’t gonna get no Lu Wan Ran with his current appearance

Yin Xu Dong’s face immediately changed as though he had swallowed a fly. The Ah Lang who had been staying at the side burst into laughter. After being fiercely glared at by Yin Xu Dong, he covered his mouth and laughed silently behind his back.

The sides of Yin Xu Dong’s lips twitched. He said: “I know my current appearance is a little y’know. Even though we’ve never actually dated, I met Lu Wan Ran when I was in Year One of high school. She won’t mind…” 

“Go pee was what she said, it was what she said before engaging in her illicit act with the male student.” Qin Ke Xuan raised her eyes to look at Yin Xu Dong. “I was sitting on the tree there, you can believe me, you can not believe me, that’s all I’m going to say. I’m only going to rein you in this time, if you want to continue making trouble and have the school expel you, that’s your own choice. I don’t want to waste time on these things, I still have lessons.” After finishing, she left. 

Ah Lang leaned on the silent Yin Xu Dong, an arm around his shoulders as he urged: “Dong zi, I can tell your mei’s not lying. As for that Lu woman, bro I’ve always disapproved of you being fond of her. It’s good time you wake up, you shouldn’t hurt your helpful and concerned mei mei because of such woman.” 

Yin Xu Dong’s head was completely muddled. Upon hearing Ah Lang’s warning, he ruffled his hair still dripping with water, carelessly nodded his head and left.

After school when Qin Ke Xuan came out from her classroom, she did not expect Yin Xi Dong would be waiting at the school gates. She slanted a gaze at him, her footsteps not slowing and continued forward. She still had to rush back to the base for squad training.

Because Qin Ke Xuan was still a minor, there were lots of procedures that require Qin Shu Hua’s signature. Also because Qin Ke Xuan had run away from home before, when it was requested for her to live at the military base, it had hit him home—exactly what he wanted. And so, letting the military look after this un-disciplinable daughter had him feeling a lot more reassured. Therefore, he very frankly and straightforwardly signed all the papers with a wave of his hand.

“You’re waiting for me to tell me you already know of that?” 

“Enh… no… Xuan Xuan, I’m sorry…” Yin Xu Dong was stifled till his face flushed very red. That had Qin Ke Xuan feeling extremely uncomfortable. You really couldn’t blame her though, after all, she’d never been in contact with someone whose face was full of pimples. 

“You have not done anything to me to apologise for. I have never demanded you believe my words. This was also entirely your choice; it’s none of my business.” 

Yin Xu Dong got worried: “Xuan Xuan, are you angry? I know you’ve only done it for my good. Given your character, you wouldn’t have bothered doing something like this, it’s me that’s too stupid for being blinded. I promise I will believe every word you say in the future! Don’t stay angry at me anymore, okay?” He knew Qin Ke Xuan only looked cold on the outside, if not, she would not have cared about Qin Peng Cheng being kidnapped, neither would she have pulled him from danger when he was almost going to be chopped by a knife.

Qin Ke Xuan inhaled deeply. “Let me repeat. I, am, not, angry.” What emotions would someone who had experienced killing one’s own comrade and walking out the training arena as a killer have left? Would getting angry keep you alive? They killers were already accustomed to snapping people’s heads before that person could successfully provoke them. The anger was naturally gone since the person was already dead.

“Really?” Yin Xu Dong asked. 

“Enh.” Z L T

Yin Xu Dong’s at loss expression finally relaxed, and he continued saying cheerfully. “Then that’s good, that’s good.” 

“Are you still planning on following me?” Qin Ke Xuan raised her brows. 

Yin Xu Dong stuck himself to her side, saying flatteringly: “Can I go and check out where your squad is?”

Qin Ke Xuan brusquely rejected: “No.” 

Yin Xu Dong had never been someone who was easily put off by rejection. “Why not? I’m just going there to check things out, it’s not like you’ll lose a piece of meat, let’s go, let’s go!”

Qin Ke Xuan only swept a gaze at him without saying anything, and continued walking forward. Yin Xu Dong walked with her noisily. When they stopped before a store and he peeked at the products placed in the store with his head lowered, he stuttered: “Xuan Xuan?”

Qin Ke Xuan saw the sign saying the words “bra” and confirmed that that strange-looking material was the du dou in this world. She said to the Yin Xu Dong whose face once again deepened a shade of red: “I want to buy a bra, come and help.”

“Hah?!” Yin Xu Dong was struck dumb. 

“I’m not familiar with these kind of stuff.” 

Yin Xu Dong vomited blood, was he more familiar with these kind of stuff then?! He was an honest and upright guy with pimples! How would he be able to be familiar with these kind of stuff?!

“Hurry buy two, I’m rushing.” Qin Ke Xuan commanded. 

Yin Xu Dong was afraid he would make Qin Ke Xuan unhappy again, and so he puffed his courage and neared the lingerie shop he’d never dared to near, randomly pointed at two pieces and shouted at the salesperson in the store: “These two, wrap ‘em up!”

The sales lady standing on the side looked at the pair of girl and boy strangely. After slight observation, she knew that it was the girl’s first time purchasing a bra, and hence said helpfully: “First time buying bra right? Actually, design and all are not that important. What’s important is the size, or else it’ll not only be uncomfortable wearing it, it’ll be bad for the development, and there is a high probability some problems may arise because of this. You can first measure your bust size before picking a bra to try on, after you’ve finalised that, you can pick the design.”

Qin Ke Xuan frowned. Why was it so troublesome to buy a du dou, the one she made was much better! Not only so, this bra had so little material, exactly how much would it be able to cover? 

The sales lady was very good at observing, hence when she saw Qin Ke Xuan frowning, she immediately said: “It’ll be a little troublesome the first time round, but the measurement will be very quick, then it won’t be as troublesome for a long time to come. All you need to do next time is to remember your size and buy accordingly.” As she said, she took out a soft ruler placed it around Qin Ke Xuan’s chest.

Qin Ke Xuan upon seeing her suddenly stretching her hands out almost wanted to break her hand on reflex, but she endured it and didn’t make that move. Instead, she let her measure herself with that rope-like thing. The Yin Xu Dong standing on one side turned his head to look elsewhere very awkwardly, but all that entered his sight were dazzlingly blinding female lingerie…

“34A, here, you can go try it on in the fitting room. I’ll teach you how to wear a bra, you need to pay quite some attention to how you wear it.” The sales lady picked up a 34A bra on the way and enthusiastically brought Qin Ke Xuan into the fitting room to teach her how to wear a bra. 

Because it was her first time coming into contact with something so troublesome, Qin Ke Xuan had to learn for quite some time before she was able to properly clip it on at the back. This design was pretty convenient, you could wear with once you clip it on, and it’s skin-tight so it felt better when you move with it.

To save time, Qin Ke Xuan shouted at Yin Xu Dong from the fitting room: “Yin Xu Dong, pick two 34A bras.” The sales lady upon hearing that smacked her lips, dear goodness, were little girls all so valiant nowadays? To even have their boyfriends help pick their undergarments.

Yin Xu Dong just wanted to dig a hole and hide in it. What the hell was all these stuff? The other sales lady was all smiles as she voluntarily came over to guide Yin Xu Dong in picking out the bra. “The ones here are all 34A, you can pick the ones you like.”

Yin Xu Dong just wanted to scratch his heart out, what d’you mean pick the ones you like?! Such words were seriously too ambiguous! He closed his eyes and pointed randomly. “Just these few, hurry wrap them up for me!”

The beaming sales lady picked up the ones Yin Xu Dong had pointed at and smiled ambiguously: “You’re really good at picking hmm.” 

Yin Xu Dong black-lined, what did she mean? He was regretting a little now and wanted to exchange them for something else, but seeing how she had already placed them in the bag, he was a little embarrassed for her to take them out and puzzle over what was wrong with them.  I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 33 is hosted at ZHANLANN. COM

“Since you’ve bought the bras, why not pick some underwear too.” The sales lady lobbied. Z L T

Yin Xu Dong felt that since he had already picked the bras, he had the sales lady to randomly pick some and placed them in the same bag and paid for Qin Ke Xuan. Holding the bag of headache, he stood outside the door to wait for Qin Ke Xuan to come out.



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