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And so that night, Fan Xiao Qing no longer paid heed to that huge sum she had to pay to forcibly divorce. She clenched her teeth, bought the currency in the game and went to the matchmaker’s temple to divorce.

She had gotten a share of her schoolmate… that’s too sinful to pardon! ONLINE GAME: WILLINGLY CAPTURED, CHAPTER 09 on ZHANLANN.COM

Tucked with such guilt and the thought of facing death with equanimity and not harming friends, she waited for Fan Hua San Qian to come online. Before she could kiss up to him, she was knocked down by Fan Hua San Qian.

Fan Xiao Qing dropped dead on the road limestone. She raised her head to look at Fan Hua San Qian in rage, and her anger boiled!

Fudge it, wasn’t it you who’d been deceiving my feelings, and you’re still unhappy when I’m the one paying for the divorce…

Immediately, Fan Xiao Qing donned her strappingly formidable new player cloak on and wanted to go up to him to fiercely scrub away his drive. Of course, Fan Hua San Qian didn’t let her succeed. Before she could even near him, she saw a huge portion of her health clearing out.

Fan Xiao Qin, thinking that they will still have to meet in the future, decided to endure it.

However, a certain person didn’t think the same way. Looking at the once again dropped dead of an ex-wife, he raised his head to look at the sky, sorrowful yet bright. “Remarry me and I won’t kill you.”

Fan Xiao Qing promptly once again unplugged her Internet wire. Z L T

In the beginning, Fan Xiao Qing had still let him kill, but her address for him promoted from an old classmate to that little tramp.

A month after divorce, Fan Xiao Qing was still safe and sound and had not experienced Fan Qian Hua coming to raid her house. And so, she once again began fearlessly loosening some soil on Mr Powerful’s head.

Consequently, Fan Hua San Qian who’d run out of methods also evolved from the original “remarry me and I won’t kill you” to “if you don’t remarry me I’ll keep on killing you”.

Fan Xiao Qing looked at her account that had dropped 20 levels, wanting to cry. ONLINE GAME: WILLINGLY CAPTURED, CHAPTER 09 on ZHANLANN.COM

Fan Hua San Qian, however, was pretty confident. Ever since he’d made public his identity, he became even more unbridled. And so, he occasionally popped over to Fan Xiao Qing’s office to pick her up after work, giving Fan Xiao Qing such a scare she’d almost escaped flipping over the wall.

However, after being blocked on her way back, being dated, being taken out for a walk one after another, Fan Xiao Qing became unperturbed. She stood tall as a pine, sat still as a clock; gaze very straight, she completely overlooked that person.

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