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But the real reason for their divorce… Fan Xiao Qing cupped her chin and looked at the picture she’d clicked open on her computer screen, sighing deeply.

The person in the picture was Fan Xiao Qing’s high school and university classmate, and was someone wanted to avoid—Fan Qian Hua.

And his other identity was Fan Hua San Qian, the husband Fan Xiao Qing had tried desperately to divorce. ONLINE GAME: WILLINGLY CAPTURED, CHAPTER 08 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Ever since the day she was killed till she dropped three levels, she didn’t know if it was her being overly saddened or overly traumatised or overly exhausted… regardless, illness collapsed on her. The ever-healthy little Fan Xiao Qing promptly fell ill.

She called her company to take leave. She heard the doorbell that had not rang for a week on the third day of her holing up in her house.

Fan Xiao Qing dragged her illness-wrecked body to the door. When she saw who was standing at the entrance, it was as though she was struck by lightening.

She immediately closed the door, ran into the toilet in a flurry to tidy her appearance before once again opening the door. The person outside the door smiled a smile that didn’t look like a smile at her. She inhaled several times. “Who are you looking for?”

“You.” His voice was low. Not granting her any time to react, he stepped into her house.

Fan Xiao Qing patted her face frozen from being overly shocked. Just as she was about to get some water for the guest, her hand was gripped.

Fan Qian Hua very naturally held her hand, and pressed a hand over her forehead to check her temperature, then tipped her chin to look at her disposition, before tautly her pressed her back into her bed. “You’re sick? No wonder you didn’t log on for so long.”

Fan Xiao Qing was still submerged in her “how did he know I haven’t been online” thoughts. Her face becoming increasingly pale, she flapped around, still wanting to get up. “You’re a guest, I need to receive you…”

Fan Qian Hua frowned, his thin lips moved: “We don’t need to regard each other as outsiders.”

Not outsiders (jian wai)? Then it’s insiders (jian nei)*?

* wordplay here: 见外(jian wai) means regarded as outsiders, also means “seeing outside” directly translated, so opposite to “seeing outside” is “seeing inside” (regarded as insiders), which is见内 (jian nei) but this word doesn’t exist, and it coincidentally is pronounced similarly to 贱内 (jian nei) which means “my humble wife”, <- and this is the word the author used

Fan Xiao Qing was confused. ONLINE GAME: WILLINGLY CAPTURED, CHAPTER 08 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Fan Qian Hua, noticeably, was very satisfied with her silence. Who knew that it was actually her being struck by thunder and had delved into a state of altruism.

Fan Xiao Qing struggled for a while, and still sat up, hugging her blankets. She hugged it close to her chest and withdrew into the corner of the wall before saying weakly: “Even though I’m sick, I’m not going to let you take advantage while I’m frail.”

Fan Qian Hua: “…”

And so, only after Fan Qian Hua finally left, Fan Xiao Qing found the time to recall what he had replied her just now: “The advantage’s been taken long ago.”

Fan Xiao Qing asked him on reflex: “What?” Weren’t they classmates?

Fan Qian Hua’s lips lifted, and smiled slighty. “Xiao Qing, I’m your xiang gong*, Fan Hua San Qian.”

* 相公 = xiang gong; (ancient) husband

Fan Xiao Qing: “…” Oh gods, please strike me down with your thunder!

Because, Fan Qian Hua was that pursuer that had chased her for six years, yet had her avoiding him as though he’s serpents and scorpions; that guy that had her painful yet joyful, wanting to reject him yet welcome him, wanting to say it but dismissing it; that guy she had been entangled with for six whole years!



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