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That night when she logged on, she was squatted at the spot Fan Hua San Qian had logged off the other day. After seeing him logging on, she whipped out her sword to lug a few times at him to relief her addiction before frowning, and saying as though unafraid of death: “Let’s talk.”

Fan Hua San Qian had been waiting too long for her to say that. Immediately, he alighted his mount and went with Fan Xiao Qing into the wilderness to look for a marshland spot where there was no one.

Fan Xiao Qing looked at the marshland filled with monsters and without a single soul save for the dismal looking grass, and was speechless, before overlooking the setting at the marshland and asked him in deadpan. “How do you know I am Fan Xiao Qing.”

Actually, the reason Fan Xiao Qing avoided Fan Qian Hua like a plague was because Fan Qian Hua had pulled her out into a little bamboo clearing to confess when they were in the third year of high school. But the Fan Xiao Qing then had thick-framed spectacles on and was dressed very slovenly.

Fan Qian Hua had trapped her in between the bamboos and confessed to her beyond earnestly, and even wanted to seal their relationship with a kiss. Of course, that had scared the hell out of the Fan Xiao Qing that had been pale as sheet.

All she had in her head was to study, and that “puppy love should die” indoctrinated by their teacher. The fact that she caught the eye of a distinguished and gifted scholar had scared the wits out of her. Don’t blame her for having no guts, she was born timid as a little mouse.

She rejected him, her cheeks flushed. But Fan Qian Hua was proud and arrogant, so how could he possibly be willing to accept such a fact, and so he gripped her chin and forcibly kissed her.

That was bad, because in this bamboo clearing in the dark night with billowing wind, Fan Xiao Qing had her soul scared out of her body. Ever since then, she had avoided that Fan Qian Hua like a plague.

However, she had not expected that Fan Qian Hua would not give up and continue chasing her all the way to university. After unsuccessfully pursuing her in university, he’d even appeared in her game to chase her. Such a muddling relationship was really not something good. She, Fan Xiao Qing, was a pure girl, so having being chased so fervently and pesteringly, you really couldn’t blame her for her heart moving. Also, it wasn’t as though she didn’t like him.

Fan Hua San Qian paused before saying: “Fan Xiao Qing, I’ve been genuinely pursuing you for six years. If I didn’t make that clear then haven’t I just been wasting my time.” What he had meant was that everything about you was in his control.

Fan Xiao Qing shivered from goosebumps. Look, how scary it is to have someone understanding you more than yourself.

She thought a while, and asked again: “What if I reject you again.” ONLINE GAME: WILLINGLY CAPTURED, CHAPTER 10 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Fan Qian Hua on his side of the computer screen sighed helplessly. “Fan Xiao Qing, you’ve pretty much rejected me, be it genuinely or not, about several dozen times. What if I don’t want anyone but you.”

Fan Xiao Qing thought so too, but on second thoughts, no. “What if you successfully pursue me then dump me on revenge.”

Fan Qian Hua clenched his teeth. “Then I’ll move my property ownership and all under your name.”

How genuine. Fan Xiao Qing tapped her chin and looked at this blinkingly bright guru. “Last question, if you knew me, why did you act like you didn’t know me.”

Fan Qian Hua paused, before the tips of his lips tilted into a smile. He honestly had not known that this account was Fan Xiao Qing’s. It was when he had gotten in touch with a university classmate by chance, his classmate recommended this game and had even said Fan Xiao Qing was playing.

Fan Qian Hua had thought at that time, that the entire world knew he liked her, yet she didn’t take it to heart at all.

“I proposed to you after I found out you are Qing Qing Wo Xin.”

After seeing that sentence, Fan Xiao Qing’s heart jolted suddenly. Was her thought about wanting to know whether he had been serious from the beginning that obvious.

At her hesitation, Fan Qian Hua’s heart was as though it was being scratched by a cat. “Fan Xiao Qing, hurry give me a reply.”

A crowd of people appeared from goodness-knows-where surrounded the marshland, and was cheering and shouting excitedly.

Fan Hua San Qian didn’t hesitate either. He very promptly stripped himself of his gear and walked over to her. Despite donning that length of a white robe, he appeared refined and dashing.

He gradually opened his arms. “As long as you agree to remarry me, all that I am is yours, it’s up to you how many levels of mine you want to slash down.”

Fan Xiao Qing’s heart was immediately moved. She could slash away this guru’s level, what a rare opportunity that was. But seeing how there were so many people viewing them, if she were to really make a move, she would definitely be hunted down the next day right.

The crowd gathered around upon seeing the guru stripped clean of his gear standing in the marshland with a “if you still won’t agree I’ll die in front of you” expression was struck by thunder till they crisped.

And so, the view of “if you still don’t agree, we’ll all surge in” rose continuously.

Fan Xiao Qian was beyond awkward. After being tangled with this guy for six whole years, it’s time to end it huh. Much less she didn’t hate him, rather she liked him very much.

“Then let’s remarry?” Z L T

The guy who’d been running around gear-less upon seeing that sentence immediately logged off.

Fan Xiao Qing’s anticipation that had brewed immediately evaporated. See that, that’s how this world was like. While guys fervently chased you down, they would never invest wholeheartedly.

The crowd that had been watching was, too, dumbfounded. How did the happy ending script suddenly evolve into a scum suddenly getting cold feet and running from marriage?

Fan Xiao Qing cupped her chin and waited for a while but got no reply. Patting her heart that was noticeably growing cold, she sighed slowly and went to her kitchen to make herself a cup of milk tea and cupped it in her hands. After seeing her character remaining immobile, her eyes immediately lowered and she decided to log off.

Just as her hand was about to touch her mouse, her doorbell rang. ONLINE GAME: WILLINGLY CAPTURED, CHAPTER 10 on ZHANLANN.COM

She pulled her door open. Before she could clearly see the dark silhouette in the hallways, she was picked up, barged into her house, and pushed against the back of the door.

The chill of the night still lingering on Fan Qian Hua, his breath scorching hot, he pressed the unruly and struggling person against him, his grip on her tightening increasingly.

“But I don’t want to just remarry you.”

The person still coyly struggling froze and immediately raised her head, her gaze meeting his. Gleamingly clear as lake, his gaze had her delving into a trance.

Fan Qian Hua lowered his body, looking into her eyes. The corner of his lips lifted and he smiled coldly. “Why don’t we get our (marriage) license then have a love affair?”

Fan Xiao Qing paused. “Are you crazy?” Z L T

His warm breath splayed onto the tip of her nose. He gradually, gradually smiled, saying: “I’m not crazy, I’ve waited for this moment for so long.”

Fan Xiao Qing black-lined, and pushed him away, flushing as she went to open the door.

“A girl and a guy together in the middle of the night…” Can you not say such layered stuff.

Before he could finish, Fan Qian Hua shrugged. “I never talk lies.” ONLINE GAME: WILLINGLY CAPTURED, CHAPTER 10 on ZHANLANN.COM

Fan Xiao Qing 囧–ed. “How can we get a license before we even date, what if you’ve done something to someone else?”

“It’s been six years, unless you want me to be like the Tang-monk* on his road to enlightenment—go through nine nine eighty-one difficulties?”

* 唐三藏 = Tang San Cang; fictional character from 《西游The Journey to the West

“Fan Hua San Qian, I drink but one spoonful*.”

Fan Hua San Qian, I drink but one spoonful*. Z L T

* references to Dream of the Red Chamber楼梦》where Jia Bao Yu (宝玉) pronounces his loyalty and love for Lin Dai Yu (林黛玉) by saying “弱水三千,只取一瓢”, which translates into “out of the entire ocean, I take but a spoon of water”.

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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM.

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And also, the “nine nine eighty one” means nine multiplied by nine equals to eighty one (when rattling off the multiplication table in Chinese, we usually omit saying ‘multiply’ and ‘equals to’)


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