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Fan Xiao Qing had originally wanted to divorce crisply. If she couldn’t divorce then she’ll forcibly divorce. However, Fan Xiao Qing underestimated the company’s perverted settings because it turned out that one was required to pay a huge sum to divorce forcibly.

She patted her empty pockets, her anger raging. ONLINE GAME: WILLINGLY CAPTURED, CHAPTER 07 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

No wonder Fan Hua San Qian came looking for her to borrow money after the guild war. She had originally they were on good terms, who knew he’d pull such a move!

And hence, Fan Xiao Qing lugged her large sword chasing Fan Hua San Qian down three streets before she gave up. That guy ran faster than her, and was riding a mount that could fly. She only had her short little fox legs… how would she be able to catch up!

However, it takes constant vigilance to stave off evil. Fan Xiao Qing clenched her teeth, and decided to take him as a disciple and hang him dry on one side.

If forcibly divorcing cannot do, then she would cold storage him, and cold-violent him!

It would be effective in the short run, but would not last in the long run. Before long, she watched in shock as the disciple who had successfully graduated and joined another sect…

Okay, this plan won’t work, another one. Z L T

Fan Xiao Qing as a good wife and loving mother should support her husband taking in concubines, and publicly recruited several beautiful female players.

Fan Hua San Qian just came back from the arena. His bloodlust had not yet properly shed, hence upon seeing Fan Xiao Qing and some others pulling and tugging around immediately understood what was going on and raised his sword, KO-ing them all with a single blow.

While Fan Xiao Qing was still encased in her flabbergastment, San Qian walked over the carcass happily towards her. “Fu ren is so mischievous, sending some clowns to test your husband’s heart.”

Fan Xiao Qing’s lips convulsed. Both her eyes rolled, and she very briskly pulled her computer plug.

Other than this, Fan Xiao Qing had become even more unscrupulous. She’d even utilised crying, making a fuss, and suicide-ing, but Fan Hua San Qian maintained his unperturbed ways, not budging about the matter on divorce at all…

Whyyy! He was the one who would very well be able to have a three thousand membered harem, why did he only want one!

It was only a month later did she finally give up. She had churned the entire server into turmoil, but seeing how she had Fan Hua San Qian shielding her, no one dared to touch even a hair of hers.

But, what if Fan Hua San Qian left? Z L T

It actually went like this, that day when she logged on, she actually saw Fan Hua San Qian online. Ever since she’d engaged herself with him in this sticky and messy relationship she couldn’t get out of, Fan Xiao Qing had gotten used to him hanging his character idle while she set up a booth to sell things beside him.

And so, she immediately checked his coordinates and used the couple skills to transport to beside him.

Fan Hua San Qian was at the Lovers Pond. Beside him was seated a cute and helpless-looking female player. She blinked her eyes, and blinked her eyes, patted her chest suffusing with grief, and slinked over, hiding behind the trees.

Fortunately, the two of them did not discover her. She studied the name An Jing De Yan Yu the female had, then realised she was the one who had made contact with Fan Hua San Qian a few days ago. Immediately, she felt a wave of glumness that had her wanting to beat her chest and stomp her feet.

She squatted and plucked the grass for a while, but still felt that the two of them sitting so close whispering to each other was a very eye-burning sight. And so, she pulled out her large sword and chopped An Jing De Yan Yu down just beside Lovers Pond.

Only then did she feel relieved of the cooped up glumness in her chest. With that, she strutted off. ONLINE GAME: WILLINGLY CAPTURED, CHAPTER 07 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Therefore, when Fan Xiao Qing got surrounded out in the wild, she knew things were not going to turn out good tonight. Her first reaction was to take off all her best quality gear and stuff ‘em into her inventory.

It’s just that all those gear were her betrothal gift, handmade from Fan Hua San Qian. Z L T

After finishing, it suddenly dawned on her that her actions had instinctively betrayed her. She clearly liked Fan Hua San Qian.

The Fan Xiao Qing who was shocked off her socks by this conclusion was then killed by group of people, and she dropped five whole levels. When Fan Hua San Qian appeared, exuding bloodlust, her gear had dropped all around her.

He did not glance sideways. He had the healer refill her health, and stood tall in front of her, protecting her behind him.

Fan Xiao Qing looked at the man blocking in front of her, her tears suddenly falling as she sat before the computer. ONLINE GAME: WILLINGLY CAPTURED, CHAPTER 07 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

However, the real reason for the divorce was… Fan Xiao Qing cupped her chin, looked at the picture she opened on her computer screen and sighed deeply.

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